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Bundaberg Original UP Rum is the flagship product of the Bundaberg Distilling company of Australia, which first crafted their original rum in 1888. This rum is double-distilled and aged for two years.

The Original UP Bundaberg rum brand is still sold in its traditional “Brick” bottle that goes by a variety names including Liquid Gold, Bundy, The Square Bear and Cane Champagne.

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It's not often one finds a rum that is almost undrinkable, maybe the australians have a different taste to the rest of the world....this is one to avoid, but they do have a lot of t'shirts!

If you like the taste of news paper this rum is for you

I tasted this rum as a result of both curiosity and a friend's recommendation that I had to experience it. We both knew I was in for a shock. Sweet Mother of God! Why anyone would call this rum is entirely beyond me. The nose is more akin to turpentine or some kind of industrial cleaner then it is to any spirit I have tasted, and that is saying something because I have tasted some really horrendous stuff. I cannot in good conscience recommend this rum even for a mixer there isn't enough lime and Coca Cola in the world to mask the monstrosity contained in that bottle.

Well it started off ok then this taste filled my mouth.. How do i describe it ? Sort of a cross between Moonshine and tart marmalade , horrible. My brain urged me to swallow it but i couldn't , i just spate it out ! The taste stayed in my mouth for ages even drinking a glass of water didn't shift it ! Did not want to waste a decent Ginger Beer with it ironically also made by Bundaberg.
The only reason i upped my score from -1 to 2 is i might get to visit their Distillery in the near future.

We are Australian and we love our Vegemite and our Bundaberg Rum. We don't really mind if the world doesn't agree or not, it means more for us!

I would't run my car on this god forsaken swill. This is a domestic dispute aching to happen. Save yourself the family court drama and buy anything and I mean absolutely anything else instead.

I prefer to drink rum straight up, but best not to with this fella. Rum in name only.

Great if you are on a budget night out and like molasses and coke and fancy a punch up later

Its Australia's national drink whether we like it or not!
When you ask for a Rum & Coke then this is what is expected, what dis you think a bunch of convicts would have come up with, an Anejo?

Discovered this when travelling through Bundaberg itself in Australia. Really tasty, with coke or Bundaberg ginger beer as a 'Dark & Stormy'

I always sample a new rum neat. A mistake for this rum. While it has a nice colour, I could only think that someone had replaced the rum with some form of tequila. Its possible that a really strong fruit mix will make this palatable. Bundaberg Original UP has a home in my cabinet now as a benchmark for what the bottom of the rating scale is.

So this rum is an Aussie icon with a lot of history. I grew up on a sugar cane farm and in the cutting season fresh cut paddocks have an amazing smell. The same rich sugary molasses aroma can be found in Bundaberg UP. Best mixed with Coca-Cola as it's rough on the palate. The cane sugar after taste is what i love and will go back for, personally it's a nostalgic thing for me. As far as a refined and complex go, except to pay more.

Good work guys, lol. What you are rating here is Bundaberg Rum Original 100 Proof, not UP. UP is that backbone of Bundaberg Rum and has been produced at Bundaberg for the last 127 years, with 2 fires, wars, depressions and droughts and still going strong. There are worse rums out there (Holey Dollar) and Bundy does have some exceptional rums (MDC Blenders Edition 2015) winning Double Gold in New York recently. Do yourselves a favour and try MDC Small batch and MDC Small Batch Vintage.

My nephew insisted I try the "Bundy". When in Australia I guess you try to fit in. This is just distilled alcohol with some colouring which I suspect is gasoline. It's a basic bar rum that has to be mixed in with coke or anything to disguise the rum. It is not a good rum.

This stuff is everywhere in Oz. I'm sure a high percentage of the Rum drinkers are vaguely aware of other Rums, but believe this is the best. From a marketing point of view in Australia, it's no.1. I grew up drinking and new no better until 10 years ago. From a taste point of view, let's just say if you like to know your drinking alcohol, want a strong flavoured spirit with the throat burning kick of bad Vodka then this is more than palatable for you.

Harsh on the rocks, always disguise well in a mixer.

Being from Australia I wasn't expecting much but I was still disappointed.

I love rum and I am proud to be australian. Many Australians are proud of bundaberg rum. I disagree with them on this bundaberg rum. So bundaberg has a near monopoly on being an australian rum. Sad.

Atrocious. Tastes like cheap whiskey. Vile

golden in colour and thats the only good thing

Ive only tried this of the range and wouldnt say no to investigating some of their others but for me it just didnt excite me. It was different and ill give it that but thats about it really. Not as smooth as others in the same price and i certainly wouldnt be drinking this one neat. Maybe im just a lil dissappointed as i expected more from the producers of what i think is the best ginger beer available!?!

Australia's national drink. Tastes a bit dirty at first but once you get a taste for it, it's amazing. Also available in perfectly mixed Bundaberg & Cola cans.

The classic "Bundy".
I have no idea why enough of this product has sold that they keep coming out with new versions.
It's so bad.
Even mixed with cola.
It's just bad.

It gets a bonus point out of sheer sentiment, being my staple diet as a backpacker many years ago! 17 billion better rums out there.

Was rather disappointed with this rum. Didn't find it disgusting, but found it rather bland and uninteresting. Would choose it over a blended whisky, but not a good single malt.