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19 Fair Gold 5-Year ratings

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First of all, this is a 5y old rum without added sugar/caramel, so it is pretty dry compare to the usual "premium" rums. It is finished in Kentucky bourbon barrels.
That said, it is pretty smooth with no after burn, which is a 10 for that kind of rum.
The nose is amazing, notes of chocolate, coffee and grilled bananas.
The taste then will give you a hint of vanilla, but then maybe the bourbon finishing is a bit too present for me to feel more aromas,
Overall, best 5y old rum I have tested so far. Very nice rum for an even better price, fair you said? ;)


as most rum brands strive to reach premium by slotting longer aged liquid to make deep character, it's rather uncommon for a good rum to come from a single digit years of aging. mass produced products can benefit from their available vast sources of liquids to blend but small craft brands must strive for a little differentiated character of their own. this rum affords such with only short 5 years of aging but shows great potential if aged few more years. rather good choice if you are into organic ingredients, fair trade certifications and small batch craft rum.

Légèment vanillé, ce rhum est plutôt léger. Peu sucré également il accroche un peu en bouche.

Beautiful gold color, dry rum, a bit strong at the end even if there are some smooth flavors in the middle.

Fair rhum aged 5 years
Nez : Cire d’abeille, fruit exotique,
Bouche : fruits exotiques, cire, goût de fumé avec une finale semblable au bourbon.
Très bon cinq ans, complexe mais il pourrait bénéficier de quelques années supplémentaires.

FAIR 5y from Belize has a unique bottle design but very bland label. Color is pure gold, very typical for a 5y old rum. Smell is strong rubber, quite offputting and very typical to the rums coming from Jamaica, but haven't experienced this before with rums from Belize. Taste test reveals a very dry rum, but plenty of exciting flavors. Long finish with a strong alcohol burn at the end.

Interesting product as it is garanteed without added sugar or sweeteners. More on the mineral side with tropical fruits in mouth and wood towards the finish.

I need to try it again.

I recently spotted bottles of Fair Gold 5 yr Rums at our local liquor stores and was intrigued by this product from Belize. Upon reading reviews on Rumratings and learning that this product does not contain any added sugar, I decided to splurge ($55 CAD) and try it for myself.

My initial impression was that of a dry rum similar to most Bajan rums yet, with a natural sweetness as opposed to rums altered with added sugar or other additives, with distinct notes of vanilla and oak. In spite of its young age, I found this rum to be very smooth, enjoyable and unique (to me). Being fairly new to the rum world and unfamiliar with the taste of bourbon, this unique flavour may very well be a result from aging in bourbon barrels as reported by other reviewers.

In my view, this rum is indeed a good sipper and I now wish older offerings were available for purchase in my area. Well done.


superbe rhum comme je les aimes. Son gout est surprenant pour un 5 ans. Une longue finale boisée et on décèle le baril de bourbon. On goute légèrement les fruits tropicaux, peut être même une note de chocolat.


This is a nice looking rum. The aroma is very soft and not overpowering.
This rum is aged in bourbon barrels and I believe the bourbon flavour is over-present in this offering.
I like my sipping rums with cigars, and this rum makes me think if I wanted bourbon, I would pour a bourbon, not a rum. It is a good product just not something I will keep on my shelf rotation.


Very clean flavour for a gold rum, hardly any aroma, burns down the throat and absolutely do not remember anything special out of this

Superbe rhum avec beaucoyp de gout comme tjs au belize ou a la barbade.Mais rhum assez fin avec des gouts de peche leger allant sur l abricot.le finish bourbon est bien y a une vraie maitrise du produit.dans ces prix c est un tres bon travail.note 8.5 j ai vraiment hesitè a mettre 9.cela vaut le coup pour les amateurs de rhum.sec mais pas trop.bon produit.

It has a distinctive taste, You can feel the purity of the rum. When we talk about the taste You can feel, This rum has a diffrent approach from the classic rum producers. If it would just stay for a bit longer in properly aged barrels, a great finnesse would acompany the allready rich taste. You can only love or hate this rum, but for me it was a pleasant surprize.


Arome ușoare pt un rom de 5 ani.. Acceptabil ca preț și destul de fin dar fără pretenții. Poate în mixuri e mai potrivit decât straight.

Bu chez un camarade amateur de bons breuvages dont un membre de la famille revenait de vacances avec ce flacon, très à mon goût : boisé, sec et gouteux, parfums riches, trés plaisant. Petite production, beau design. Great rum !

Jolie surprise au nez. En bouche on retrouve le boisé et bourbon. Beaucoup d'arômes. Le final est long gras et puissant.

Quel jolie surprise. Excellent rapport qualité prix et tres agréablement surpris. Je recommande sans problème

This rum is really interesting
The wood notes from bourbon casks are present
Whisky lovers will appreciate

Un nez rond et vif, une bouche puissante, et une finale longue et grasse. Une vraie surprise pour un rhum plutôt atypique.