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40 Old J Spiced ratings

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Posted over 4 years ago by Chris L from United Kingdom with 78 ratings

Lots of vanilla flavour, but for vanilla-y rums I prefer Rebellion. Quite smooth on its own or with ice.

Posted almost 5 years ago by Daniel Woods from United Kingdom with 2 ratings

Easily one of my favourite rums! Smooth & strong vanilla cut through with an undertone of lime! Easy drinking over ice of with cola!

Posted about 1 month ago by Dedspurs from United Kingdom with 19 ratings

Tried neat at rum festival, vanilla tasting, prob mix with coke the next time.

Posted 6 months ago by Stuart Sadler from United Kingdom with 10 ratings

Very strong Vanilla Smell and Taste. I love Vanilla so all good with me

Posted over 1 year ago by Pyeman from United Kingdom with 1 rating

Superb, beautiful vanilla and lime notes, only problem, it’s too easy to drink

Posted 18 days ago by Kamamura from Czech Republic with 28 ratings

Okay, reading all the hype about the ol' Sailor Jerry, the saint patron of spiced rums, I finally wanted to taste what the hype's all about, so I picked up a bottle to round up the sum while buying a larger batch of real alcohol.

Instantly, I am hit with a full dose of buyer's regret. The bottle and the liquid inside looks inoffensive enough, a shade of orange and a nice etiquette (different than on the picture here, though, similar to the ones on gold and silver).

However here the good things end. The smell of some distant vanilla, with something citrusy, weak and unconvincing. The taste - oh my, the taste is like a liquid candy, vanilla and citrus, and something I can't put a finger on, with a slight hint of alcohol, but it's so thin and weak and watery, and... in a hurry to go. No finish to speak of, no real spices (compared to Four Square Spiced rum, this is just so much worse).

Hello, where is the rum? Why is my rum gone? It's certainly not in the bottle, how does it even qualify - oh it doesn't, it's only 35% ABV! Well, blimey, I did not know the old man Vernon, but I bet my tricorne against two ounces of gunpowder that this hooch would get you keelhauled, if you served it to the crew.

Sigh, yeah, cocktails, but now when the virus hit, who am I gonna serve them to? Threw it into a glass of coke, the result was a ruined glass of coke. Some bloke recommended tonic, so maybe... Not expecting much, though.

Stay away, buy real rums, like Appleton 12 for only slightly more than this liquid disaster!

Posted 25 days ago by Dj Gee Funk from United Kingdom with 6 ratings

This rum is another smoothie! With coke, neat, or can of ting! In my top 10 rums.

Posted about 1 month ago by FellOnBlkDays from United Kingdom with 2 ratings

An absolutely perfect replacement if you were a fan of the pre-2009 Sailor Jerry. Huge hit of vanilla and as such really sweet so best with a cola tonic instead of the off the shelf full sugar stuff.

Posted 2 months ago by J12kef from United Kingdom with 12 ratings

Vanilla perfection! If you like a sweet, vanilla drink then this is the perfect drink for you, very smooth and goes especially well with coke. Not so good with ginger ale.
I will always have a bottle of this on my shelf!

Posted 5 months ago by Paul from Australia with 104 ratings

Nice label and average bottle.
The spiced taste is reasonable and sweet. nothing about its taste is hard hitting or overpowering, but its a nice mixing dring

Posted 5 months ago by Tab44 from Australia with 19 ratings

Great mixing rum not that great straight up.
Nice in a dark and stormy

Posted 6 months ago by ConRumTaster from United Kingdom with 6 ratings

Strong, smooth and sweet. Almost perfect rum. Very comparable to Bumbu, has a slight stronger taste but that comes with a bigger punch.

Posted over 1 year ago by mitch26491 from United Kingdom with 1 rating

Tastes like Christmas in a bottle, wonderful when mixed. But you can't have too much before it gets sickly

Posted over 1 year ago by Jeff from United Kingdom with 1 rating

Lovely vanilla and lime aftertaste with added spice
Perfect with ginger beer or Coke

Posted almost 2 years ago by Robert Ferron from United Kingdom with 166 ratings

Cardiff Rum Festival spicy ginger finished golden spiced rum. Decent

Posted almost 2 years ago by Andy Tee from Malaysia with 148 ratings

N- Fat melted vanilla ice cream with a layer of thick bols cacao brown and baileys. Whiff of raisin with loads of brown sugar and peppery raw spirits. (16/25)

P- Lime peel, cola candy, creamy, sweet with the head-hammering grumpy vanilla all the way. (15/25)

F- Short-medium, coat of spirit, vanilla, chocolate milk, and caramel. Reminded me the discontinued Vanilla Coke on early of this century. (14/25)

Balance- Simple and straight forward, vanilla, chocolate and lime, off notes of acetone, raw, destined for the mixing. (15/25)

Weighted Rate:- 60pt

— at The Rum Bar KL.

Posted almost 2 years ago by Steven Richardson from United Kingdom with 123 ratings

Bit like lambs spiced and red leg. Not for me, not great even with coke.

Posted over 2 years ago by John from United Kingdom with 12 ratings

Heavily marketed as am original sailer jerry recipie but way too cloying and overdone on the vanilla not for me.

Posted over 2 years ago by Snookerman from United Kingdom with 121 ratings

This is drinkable but a little lacking compared to some.

Obviously there are those here who don't like spiced rum. Let's take them out of the equation because they're not going to give much, if anything, a mark greater than 5.

As spiced rums go, this is ok, as vanilla-spiced rums go it's good. I'd say it was less spicey than Sailor Jerry, but much heavier on the vanilla. It's also sweeter and slightly more watery than SJ. I'd put them about on a par. If you really like vanilla rum, then there's two that are much better - St Aubin's vanilla rum is basically a good rum with a rum taste with the addition of a decent hit of vanilla (but it's much pricier) . It's lovely - maybe a bit like Plantation Pineapple is to rum with pineapple, but St A's is smoother and with less kick. Rolling Calf takes what Old J does and ups it - smoother, more kick, about the same vanilla but a bit more lime and spice.

If you like this, I think it's very unlikely that you would not like those two as well. If you hate this, you won't like Rolling Calf, but you still may well like St Aubin Rhum Agricole Vanilla.

Posted over 2 years ago by Phil from United Kingdom with 29 ratings

Great taste for a spiced rum. Prefer this to a captain Morgan's spiced for cocktails. Enjoyed at rum fest

Posted over 2 years ago by Dan from United Kingdom with 5 ratings

Vanilla overkill, very sweet. Very easy to drink with cola, but only a couple at a time

Posted over 2 years ago by Craig from United Kingdom with 35 ratings

Lovely soothing rum, lots of vanilla and apice with a very slight clove.

Posted over 2 years ago by Martin Kennedy from Australia with 194 ratings

Good god , from the moment you unscrew the cheap cap artificial vanilla smacks you in the face !! Its overpowering.. neat or mixed you know what the taste is gonna be before you get it to your lips.
Rum flavoured vanilla would be about right.
Then on top of the vanilla bomb comes artificial limes , it all ends up as a sickly toffee drink... It was cheap so no real surprise ! All the people that have given this high ratings haven't tried enough good stuff imho.

Posted almost 3 years ago by Mr.B from United Kingdom with 70 ratings

Mainly vanilla and some spices (which I can't really distinguish). Overall target market is the Rum is Fun which they are doing very well in.

Posted almost 3 years ago by Threepwood from United Kingdom with 86 ratings

Interesting spiced spirit, but not really a rum at all. I mean, technically it isn't a rum anyway, as the manufacturers themselves state (its ABV is under 37.5% so it apparently doesn't qualify as being a "rum"). But anyway, it just tastes like a very sweet spirit, with some interesting vanilla and spices, but the toffee flavour is so overpowering.