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Naked Turtle White rum

Naked Turtle White

United States | Light

7.7/10 (27 ratings)
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27 Naked Turtle White ratings

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Posted over 4 years ago by Derek Harris from United States with 31 ratings

I have yet to find another white rum that even comes close to this. This rum is an amazing addition to a fresh lemonade and has a great flavor to it. Not too strong or divisive, this is always a party favorite.

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Posted almost 3 years ago by Chad from United States with 6 ratings

Was a little against trying this clear rum as I am a fan of the dark rums. A friend suggested I give it a shot. I was totally amazed at the finish on this one. Great for mixed drinks or straight up..

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Posted about 3 years ago by Falcon91Wolvrn03 (PREMIUM) from United States with 440 ratings

I was a little skeptical about the current score of this rum (8.5), especially since it's made in the USA (whose rums aren't usually as good as those from the Caribbean), and it's only $12.99. But this is excellent!

I had this side by side with two of my other favorite light rums, the Vizcaya Cristal which has a similar rumratings score, and the Banks five Island, which is my current favorite light rum. I actually prefer this to both of those.

Similar to the Vizcaya Cristal, this has a little more sugarcane flavor, and is a bit less artificial tasting than that. It's very nicely sweet for a light rum, and easy to drink.

Smells and tastes of sugarcane, vanilla, and marshmallow. An AMAZING value!

As the stamp on the bottle says: "Don't worry, drink naked"!

A great light rum!

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Posted 16 days ago by MorowinZ from United States with 19 ratings

Great for mixing. Can drink straight but I don’t like white rums straight. Makes a fantastic cocktail smooth sweet taste. easy drinking!

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Posted 20 days ago by Mr.Black (PREMIUM) from United States with 4 ratings

not a white rum fan but, for a white rum I would say it's damn near excellent. The bottle is only $15 dollars there isn't much more to say. I'm going to have to take another sip test to say more than this. Mixes very well with a lime white claw and a splash of key lime maybe a little sugar...

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Posted about 1 month ago by Jimmy Cliff from United States with 81 ratings

One hot summer day my bartender sampled me some on the rocks. I’m not a white rum guy and this stuff made me buy a bottle. Very easy to drink On the rocks with a little melted. I noted vanilla and smooth fruit notes. I’m not sure if it’s a flavored rum or has additives but it was as smooth as a good vodka and very easy to drink on the rocks. Will likely try it again one day.

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Posted 5 months ago by scallywagg444 from United States with 20 ratings

It's okay... has some sweet notes, but they don't taste natural. This stuff burns a bit, not the greatest to sip neat. Reminds me of Viscaya Crystal, but low quality.

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Posted 6 months ago by jazz.tomtom from United States with 19 ratings

My favorite white rum at its price point. Far better tasting than Bacardi superior and usually only a dollar or two more.

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Posted 7 months ago by Mike Pooch from United States with 36 ratings

I purchased this upon recommendation from a good friend, who actually enjoys sipping it, he was absolutely correct! It is smooth and has some character as well, I detect a bit of vanilla and some subtle fruit flavors. Alcohol is 40%, so it’s not too hot, definitely one of the best white rums I have tried and for only $11 that makes it a great value.

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Posted 10 months ago by jamesshaffer (PREMIUM) from United States with 24 ratings

I bought a bottle of this wonderful clear rum for some mixed drinks. Not only did those taste wonderful, but I took a nip of the remainder and it was surprisingly tasty! This rum is packed with what I can only say to be a pure rum flavor. I usually end my reviews with how I only drink my rum with Coke...however, this rum will for sure be my go-to mixer when I need a light rum!