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N- Sour milk, thatch, reeds with savoury and lightly salted flower seeds. Semi sharp with exotic tropical white fruits oozing thru after breath. A molasses rum that actually quite agricole-y. (20/25)

P- Reeds nuance, tart young fruits with oily coats and sour dough bread. Unique yeasty notes, but also could get slightly unpleasant and moldy at times, depending on your set of mind. (18/20)

F- Short-medium, peppery, well filled with decent oiliness for body and length. (19/25)

Balanced- Quite flavourful with no "make up" as it claimed, original and authentic. (19/25)

Weighted Rate:- 76pt

— at The Rum Bar KL.


Cor Cor Red is a classic, molasses-based rum produced on the island of Minamidaitojima, south of the main islands of Japan. Rich and spicy, with herbal touches of cinnamon and clove. Cor Cor Red is not for neat sipping. Very offputting smell. Like a bouquet of flowers dipped in glue. You can't mask the smell even with a dash of Coke.


Japanese sho-chu like rum. If you like sho-chu, it may be nice liqueur.