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Cor Cor Green is a classic, molasses-based rum produced on the island of Minamidaitojima, south of the main islands of Japan. Cor Cor Green is not for neat sipping. Very offputting smell. Like a bouquet of flowers dipped in glue. You can't mask the smell even with a dash of Coke.

N- Quite industrial initially, new make eau de vie, coconut and sweaty laundry. Vibrant fruit notes sets in with freshly pluck strawberry, cane juice and substantial sweet fruit notes at a basic strength of 40%. Suggested this could be flavoursome before the dilution. Cocoa, as well some sulphur underlay. (19/25)

P- Fermented pear juice, spicy. Delicious milky cocoa powder. (20/25)

F- Short-medium. Sweet cane, white fruits candy with toffee filling. (20/25)

Balanced:- Lightly industrial aroma, lush of green with delicious cocoa and toffee. (20/25)

Weighted Rate:- 79pt

— at The Rum Bar KL.


Picked up a bottle of this at UK Rumfest 2017. Works as a nice young sipping agricole