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At first, I thought this was ok, but not really my thing, but then it started to grow on me just a little. It's one of those rums that's got quite a bit of whisky about it. That suits some people and not others. I found it had a strong whiff of alcohol and had a slight tatse of bitter apple, smoke and earthiness. It also ended with an alcoholic burn. I'll drink it, but if you want this sort of rum, the best I've tasted so far - by a mile is the Mount Gay Black Barrel. That may taste like whisky too, but it has lots of layers and depth. Having said that, this is decent and I think I may try it with a cigar.

According to the Plantation website: "Plantation Guyana is the only rum in the Plantation range to have sugar cane syrup as its raw material. From a long fermentation, then distilled in a Charente alambic pot still and finally aged in bourbon casks a fine balance is earned. Bottled at 45% it’s a “masterpiece of harmony and power” according to Paul Pacult in the Spirit Journal (April 2015)"

The 90 proof is definitely noticeable but I'll get to that in a moment.

I'm going to be brief over the first couple of items. Firstly, I like the aroma. It is rather intense with a slight floweriness to it. Almost honeysuckle. It is a rich amber hue with excellent legs.

An aside (please bear with me): I enjoy honey and I am fortunate enough to live in the region that produces the very rare Tupelo honey which is made during a very short season. I usually obtain my Tupelo honey from a couple of sources here in Florida (Apalachicola, FL and Wewahitchka, FL) and enjoy it throughout the year.

With that being said I would swear this rum has Tupelo honey in it. Almost like a Tupelo honey mead. There is ample woodiness to it and a marked pepperiness. A nice caramel undertone. The finish The 90 proof creates a solid, but not overwhelming, burn in the back of the throat. Still rather smooth. There is a sweetness to it that is clearly sugaring. I've had worse but I'd probably have given it a slightly higher rating if they hadn't sugared it so noticeably giving it a caramel candy undertone. But sugaring is the norm with Plantation rums. Sometimes it works and sometimes, like in this case, it doesn't work as well. I would love to sample this rum before the sugaring. Don't get me wrong, this is a good rum but IMHO probably could have been better.

Overall, it's a good sipping rum. Something different to try.

A potent and lovely amber colored rum. The nose is slightly smokey, almost peated, alongside notes of eucalyptus, rock sugar, rubber and green bananas.
It's spicy in the mouth. Starts of with a slight sweetness, like dissolved sugar or honey, transitioning into menthol, rubber and somewhat smokey oak, with a bittersweet, tingling quality, almost like chili oil.
A special and enjoyable medium bodied rum that feel's a little "untamed". Depends on the mood.

Nice bright bronze color with a nose on exotic fruits, citrus (orange) and honey. The mouth is warm, honey and pastry always on the citrus. A rather short finale.

Tasted a few times, last time in November at a Plantation event hosted by the brand Ambassador. The Plantation Guyana is always quite a surprise, especially in a "blind" (my Sommellerie teacher would say anonymous) tasting.
Produced by the huge Demerara Distillers Limited, it starts with an unusually long two weeks molasses fermentation. It is then distilled in a Vendome Pot still, aged in used bourbon cask for a few years locally and finished in Cognac cask back in France.
Result is intense, with some smoky even peated notes. At first it could easily be mistaken for a Scotch Whisky. Also some delicious fig, caramel and currants aromas. Dense mouth feel, cardamom and bitter orange flavours. Harmonious. Long finish on an apricot note.

The El Dorado 12 and 15yo rums are tasty, albeit loaded with sugar. This batch, on the other hand, is nowhere near as complex or delicious and it's twice the price of the 12. Certainly not a bad sipper but it should be much better. And it shouldn't have any perfume overtones. It does.

It's okay, but it's not remotely among my favorites.

Jeg er og blive vild med Plantion serien! - Så må bare eje så mange jeg nu kan af dem (tegnebogen bestemmer) - Har kommet til at købe dobblet op af en anden, så den skal liiiiiige smages først (Barabados 20 XO)

one of the best. Simple and complex. It is almost liquer like in its sweetness, just before the sugar overpowers you the spices and sharp cigar like note cuts through leaving a finnish that is out of this world. The best rum in its price range in my opinion. With this I understand how pirates could stay for days on a random beach just drinking outstanding rum

Lite stickig i doften,, men smaken är kryddig och god. Ganska lång eftersmak. Mellan 6 & 7 i betyg. Jag blir sällan besviken på Plantation.

Nice aroma, bit toxic like ant poison I use. Lemon barel and deep malty notes. Harsh at the beginning and long warming at the end. Very good qualityproduct

This has a hint of whisky stil with little sweetness. Nice light brown color with a hint of smoke

Powerful in the nose with sweet notes. Rpund in mouth but somehow too typical with a feeling of deja bu!

Colour light.
Smell i ok.
Taste is ok.
Aftertaste is ok.

A sweetened rum. Normally not my cup of tea, but I have to admit that it was not bad at all

Guyana has so much more better rums to offer. What a disappointment the Plantation Guyana 2005 really was. There are multiple El Dorado rums which are much better than this one, and much easier to find. Weird rubbery smell, mish mash of flavors and a nasty burn at the end. Struggles to make a 4 score.

Very nice petrol notes on the nose and on the palate.
Some youth is noticeable but its not bothersome.


As the glass sits (or my mouth numbs), a lingering syrup taste gradually dominates the palate... A plantation signature it seems.

Color: Old gold

Fresh and clean with typical Demerara aromas. Slightly medicinal and peaty. Smells like pineapple, aniseed, cleaning agent, and suede.Furthermore I smell peppermint and licorice.

Wow, this one is tasty! Appears to be only slightly sweetened and less sweet than other Plantation Rums that I had before. Spicy and bold with a lot of power. The alcohol is quite obvious as well. Tastes like aniseed, white pepper, licorice and leather. Slight soapy with peppermint and mirabelle aromas in the background.

Long and still dominated by spicy aniseed, pepper and licorice with a slightly metallic aftertaste.

A very positive surprise! Recommended with with a very good value for money. Finally a Plantation Rum that I like. Maybe this is because it is the only Plantation Rum made of sugarcane juice instead of molasses.

Ikke smagt. .

Good compromise if you like the taste of agricole but want something less dry.

Very strong aroma and taste accompanied by strong tingeling feeling. Quite rough for my taste but very interesting.

I will admit that I like a lot of thr different variants of Plantaton, best is XO.

Molto buono. Forte concentrazione alcolica con grande finale cognacoso ma non agressivo come per St. Lucia 2004 Vintage Ed. e anche meno dolce che è positivo.

Alkohol: 45 %
Původ: Guyana
Aroma: Až "ulepená" medová vůně, těžší styl, ale tato poloha je zároveň vyvážena kořenitou svěžestí. Nasládlá míza, čokoláda. Trochu připomíná agricole styl, ale ten se pak zase ztratí v koření a sladkosti. (88 b)
Chuť: Stejně jako ve vůni, i zde je sladkost vyvážena kořením, ale to už není v té svěží poloze. Počáteční sladkost přechází postupně do sušších dimenzí. Zase jemný závan agricole, ale jen tak zlehounka. (86 b)
Body: 87
Shrnutí: Ochutnal jsem díky českolipskému podniku Kavárna/bar Kocour, kde jsem zakoupil 60 ml vzorky pro další společnou degustaci v Hořicích u josého. Zároveň jsme tento rum srovnávali přímo i s verzí Guyana 1999. Verze 2005 je ve vůni svěžejší, 1999 je těžší a květinovější. V chuti pak 1999 kokosovější. Zajímavé bylo, že verze 1999 se potřebovala ve sklence trochu nadechnout, a až po nějaké době se vůně více rozvinula, tedy hlavně byl cítit najednou kokos. Ve výsledku jsme s josém konstatovali, že rozdíly jsou u obou verzí patrné, každý je trochu jiný, ale v součtu jsou srovnatelně dobré.

..first tried it straight - just because it's expensive.. (moderately)..[I'm "poor"] ..felt oak.. I never smell oak.. my smell is fckd.. I don't like whiskey.. I know oak from Bacardi Oakenheart.. but had enough of it.. like long lost love.. this one is giood straight and with Pepsi.. it's a fine day.. suddenly..