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The Duppy Share Caribbean rum

The Duppy Share Caribbean

Caribbean | Aged

The Duppy Share Caribbean rum is produced using a combination of 3-year Jamaican and 5-year Barbados rums. Both are aged in bourbon barrels and brought to London for bottling.

The name 'Duppy Share' comes from Caribbean folklore where the dark spirit 'duppies' take their share of rum from distilleries, similar to the traditional term 'angel’s share' when rum is lost due to evaporation during the aging process.

82 ratings
Tasty, but not quite great


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82 The Duppy Share Caribbean ratings

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Posted 1 year ago by Rumhead202 from United Kingdom with 1 rating

Delicious. Finally a great rum with a beautiful bottle. Looks great on my home bar and an amazing gift.

The liquid has a kick but softens nicely - holds up well in cocktails and with ginger. Nothing artificial or sugary which is a bonus.


Posted 8 months ago by jstratton from United Kingdom with 1 rating

the perfect blend and at this price a real bargain!


Posted 1 year ago by The Jacken from United Kingdom with 3 ratings

The best of both. Lovely smooth buttery start to the taste on the front of the tongue, then followed by the kick of the pot still Jamaican. Two of the best distilleries in the world combined for a great rum. Tastes great in a daiquiri, over ice or with ginger beer and lime


Posted 1 year ago by Staggeo from United Kingdom with 1 rating

You're gonna find better rounded aged expressions from accross the Caribbean, but at its killer price and looking and feeling as great as it does, if I had to give one rum to someone which showed how great the category is it would be this one...


Posted over 2 years ago by Smith G from United Kingdom with 1 rating

One of my top 3 rums - the use of the Barbadian and Jamaican rums makes this blend particularly versatile. The fire and punch of the Jamaican rum gives it that extra kick needed for ginger-based cocktails, while the Barbadian rum rounds the taste so it doesn't overpower other aromas and tastes. This roundness also makes it very enjoyable neat, or on the rocks. Would recommend this to both those starting out their foray into rum, and those with an already developed palate.


Posted 1 year ago by J12kef from United Kingdom with 12 ratings

Fruity taste with a woody hint to it, smooth but interestingly very flavour full.


Posted over 4 years ago by martin jeppesen from Denmark with 247 ratings

Funny how some people mistake uncoated real rum as "artificial". No doubt the nose gives of some of the classic Jamaican funk, which is very aromatic, fruity and slightly fermented. Combined with the more subtle, but also fruity and lightly oaky barbadian profile, it all starts to get very interesting. I love the nose. It's bustling with exotic notes of pineapple, banana, mango and peaches. It's slightly sweet with an underlying woody spiciness. The taste delivers with a lightly bodied, elegant and smoothe rum that retains an interesting and very flavourful profile with subtle fruity notes, descretely woody spiciness and a little hint of the fermented Jamaican funk. The Jamaican/barbadian combination works supremly in my book. At this price it's a real steal for a very sippable rum.


Posted 5 years ago by Kieron wood (PREMIUM) from United Kingdom with 475 ratings

This is a lovely smooth surprise for the price is outstanding on its own amd delicious a safe mixer... Very different


Posted 7 months ago by Docsarvis (PREMIUM) from United States with 200 ratings

Surprised at the poor reviews. This is a very smooth blend. Not sweet. Great body. Balanced with some bite. This is NOT Jamaican funk. Vanilla and wood. Nice oily, thick and rich. Definite sipper. Definitely a good rum.


Posted 1 month ago by Adrian Adame from Czech Republic with 358 ratings

Blend Barbados a Jamajka
- ve vůni převládá Jamajka, jemná, ovocná
- v chuti z větší části Barbados, jemně ovocný, nasládlý, k závěru Jamajka