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Medium copacabana anejo rum

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2 Copacabana Anejo ratings

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As a history buff I do like the design of the bottle.

The rum, however, could be better. It seems to be JUST on the precipice of being a very good rum but instead falls a tad short.

The rum is straw colored and has a rather harsh aroma. Its flavor is rather intense. Not bad actually. There is a hint of sweetness at the outset with hints of pineapple and citrus as well as a pepperiness to it. According to the website the rum was aged in white oak barrels but does not indicate for how long (one online source says 7 years) nor if the barrels were charred or not. I detect some oak flavor relating to a tannen tinge. Once the burn fades the finish is quite nice with hints of the pineapple again along with a caramel undercurrent.

A little too harsh to be a sipping rum in my opinion. This rum would be better suited for mixers such as a mojito or a hurricane.

This 7 year rum is decent overall. Has a tinge of sweetness but a truck load of esters, which leave your nose and mouth begging for air. The nose is good, mouth feel is ok and it has a decent finish but lacks luster and smoothness that we so often desire in a rum. For the money a decent price and value. Not something I will label as a "Must Have" but worth consuming. Very nice glass embossed bottle!