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Originally posted on my blog...

First taste… WOW! That will wake you up. At 100 proof it can also put you down in a hurry. There is no hiding that strength. No Captain Morgan rum has ever been accused of being shy. There is some burn of course, but much less than many weaker rums i have tried. Captain Morgan 100 proof reminds me of drinking vanilla extract. There’s a little more going on of course. But Captain Morgan is a simple drink. Even with the burn I wouldn’t call this rum rough at all though. It doesn’t smack your face like Captain Morgan Black Spiced does. Oh you do know this alcohol, no doubt about it. More importantly with all that sweet vanilla you know you are drinking RUM. After getting Captain Morgan Black Cask nice and chilled it was actually a very pleasant sipper. I had it nice and neat in a little glass jar. No ice, no water. There was no bitter aftertaste in the finish whatsoever. The finish is short and dry but that’s not really a bad thing. This Captain Morgan doesn’t linger on the tongue except for a mild vanilla aftertaste. Mixed with diet cola it was pretty much Vanilla Coke with some punch…and kick… Really though, i preferred it straight up.
I can’t see any reason to bother with the 70 proof version other than just to compare the two. This is a good rum. Is it a delciate balance of fine aged rum and spices? NO! What is it then? Captain Morgan Spiced 100 Proof is smooth, tasty, and STRONG. It’s a simple and uncomplicated high proof rum. This makes it fun and easy to drink, which is probably why the brand is so popular. I find this rum to be a perfectly acceptable sipper. There are better sippers for sure, but don’t underestimate this one. On top of that Captain Morgan Black Cask Spiced 100 mixes wonderfully in cola and tea. The tea was an accident, but a happy accident indeed.
The Captain has earned his spot in the marketplace by being accessible and consistent. Introducing a smooth more potent big brother to the classic is a huge step in the right direction! Captain Morgan Black Cask 100 Proof Rum will always have a home in my liquor cabinet.

This is a powerful rum very strong strictly for Hunch Punch

Not sure the point of this offering from the Capt. but sampled none the less. It was fine, but I usually do not drink to get drunk, and I have to wonder if this is its purpose? Taste almost identical to Original Capt. and because of the extra $$, I would just stay with the original. I did not sample straight, only with coke.

No mixing, no ice, no coke. Just a case of the stuff. I don't even need glasses.

What an awful experience Captain Morgan 100 Spiced Rum really was. Cheap bottle and label design. Cheap at $12 per bottle. Artificially golden color. Strong vanilla mixed with a plethora of artificial spices and pure alcohol to your nose and palate. Nasty and long lasting burn at the end. Run away from this one!


Kinda what I expected, not great. I've tried it once so don't need to again.

This is ovbously not simethig you want drink straight or even mixed unless you want to get polluted, I use it to making flaming drinks like a flaming Dr. Pepper, is not as strong as 151 but it still lights up!!

This is my go to mixer for Diet Coke. I love the vanilla notes.

I've usually had a bottle near by for quick captain and coke. I usually have other rums that i dring either neat or on the rocks. But Captain and Coke never gets old and does not hurt you're wallet

At 37.5 It's not rum but a rum based drink taste is articial vanilla, heavily sweetened, cinnamon, clove etc young and unadulterated! Yuk

This is rum that tastes like chemicals were added to give it an añejo flavor. Too sweet, but chicks dig it

Recuerdo haber cogido gusto por el ron con esta presentación.
Ideal para realizar cócteles amateur y para complacer a tu bolsillo.

I tried this alongside the regular Captain Morgan Spiced, and I slightly preferred that one.

Like the regular Captain Morgan, this smells and tastes of vanilla, honey, and marshmallow, but lacks a solid core rum flavor. A little harsher than the regular Captain Morgan (as expected for a 50%abv rum), and the flavors don't come out as well. I'd stick with the regular Captain Morgan Spice.

This should be the standard for a mixing spiced rum. Who can argue with a 100 proof rum and coke.

A rum that's perfectly drinkable, but isn't going to blow anybody away.

Just a the title says - this is a mixing rum. Harsh amd rough flavor that is not,oleasant on the,nose or palate.

Not exactly one of my favorites.. 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

A very fine spiced rum with great spices that are typical for Caribbean rums. The proof makes this a winner especially with coke

A hazmat team was required to dispose of the bottle after I poured it down the drain. Irrigation needs to be replaced. Killed the local fish population. You get the point.

Not something I would consider drinking neat. Taste isn't great neat or even over ice for that matter. Good to mix for a strong rum and coke.

this will get you drunk thats about it mixes well pretty much stronger captain

This is one of my favorite spiced rums. I'd drink more of it if it wasn't 50%! Best served mixed, on any of your regular mixed drinks. Goes very well in a hurricane.

this is too strong to do anything with my mouth is still on fire with the afterburnq

Not much to say here. It's Capt's with more kick. Great mixer for guests who don't deserve the better rums.