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Another great bottle from the island of real rum.This one get straight to the point and is a little more heavily bodied then you usual Barbadian. My nose fills with notes of leather, oak, coconut and pepper. In the mouth I pick up a dark character with notes of oak, leather, tobacco, orange-peel and spices. Despite the manly character, it's a pleasingly refined rum that's well executed. The taste and color feels heavily influenced by the barrel, but it never goes overboard. Thumbs up.

At first the name was a bit of a turn-off. I thought it was a cliche marketing trick of using a recognizable name with positive connotations but no relation to the actually product. I was pleased to learn that the name comes from a 1920s prohibition-era rum runner named Bill McCoy, who never watered-down or adulterated the rum he was selling, thus earning a reputation for himself. They called his spirits "the real McCoy." (The phrase pre-dates Bill, and there is a good amount of marketing storytelling here as there is no direct link between him and the current production, but it's nice to know there's a real story all the same.)

This is a great 12-year-old Bajan rum with no added sugar. Along with the other offerings from Foursquare and Mt. Gay, this makes for a fantastic "benchmark" sipping rum, with notes of oak and dry caramel. Took a few minutes to open up, but once it did, it was very nice, indeed. I think it has quite a bit more character than the NAS MGXO, and is a little dryer than RL Seale's Finest. This is probably also the smoothest of the bunch. To me, RM12 competes with Foursquare's cask series, just without the level of nuance/interest those ones offer.

Compared to the already-excellent Real McCoy 5-year, the taste is very similar, making it difficult to justify the extra expense of the 12. The 12-year is slightly smoother, and has a richer nose of brown/demerara sugar. The 12 is clearly a more refined/enjoyable sipping rum, so grab it if it's within your budget, but I was surprised at just how good the 5 was, so feel no regrets about trying that one instead if your budget's tighter (or if you want an exceptional mixer).


I would love to do a side-by-side tasting with this, Doorly's 12-year (finished in ex-Sherry casks) and RL Seale's Finest—the latter two appearing to be significantly better values from the same distillery. But you can't really go wrong with any of these :)

(PS, I don't understand how anyone could rate this less than a 6, but apparently some have very different standards than the site's rating suggestions. [Also, wow, this rum must have excellent distribution in Denmark!] At the time of this review, the rating without these peculiar outliers would be 8.04, rather than 7.58.)

Update: 8+, 8 :)

I was on the fence about trying this one after reading the reviews, but finally decided to give it a try. If I had to rate it right out of the bottle it would be lower. I inadvertently let this one sit in the glass for 30 minutes while I was distracted. When I got around to trying it I was pleasantly surprised. Not to overbearing or sweet and very smooth. A nice sipper. Tried another glass without the wait and it was good but not quite like the first. Give it a try but let it sit a while.

Lækker Rom uden sukker - god eftersmag af valinile og tobak

the rum is good, great color, but I think it's overpriced.

While the nose is nice, the mouth is awesome! Damn smooth caramel, butterscotch, coconut, banana, leather, tobacco, chocolate, and citrus. A nice noticeable bourbon finish to top it off too. This may be a 10 at some point, but for now 9+

Sugar test-0. Well duh, it's from Foursquare!

Having enjoyed a bottle of The Real McCoy 5 yr rum it was time to open up a bottle of The Real McCoy 12 yr rum. Being produced by Foursquare Distillery I had great expectations and was not disappointed. This rum is smooth, unadulterated and is right up my alley. Not quite a “10” but certainly a 9+ rating. Well done Mr. Seale.

I enjoyed this one. Strong and complex flavors with bourbon notes. If you like bourbon and want a good crossover, this is it.

Reminds me of Appleton 21yo. Stronger burn with tones of raisines. Nice aftertaste with cocoa.

Attended a tasting seminar for The Real McCoy at Cardiff Rum Festival on the weekend. Was incredibly well presented telling us of the provenance of the name being of Bill McCoy and rum running schooners.

A good blend of barbadoan, blackstrap molasses rum aged for a minimum of 12 years in heavily charred, American oak ex bourbon casks. It's a quality sipping rum the really encapsulates Barbados in a glass. Aromas of tropical fruit and spice fill the nose enveloped by smoky oak. It's a sipper through and a decent one at that. Wonderful flavour too smoky and oaky but undercut by touches of tropical fruit, cacao and spice very subtly balance the liquid. No added sugar in this rum either the sweetness comes purely from the blend.

Coming in at £44 It's a little pricy in my opinion and for rum schooner history I would favour the kirk and sweeney 18.

Ikke lige mig, er mere til de søde rom. Men den smager bestemt ikke dårligt, og er en ganske fin rom at sippe. Umiddelbart finder jeg Vanilje, Kokos, appelsin og tobak.
Den efterlader en olieret fornemmelse i munden, hvor man kan smage den lidt mere søde eftersmag.

Very nice sipper. What is it about Barbados! Over ice, let it sit and chill.

I picked this one up today at a nearby liquor store that has just begun to carry this brand. When I got home, I checked my spreadsheet for another 12 year old dry rum to compare it to. Ron Centenario 12 from Costa Rica was the obvious choice for side by side comparisons in Glencairn glasses.

While waiting a few minutes for both to breathe, I read the fine print on my new bottle. Holy smoke! The Real McCoy 12 is at 92 proof while the Ron Centenario 12 is at 80 proof. I was beginning to think that I had picked the wrong one to compare it to. However, once I sipped The Real McCoy, I would have NEVER guessed that it is 92 proof. Super smooth and it compared favorably with the Costa Rican, and I wound up rating it slightly better. Overall, this Real McCoy wound up ranking at number 31 out of 109. Not bad and worth the rather high price of $45. I will take this one any day over anything from Mount Gay. I also did not care at all for the heavily wooded flavor from The Real McCoy 5 year old that I tried a month ago.

This is another "12 year old rum" that is trying to be great but just can't deliver the goods. It's yet another "vanilla and oak" rum. No spice, fruit notes and very little heat. It's very one dimensional.

Mixed with coke its a vanilla coke with a kick. Mixed in juice and the flavor is off for some reason.

I'm glad I tried it and although its not as balanced as an Appleton 12 year its still a good rum.

Good rum. For a 12 year it is fairly complex and has a nice mouth and finish.

Just had a glass of this rum, not much impressed, the taste being nothing stepping out of the conventional...

Initially a lot of black pepper / chili? followed by sweetness and clear features from charred bourbon cask (vanilla and some smoke). Soft finish that lasts a long time.

En meget afrundet og sød rom, der på samme tidspunkt også har lidt kant. Den mangler dog noget på eftersmagen efter min mening.

This is an in your face rum in a good way. Pretty harsh in your mouth. Not that sweet. Nose: lemon, vanilla, apple and cinnamon. Palate: Vanilla, orange, figs and sherry. Good one 👍

I first tried the Real McCoy 12 at the local Rumfest several years ago. I liked it then and I like it now -especially since I have a whole (okay, now less than whole) bottle. Smooth and very nice for sipping. On my scale, I have it as a 7.5.

Liked the history behind the brand. The rum was a straight forward rum, no real aftertaste nor flavour. Not a bad rum but not great either.

The bourbon casks really comes shining through on this rum. It's definitely has that distinctive oak taste but it's not overpowering. It has a nice balance of citrus and banana flavoring with a hint of tobacco. Just another great example of Bajan rum and Foursquare.

Another wonderful unadulterated rum from Mr. Seale and his Foursquare Distillery. Rich rum flavors, notes of toffee, oak, molasses and spices, but at 80 proof, none of the alcohol burn. An example of Bajan rum at its best.

Dva nadšenci Bailey Pryor a Richard Seale oprášili po téměř sto letech Váš příběh vytvořením dokumentu a hlavně sérií rumů nesoucí hrdě odkaz s označením „Pravý McCoy“. Doba se však lehce změnila a tato nadšená dvojice sklízí za svou rumovou filozofii nejen gratulace a uznání, ale i dostatek nepříliš lichotivých reakcí. Výsledky "Sealovské" práce nemohou totiž logicky ladit jak s výrobními praktikami rumových megaloproducentů, tak s radikálními fanoušky doslazovaných rumů. Ti svým nízkým hodnocením jen stěží ocení onu neuvěřitelnou jemnost a vyzrálost brilantně vyvážených složek zemitosti, dubové dřevitosti, karamelu či tmavé čokolády s pojítkem lehkého tabákového kouře. Vzdaluje se jim tak Vámi prosazovaná rumová čistota a pravda, v dnešní době pracně zastíraná všemožným marketingem s cílem nastolit novodobou doslazovanou rumovou doktrínu :-) :-). My ostatní ovšem za Váš přínos velmi děkujeme :-)