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Brugal blanco rum

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10 Brugal Blanco ratings

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Stick it in a mojito. Relax. Good value. Nothing more to add.

Servicable if in a nonspecific way. There are a lot worse rums if you find yourself in a bar and can't drink anything but rum.

This Rum was nice when I was in the Dominican Republic. Back at home the taste was not that good. For mixing it with coke it's good enough

J'ai adoré ce rhum dans mes cocktails, cela change du traditionnel Bacardi ou Havana club que j'utilisais auparavant.

I'm not a big fan of the white Rums, but this is on top of the list. I like my Rums straight up but for some mixed drinks white Rum is needed. For that Brugal works well

One of the better white rums, nothing special but doesn't have any big flaws. I prefer this over Bacardi superior/carta blanca and Havana Club blanco.

I like, that I can find the Brugal Anjeco and blanced more more more in normal supermarkets. They make good mixers. Same price like Bacardi and Havana Club, but much smoother. But the Brugal Anejo is normally sold for the same price, so no reason to buy this one.

A favorite. I use it in mixed drinks. It looks like the standard Bacardi, but softer and better of taste.

A great everyday rum for straight shots. Top notch product now starting to become available almost everywhere here. Better than standard Bacardi.

Clean and crisp.