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Presidente 15-Year rum

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121 Presidente 15-Year ratings

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Posted almost 3 years ago by Joola69 from United States with 2575 ratings

Tiny price difference to the much more flavorful 19 year or 23 year Presidente Marti rums whereas the 15 year shows a lot of promise, but the burn is way too intense to earn anything more than an 8 rating.

Detailed scoring analysis:
10/100 Packaging, bottle and label design 9
10/100 Color of this rum 8
15/100 Nose test 11
20/100 Palate test 15
15/100 Afterburn of this rum 11
15/100 Availability to purchase this rum 11
15/100 Ultimate value for money 10
Total score 75

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Posted over 3 years ago by Dominik Starosta from Germany with 13 ratings

Straight Rum with a decent sweetness. Flavours of vanilla, cocao and coffee. Creamy intus aftertaste with a little bit of cedar and oak

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Posted over 5 years ago by Filip from Czech Republic with 2 ratings

Considering really nice taste, sweet, but too much. For the price it is an excellent choice.

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Posted 12 months ago by Dimitris from Greece with 68 ratings

Taste 7,6/10. It has some similarities with 23 but it is a bit light but nice try...
23 of course is better, more complex without being very strong or semi dry as El Dorado 21 & other....

39d363de0d630fb3f6a3c22092ca95b1.png?s=40& avatar

Posted over 1 year ago by skocan from Czech Republic with 22 ratings

Taste is somewhere between zacapa 23 and el dorado 12. It could have been smoother for 15y aged rum. El dorado is still a winner for me.

Eb3ebc9d8a9063ca671f8156c573afc0.png?s=40& avatar

Posted almost 2 years ago by Josef Hruby from Czech Republic with 7 ratings

Yep, this one is undoubtedly on the sweet side, but the flavor is amazing. Very sweet, you feel honey, vanilla, hints of roasted nuts, suprisingly complex experience. Definitely recomended for Diplomatico & Zacapa lovers ;-)

F91eb13d62cec23af5c2e3979b7001a4.png?s=40& avatar

Posted almost 2 years ago by Martin Tousek from Czech Republic with 21 ratings

Very above-average rum which suffers from having an older brother which is better in every way (talking about Presidente 23-Year). The taste is well-balanced, but sometimes little a bit "too sharp" - while drinking you may sometimes think that a few more years spent in the cask would do Presidente 15-Year good, and that is exactly what happened in the case of Presidente 23-Year. Still, a rum worth trying and worth the money. Excellent money to quality ratio. 85%

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Posted almost 5 years ago by hyenik from Czech Republic with 110 ratings

Sweet, smooth, nice, decent price. Direct competitor for better known Diplomatico. Only personally, one shade of flavour is a bit discomfort for my tongue. But don´t know what it is, noticed same in Botran Reserva.

3be4c509aa364a5b8ed11af3c4b345ba.png?s=40& avatar

Posted over 5 years ago by Martin Grönvall from Denmark with 115 ratings

Fik langt om længe smagt denne Rom, og var meget begejstret.
Sød, på den gode måde, blød og rund, og en dejlig eftersmag.

8e56a4c4ab59bdb7b389990693b17733.png?s=40& avatar

Posted about 2 months ago by JohnyBazooka from Czech Republic with 46 ratings

Zprvu normální chuť, po chvíli se dostavila čokoládově kávová nasládlost a po polknutí se teprve rum rozjel na plné obrátky. Dojem medově husté čokolády s kakaem, kořenitost. Výborná chuť, má rychlý nástup a pak pozvolně doznívá.

6a7ae7849b4615d1674ac2f57c039d5b.png?s=40& avatar

Posted 2 months ago by filipec from Czech Republic with 35 ratings

taste - 9/10
sweetness - 8/10
price/value rating - 9/10