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Bully Boy Boston rum

Bully Boy Boston

United States | Gold

Bully Boy Boston rum, a hybrid pot/column-distilled, blackstrap and sweet molasses-based rum that’s aged in the distillery’s own used whiskey barrels for three years. Bottled at 80 proof.

via American Rum Report

6.3/10 (4 ratings)
Tasty, but not quite great


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4 Bully Boy Boston ratings

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Posted about 3 years ago by John Fladd from United States with 3 ratings

This would be a solid choice for a 5-ingredient tropical drink.

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Posted over 3 years ago by Pierre from Canada with 86 ratings

After visiting the distillery the taste of the Bully Boy became, for me, the taste of Boston. The rhum is very nice with a little Sprite. It is lightly spiced. A taste to come back to.

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Posted about 5 years ago by BostonFisher from United States with 12 ratings

I love the Bully Boy white rum but found their dark rum just okay. It has decent flavor but isn't very smooth. Fine for mixing but too expensive to use as a mixer and not smooth enough for the rocks.

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Posted almost 6 years ago by KJ from United States with 24 ratings

There are two up and coming rums from New England (Bully Boy, Thomas Tew), but they're not ready to share with the masses yet. This rum is only available in New England and getting it shipped to certain states could be a pain. Rums distilled in the New England still have a long way to go before being mentioned in the same sentence as rums from New Orleans or Brooklyn at this point, none the less Caribbean / Central America / South America.

Anyway, this rum is very unique, I'd drink it in a very simple cocktail, we don't want to ruin the essence of those vanilla tasting notes (it's there, trust me). I can't put my finger on it, but it feels light (not heavy, that is) for a dark rum, but taste a little too alchol-y and boozy for my liking straight up or on the rocks. You should consider having it in a daiquiri, rum and coke or something else that's simple...but I promise you before you know it, you may feel a little light in the loafers.

On a good note, it finishes nicely at the back of your throat some how considering. Definitely a pleasant surprise when I took a trip to Rhode Island this summer. Now that I have two bottles, I'll try it in some classic rum cocktails or rum-ified bourbon cocktails for good measure.