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La Hechicera Extra Anejo rum

La Hechicera Extra Anejo rum Is distilled using the solera method and aged between 12 and 21 years in American white oak casks.

La Hechicera rum has been produced by the The Riasco family for the past two decades. They're the only family-run Rum distillery in Colombia. The rum derives its name from the Spanish word “Hechicera” which translates to “enchantress”.

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169 La Hechicera Extra Anejo ratings

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Posted 9 months ago by Rob from United Kingdom with 9 ratings

I'm clearly in the minority on this one but I was left feeling a little short changed by this. The name, the wax seal on the bottle, the reviews - I had high expectations but found it a bit harsh, a bit over spiced, too woody and not sweet enough for my palette. Perhaps I'm just a philistine!

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Posted 10 months ago by Leo K from Canada with 52 ratings

I am not typically a fan of rums from South America(SA). Not because they are bad, they just tend to be sweeter and thicker on the palette than I prefer.

This strikes a nice balance between sweeter SA blends and oaker Cuban rums. I can't imagine anyone not enjoying it straight up.

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Posted 10 months ago by Nismo86 from France with 11 ratings

Rhum aux notes de cacao et de vanille selon moi (je n'ai pas senti de café contrairement à beaucoup). Très "épais", liquoreux, suave et sucré qui me plaît beaucoup.

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Posted 10 months ago by Daniel from Czech Republic with 117 ratings

Nice Ron with huge body, tobacco and coffee is like base of tastes. But many people will like it for its own stronger taste of those ingredients. Darker colour. Nice.

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Posted 10 months ago by Pavel from Czech Republic with 133 ratings

Smells like Ryoma, the first sip is pretty awful, but it's getting better with every other, full body.

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Posted 10 months ago by Jason from United States with 68 ratings

What a great surprise! Vanilla, woody, lightly sweet. Great aroma and smooth flavor. Hardly any burn on the way down. This is a great rum to share with friends or enjoy by yourself.

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Posted 11 months ago by Stadaik from Greece with 38 ratings

It was too dry for me. The color was rich. The nose was balanced. The body was straight smookey and the aftertaste it was something like pure alcohol for me. I feel more pleasant with sweet rums but i had to taste it. There are 2 reasons i will try it again. The first is that i didnt add any ice or water and i would like to know if there is something hiding. The second is that i tried after plantation x.o. and millonario and im sure i didnt have "clear view"

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Posted 11 months ago by Christian Mejia from Aruba with 4 ratings

Nice dark amber color. Notes of tabaco and toasted coffee. Citrusy flavor and lasting smooth finish.

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Posted 11 months ago by Bryan Gehrett from United States with 28 ratings

La Hechicera is a naturally ‘unpolished’ rum, which means it has not been rounded up with additives or sugar, its smoothness and flavour are the result of the wood it is aged in. I'm starting to lean towards slightly drier rums so this one's a winner to me.

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Posted 11 months ago by Folharth from Canada with 70 ratings

La Hechicera Extra Anejo - like it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!