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Malteco 15-Year rum

Malteco 15-Year

Guatemala | Aged

126 ratings
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126 Malteco 15-Year ratings

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Posted 2 years ago by Jan Baštinec from Czech Republic with 93 ratings

In taste is vanilla, chocolate, caramel, tobaco and also touch of cinamon.

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Posted 5 months ago by KissAljas from Hungary with 48 ratings

Ajándékba kaptam. Kellemes rum,de számomra nem jelentett semmi extrát.


Posted 8 months ago by Kazisvet from Slovakia with 26 ratings

Mám rôzne variácie tohto rumu, ale nejako ich nepreferujem. Také nevýrazné a ničím zvláštne rumy. Ale asi som ešte neokoštoval ten správny :)


Posted 8 months ago by xCorporalx from Germany with 91 ratings

...not "too much of anything", not too alcoholic in taste and smell, not too deep with texture, not to sticky in the glass, not too long lasting after all ...and so on.

My colleague (who is a beginner in the rum section) was amazed by it...thus I had to try it...don't get me wrong the rum tastes ok, but not more. For a mixer it might be all right, thus for that expensive and there are better ones such as the leather bound pampero anniversario, which is also cheaper!

A solid and not too sparkling 6.0 :)

My coll


Posted 9 months ago by Seko from Czech Republic with 128 ratings

Another well made Panama. Vanilla, oak, tobacco, present in nose and taste, with accented oak and tobacco, the aftertaste is decent and pleasant, it makes me think about having a cigar. Slightly heavier taste than Malecon 12y which has a similar price tag. Perfectly sippable for me. Excels in cuba libre too - but so do its younger counterparts 10y and 5y afterall. I am a sucker for this rum style, so here goes score 7.

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Posted 10 months ago by Mr. Rumantic from Germany with 102 ratings

Der Malteco 15 ist ein Melasse Rum. Angeblich handelt es sich um keinen Solera. Obwohl auf dem Label Panama steht finde ich überall die Informationen das der Rum aus Guatemala stammt. Das ist alles sehr verwirrend und macht schon keinen guten Eindruck. Der Rum wird bei 40% Trinkstärke abgefüllt und enthält Zuckerkulör als Farbstoff. Da ich mir eine 5cl Flasche habe kann ich nicht viel über das Flaschen Design sagen. Mit ca. 30Euro bewegt er sich im Einsteiger Segment.

Der Rum ist in der Nase karamellig und zeigt das er von der süßen Sorte ist. Der Geruch ist gefällig. Am Gaumen kommen die süßen karamelligen und auch vanilligen Aromen zur Geltung. Etwas tropische Frucht schwingt mit. Fass Noten sind kaum erkennbar. Der Alkohol wird beim Abgang merkbar. Etwas Kakao gesellt sich dazu bevor alles schnell vergeht und eine undefinierbaren Süße hinterlässt. Er schmeckt irgendwie dann doch gesüßt.

Der Malteco 15 ist kein schlechter Rum hat aber klare Grenzen, wenn man schon hochwertigere Rums kennt. Da gibt es für etwas mehr Geld schon spannendere Rums. Aber Preis Leistung stimmt hier voll und Leute die gerne Zacapa trinken sollten sich lieber zwei Flaschen hiervon kaufen. Für Einsteiger klar zu empfehlen. Da macht man nicht falsch.

The Malteco 15 is a molasses rum. Allegedly, it is not Solera. Although there is Panama on the label I find everywhere the information that the rum comes from Guatemala. This is all very confusing and makes no good impression. The rum is bottled at 40% drinking strength and contains sugar caramel as a dye. Since I have a 5cl bottle I can not say much about the bottle design. At around 30Euros, it is in the entry-level segment.

The rum has caramel flavors in the nose and shows that it is of the sweet variety. The smell is pleasing. On the palate, the sweet caramel and also vanilly aromas come to the fore. Some tropical fruit resonates. Barrel notes are hardly noticeable. You feel tje alcohol at the time of departure. A little cocoa is added before everything passes quickly and leaves an indefinable sweetness. It tastes somehow sweetened.

The Malteco 15 is not a bad rum but has clear limits if you already know higher quality rums. For a little more money, there are already more exciting rums. But price performance is right here and people who like to drink Zacapa should rather buy two bottles of this one. Clearly recommended for beginners. You can't go wrong here.


Posted 10 months ago by Havenbaron from Netherlands with 5 ratings

The rum aftertaste has quite a nice kick to it. Great over ice or in the mix with ginger beer.


Posted 11 months ago by Anders Ravn Jørgensen from Denmark with 155 ratings

Meget positivt overrasket over denne rom. 7,5 fra mig i vurdering. En flakse kan købes til små 300 kr., value for money here, er bestemt pengene værd.


Posted 1 year ago by Harrie from Netherlands with 86 ratings

Trying out the 10yo and 15yo Malteco in 50ml tasters I am surprised I like them despite the quite present added sugar. Not overly sweet but too much for a higher score in my book. Both have enough stamina to balance the sugar by the way.

The 15yo is rather similar to the 10yo but is a little richer in scent and taste. Vanilla and a peculiar mix of floral notes combined with rotten wood (in a good way) in the nose give it a rather unique scent. On the palate there is a slight bitter (chocolate/coffee) that helps really well to compensate for the added sugar. Finish is more present with the 15yo and of the two I think this is the better one, but the difference is too small to justify their difference in price.

The 10yo is a genuine sipper for around €20 around here (and a steal at that) while they charge €30 to €40 for the 15yo. And I don't think the 15yo can make up for that; I ended with a sip of the 10yo and that still stands upright!


Posted 1 year ago by JohnyBazooka from Czech Republic with 58 ratings

Vůně silná. Chuť velmi lehce nasládlý, čokoládový, pro mně málo výrazný.


Posted 1 year ago by RHUM FACTORY from France with 32 ratings

Ne vous y fiez pas, le rhum Malteco 15 ans - Reserva Maya – ne puise pas les origines de son histoire au Guatemala, mais en… Italie !
En effet, Marco Savio (italien, mais était-ce utile de le préciser), à l’origine également du rhum Malecon, a donc créé le rhum Malteco. Pour ce faire, il a dû relever quelques défis pour y parvenir. Initialement produit au Guatemala, sa production a dû être relocaliser au Panama suite à la reprise de la Licoreria Quetzalteca par le groupe Diageo qui souhaitait dédier la distillerie à la production de ses 2 marques phares (Zacapa et Botran). La production du Malteco a donc déménagé à la Caribbean Spirits Panama Distillery. Son objectif était alors de conserver l’esprit et le style propre au terroir d’origine de son rhum, objectif atteint, et c’est d’ailleurs pour cette raison que la bouteille porte la mention « Ron al estilo de Guatemala » (Rhum dans le style du Guatemala, la transparence visi à vis du consommateur est appréciée) .

L’originalité de ce rhum, réside avant tout dans le travail réalisé pour conserver le style « rhum du Guatemala ». De fait, la matière première utilisée pour réaliser ce dernier est le miel de canne riche sur le plan gustatif et aromatique. L’autre avantage de ce produit est sa capacité de conservation, offrant ainsi une plus grande souplesse pour organiser la distillation toute l’année. Après distillation il vieillit dans des anciens fûts de bourbon en chêne blanc américain, lui permettant de développer sa douceur est sa complexité aromatique.

Nez : gourmand et frais, on remarque des notes de miel et d’épices.

Bouche : belle attaque sucrée qui se dissipant font naître des arômes de vanille/cannelle, très gourmande.

Finale : la gourmandise est confirmée avec une jolie finale