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I don't like it very much as the flavors don't seem to be very intense nor expansive. Tastes like imitation ingredients causing a taste that isn't very enjoyable to me.

Nice vanilla flavor with almost no alcohol burn. Great for sipping or with cola.

Great barrel aged spiced rum that can be sipped straight.

This one tastes a bit smoother than it's brother called Toasted Coconut, mainly from flavors of caramel and vanilla and a few strange spices. However, as a word of warning, a mere 50 ml can make for one miserable long drive the next day. For taste, this one also would get a rating of 5, but drops down to a 4 for its aftermath. See my review on Monkey Toasted Coconut for further details. I am not into duplicating my own reviews and then changing a few words. These two rums taste entirely different, but both have the same base.

As for starting out with a bad base such as this one, I have to reiterate a wild idea that I had years ago. I told a few wine snobs that my goal was to become a Thunderbird tycoon, as in taking rot gut Thunderbird Wine and then aging it in oak barrels to get the impurities out. Well, I even researched how that stuff is made and the executives at all companies that make "bum wine" such as Thunderbird won't even touch it. All kinds of nasty things get mixed in with the grapes (I will leave that to your imagination) and then it is made strictly for the consumption by the dirt poor with the only purpose of being to get stinking drunk. So once one puts crap into wooden barrels in the hopes of aging all impurities out, there are some awful things that will just never come out in the end. I don't think that the rum used for Monkey is nearly as bad as "bum wine", but it sure in hell is not good.

Starting from the bottle and the name both are great. The return shot glass from the bottom of the bottle. Neat idea. Will work on getting a collection. The aroma, taste, spice and smoothness are the best I have had.

I saw that this rum was rated highly on here and for the most part this site has never steered me wrong. But wow was this one way off. This might honestly be the worst rum I've ever tasted. Horribly over spiced with no flavor just alcohol burn and a mix of everything from the spice cabinet. How is this rated an 8.....

My favorite rum by far. Not too spiced, but wonderfully complex!

This is one of the better spiced rums I've tried. Sweet molasses, vanilla, and an unusual spice that is not as sharp as most spiced rums, but I'm not sure what it is. Hints of oak and coconut as well.

Feels a bit stronger than the 35% it is, but not overpowering. A nice spiced rum!

Great product ! Smooth with a nice balanced spice level ! This was a big hit with my Memorial Day party ! Just about emptied out with the Capt Morgan close 2nd ! Jack Daniel was right on track as well humping Morgan ! Can't go wrong on this one !

I'd love to know the spices in this delicious sipping rum, but I'm sure the competition would too. It's smooth and tasty, would mix well, but tastes great neat. The up cycle your bottle into a nice glass is nifty, but that gimmick doesn’t detract from this excellent choice, and neither should the low cost

First off let me be upfront...I wouldn't know Zane Lamprey if he _____[fill in your own "I wouldn't know" punchline here]_____ but dadgummit, this is a very, very good spiced rum he's selling.

First off the color is beautiful golden brown. And it has a wonderful aroma both from the bottle and in the snifter. I once again admit that I cannot adequately describe aromas but I can tell you that I really like this one.

Now apparently from what I've read the rum itself originates from Angostura in Trinidad and is aged two to three years in oak, filtered a bit and then blended with natural spices. The result is a delightful, well-balanced spiced rum. Surpisingly it does not taste overly sweet like a lot of cheaper spiced rums nor does it have an artificial chemical aftertaste. Immediately I detected coconut...real coconut along with a butteriness. There are other flavors subtly in the background. Kind of a vanilla/toffee thing going.

And it's quite smooth. Has a little burn to it that is nice and leads to a coconut finish. This is a remarkable spiced rum worthy of kicking back and sipping on its own. And of course it is most worthy of mixing in cocktails for a truly well-rounded adult beverage.

I have only two spiced rums that I'm willing to give a "9" rating (Siesta Key Spiced Rum and Old New Orleans Cajun Spiced Rum) so this makes the third.

Excellent job, Mr. Lamprey.

Zane Lamprey's foray into a premium distilled spirit is no disappointment. I love how smooth the spiced rum is with a very welcome hint of vanilla and spices. I normally enjoy spiced rums with diet coke, but this one has so much flavor and character, I enjoy it on the rocks. You really must try this one.

this is a very smooth rum and a tasty ingredient to any recipe calling out spiced rum. it has a distinctive taste that carries vanilla and a hint of jack Daniels because of its storage in the aging process. definitely will be your "go to" rum for the summer! winter too...

First, I've been a fan of Zane Lampe for a long time and was super excited to find out he was releasing rum. It's been valuable for a while but only very recently available to ship to Ohio. I bought a bottle of both the Spiced and coconut rum. They were $23.99/ea. plus shipping, so around $30/ea. The Spiced has a very nice aroma, sweet with hints of vanilla and oak. Not an overpowering alcohol scent, overall very pleasant. Took a sip and it is quite sweet with a lot of vanilla coming out and a hint of coconut. Not as sweet as some other rums I've had but overall very good. Mixed with some coke zero and lime ages for a great cocktail. I will try a modified mojito soon.

The packaging is excellent heavy bottle, great durable 1 piece synthetic cork. Stylish labeling. A reuse bottle for sure.

The nosing on this is rather odd... I can most closely peg it to Sailor Jerry spiced rum with surprisingly more alcohol present. This all given that the monkey is 35% abv and Sailor Jerry is 46%.....

I enjoyed this rum at first neat over several tastings. I can say that there is little taste going on a fleeting medium spice flavor that finished with straight alcohol. Given its 35% ABV I was rather surprised by this alcohol finish but at least it was not drowned with vanilla to cover up this short fall.

I also made 3 Cuba Libres with this rum 2 oz Monkey rum, 6 oz Coke, and half a lime. This I determined was the ideal use for this rum. The vanilla and spice notes really came out and the alcohol was no longer present on the palate.

This I determined is an expensive mixer which sells for 25.00 a bottle plus tax outside of the sale I got it on for 20.00.

While their website claims that the coconut rum is better for sipping, I would barely sip a spiced rum let alone a coconut one.

All this being said sailor Jerry at 46% ABV was much more flavorful and actually smoother with an actually more subdued nose and a far more palatable finish. I could easily sip sailor jerrys and enjoy it while this monkey rum was a pain to finish off. The thought of mixing sailor jerrys has also never come to mind...