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Found the El Ron Prohibido 12 year old Solera aged rum from a local grocery store in Mexico last week and had my doubts when I bought the bottle. This is easily the cheapest 12 year Solera aged rum at 214 MXN which equates to roughly $12. It has a harsh alcohol smell to it,but the taste is not so offputting. Mixes well with Coke, goes as a neat sipper in distress. Wood flavor is very strong. Some burn, but not bad.


Barva - sytě vínově červená
Vůně - na první "pohled" klasická rumová, karamel, toffiffee, koření
Chuť - melasa, hnědý cukr, hodně kořeněné, karamel, místy probleskuje tmavé sušené ovoce (rozinky, fíky). S postupujícím časem koření začíná zcela dominovat a přidává se i trocha soli - bohužel to pomalu, ale jistě ubíjí veškeré ostatní chutě
Dozvuk - velmi kořeněné
Hodnocení - koření ve finále zabíjí veškeré ostatní chuťové složky, což je škoda

The Rum used to be served to sailors in Mexico, but they all got so hammered that the captains made it illegal to serve! 'El prohibido' the forbidden RUM.
The taste is interesting, but nothing to my liking at all. Not very well balanced and simply too 'much'.

The rum aged in red wind barrels doesn't taste bad. But it's odd...and in the end it's a combination that is fun to taste but it's not suitable to sip the entire nicht.

Fruity first nose which turn into a walnut smell after 10min. Warm in mouth, nice on the tip of the tongue. Bend towards a sweet port wine, not a very good one. Short tail, candied fruits. Nuts again. Not really good.

Un rum mexicano, con receta cubana, cuentan una historia de cómo el rey Felipe V lo prohibió.
Su presentación es una muy elegante botella.
De sabor único ya que es un "Habanero" de sabor suave y dulce.
Me encantó!


OK I'm not a big fan of this rum but objectively, it's not a bad rum... The taste of alcohol is way too present for me but the honey and plum taste is quite good. Another point for the bottle which is really pretty (and the main reason why I bought it). But at 30€, it's a bit overpriced...

Taste is not fine... Maybe for use in a cake or raisins, not for drinking.

Var til Rom og Whisky messen, og smagte denne Rom. Jeg måtte opgive at drikke den færdig, den smagte simpelthen forfærdeligt.

When I get a new Rum , I get my rum drinking buddy's together and we set down with the new rum and a standard to judge from. This rum has a bite and is bitter. It has overtones of eather and tast like some bad moonshine I have tasted. Everyone in the group dumped it out. Don't waste your money on this one.

Ron? Terrible sabor y aroma. Fue una gran decepción. La linda botella prometía mucho mas...

It is just to much.. strange Taste on the sweet side, but can't put my finger on it...
Lukily i had a small tasting example and not a whole bottle...

With the word "Habanero" on the bottle you get certain expectations. There is a spicy taste to this rum, but nothing like the word suggests.

Nose: Prunes and brown sugar
Taste: It is very sweet with a hint of prunes and suddenly there is a odd spicy taste, that I can´t really describe.
Overall: This was just disappointing. Had high hopes for this one, but it really lacks a clear flavour profile.

Meilleur rhum qualité/prix, tres bon en bouche, a gouter

Lekker rummetje. Gewoon puur. Niet mixen, tenminste niet geprobeerd.

Smelled caramel when opening the bottle, though the taste wasn't very sweet. I'm not sure how to describe the taste, simply didn't like it. I would say it wasn't refined enough.

Like many Mexican rums I've tried, I found this to be a little 'rough' tasting.

Smells and tastes of walnut, raisins, oak, pepper, and spice. Somewhat bitter. This is one of my least favorite from Mexico.

This rum is not sweet. No caramel taste nor is it oaky.
It masters only bitterness which is hardly diminished with soda..

Őszintén szólva ezt a rumot még a kezdetek-kezdetén vettem mert tetszett az üveg és mert mexikói volt , gondoltam igazán különleges lessz is lett , olyan mint a vörösboros rum , színre is ízre is ,ennyi ,..ja és kapott vmelyik rumfesten díjat mint legszebb üveg , mazochistáknak ajánlott, ennyi

Aber trotzdem finde ich ihn sehr lecker! Sehr intensiv und am Anfang leicht scharf, aber doch irgendwie mild im Abgang! Kann man probieren, wenn man ihn nicht probiert, ist es aber auch nicht schlimm...

Nose initially is quite raw alcohol but after sitting in the glass for a minute you get strong raisins and fruit. Quite nice if you can get past the up front alcohol. Neat is drinkable but not exciting. Mixed the raisins and fruit largely disappear and the drink becomes quite light with vanilla and floral tones. Not inspired to buy again but it passes muster. I would not drink a lot of this in 1 sitting becomes sickly sweet

Rum jantárovej farby, s dobrou typickou rumovou vôňou po hrozienkach, kakau a sušenom ovocí. Po ochutnaní je cítiť miernu sladkosť, ktorá ale postupne ustupuje a nahrádza ju korenistá chuť, povedal by som, že až trpká. Na môj vkus nevyvážený rum a použil by som ho tak akurát do pečenia, maximálne a colou...=)


i tried this once, for me there is not so much taste, it's to flat at all.

nez caramel vif et café.
particulier, suave et tres sucré
goût ,entree en bouche très sucré sur cacao et sirop d étable , puis carton mouille suave café, cacao reglisé

With a few drops of water it gets smoother.
Otherwise hints of paintremover and sugar.