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Bundaberg Overproof rum

Bundaberg Overproof

Australia | Overproof

3.9/10 (26 ratings)
Serious improvement needed


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26 Bundaberg Overproof ratings

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Posted about 2 years ago by Rhei from Australia with 10 ratings

I enjoy Bundy OP with coke & ice. But not a sipper. Dark colour, strong nose- not sweet. May lack sophistication but my cabinet always has one for that relaxing drink at the end of a tough week.

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Posted over 2 years ago by Stephen from Canada with 4 ratings

This rum is a great rum by itself or in a mix. I find it has a more Carmel flavour than most in its price range and isn’t masked by a abundance of a vanilla or banana overtones.

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Posted over 2 years ago by Rodney from Albania with 27 ratings

You need to be a man or a strong woman to drink this. Smells great but can take you by surprise at first. Mellows with ice after a while but still is a mans drink

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Posted almost 3 years ago by Joola69 from United States with 2643 ratings

I had an amazing opportunity to try a dozen different unopened Bundaberg's with my Aussie colleague last year and the Overproof Bundy is decent with coke, but as a neat sipper is very strong, so keep this as a mixer rum.

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Posted about 3 years ago by Jason from United States with 49 ratings

I had heard not so great things about Bundaberg rum, but when I saw this dark rum on a flight to Australia I figured I needed to try it. I actually asked for it straight, but I guess out of habit the flight attendant gave me coke with it. Guess that was a tip off about the quality. Had a few sips of it straight and while it's certainly palatable, it's pretty one-note flavor wise and has a somewhat harsh finish. Definitely not a sipper. Coke mellowed it a bit, but still not something I'll go out of my way to try again. When in Australia though.

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Posted over 3 years ago by Tony Lindo from Panama with 133 ratings

realmente fuerte de sasbro fuerte en boca y nariz alchol puro sivrve para show

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Posted over 3 years ago by Daniel from Czech Republic with 118 ratings

Wonderful smell in glass, but because of alcohol volume is taste stronger. Similar taste to Czech plum brandy.i would say, ron is perfect to drink when the weather on the pirate ship is heavily stormy.

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Posted almost 4 years ago by Paul from Australia with 116 ratings

Same as arrak in Sri Lanka, add coke and watch the kero rise to the top lol

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Posted almost 4 years ago by steve from Australia with 2 ratings

Richer colour then standard UP, is a great mixer maybe a bit harsh neat or on the rocks.

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Posted over 4 years ago by Stig Wolff from Denmark with 152 ratings

En bekendt havde denne rom med hjem efter en tur down under, hvor hun bl.a. arbejdede som bartender.
Rommen er sikker god nok som rom i mixed drinks, men den egner sig ikke som Straight up.
Den er dog ikke så skarp som man havde kunne forvente efter duften, men den har ingen krop eller smagsnoter.