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Medium brugal anejo reserva rum

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35 Brugal Añejo Reserva ratings

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Tried this one while on sale. Did not like as much as Bacardi 8.

Got this as a gift from my GF's brother. Not a great sipper but makes a good mixed drink with coke. The bottle is kind of cool too

Brugal Anejo Reserva is a pretty common rum at the all-inclusive resorts in the Dominican Republic.
It isn't so much that it is too harsh to be enjoyed neat, it just doesn't have the flavor or depth to be enjoyed that way.
If you get any more than 2 parts Coke to 1 part Anejo Reserva the Coke will pretty much hide the rum flavor as it is quite mild for a darker rum.
Overall, not bad for its intended use as a high volume spirit in the resorts.

Ostin Alicanten kentältä. Yleensä rommit on ihan juotavia mutta tämä on ihan kuraa. Maistuu homehtuneelle tynnyrille. Hyi hitto.

Quite smooth and sweet, but I like the fruit taste. 6/10

Not as smooth as I would like. Young taste and a bit sharp.

Helt okej rom kanske inte den man avnjuter hemma själv men helt ok.

Un compra que no refleja su gran valor.
Me sorprendió agradablemente encontrarme con un ron de esta clase.
Se disfruto desde el inicio hasta el final, un ron que no puede quedarse fuera de nuestro bar de amigos.

This rum is a step up from Captain Morgan's. Unfortunately, Captain Morgan's is what I use to unclog my shower drain. I might use this to strip the paint off the walls one day.

Like Brugal Añejo, this one has too much alcohol taste, too strong, not nice flavours. It's not sweet, but can't say it tastes good or even better enough than the normal añejo, so only 4 stars being generous.

Ron decente, fácil de tomar. Se siente el alcohol en principio, pero de ahí se adecua al paladar. Por costo y sabor, un buen ron pero para servir mezclado.

Nothing special at all but a smooth and tasty rum. Worth a taste.

for me this rum smells from an old moldy Barrel. not for me

Nice sweat rum and it often served in in clubs but from all the i have tried this always gives me a bit of an hangover the day after

this is a lovely addition to any cupboard of someone who has a dry palette, goes lovely with a mixer and is an amazing cocktail rum ... spent many nights in dominican republic drinking this

Rum dolce, poco persistente e con un finale deludente, appena sufficiente per bevute spensierate.

Bottle with screw cap a little unexciting
Amber colour
Pleasant but quite alcoholic nose
Sweetness 2/5
Nice aroma of gentle vanilla and dried fruit but short lasting with moderate burn.

Brugal is at the Cognac end of rum. This one nice enough as a quick sipper but next to Zacapa 23 there is a distinct lack of flavour.

Alcohol taste.. Not enjoyable to drink.. Quite basic..

I prefer rums which are not as dry as this one, but there is hardly an alcohol burn (it is even tasting somewhat watery). Main flavour is smoke and oak. Nothing special as a sipping rum.

Brugal Reserva Anejo 40% (Dominican Republic)

Eye: Lovely copper

Nose: At first sniff Brugal seem a little “hazy” but after just a few minutes the immature alcohol fog clears and reveals a shy composite smell of treacle, margarine, oak, brown sugar, caramel. It has that youngish ethanol feature I really don´t care for in a rum. Then a lot of blood orange squeeze, white pepper and vanilla. It´s not bad at all, just a little young, uncertain and unnecessarily held back. At the end the orange turns sweeter and the caramel and honey tones becomes more dominant, which in this on is a good thing. Enough with the smelling, let´s see what young Brugal has to offer on the palate.

Mouth: It´s a bit harsh I think but with excellent middle register which consists of a lovely mix of orange, honey, caramel and oak. Rather thin, I would say but it kind of works here as the sweetness is more “upbeat” than many other young rums I´ve tasted lately. And now it even smells better. Of course, it is still astringent and far too unsecure to play with the big boys (or the big girls for that matter – any girl really) but, apart from the electric alcohol fumes, it is pretty consistent. I like the “taste” but not the “feel” in Brugal. Light to medium bodied with a medium taste length but the alcohol is clinging to the palate and gums like a badger to a boot.

Reaction: I actually enjoyed this unruly hobbit of a rum. Mostly I admire the harmonious middle and I have to say I could drink this again if someone pays for it. The empty glass now has a peculiar scent of gooseberry together with mackerel and smoked salmon. A rum that produces that at this age has my respect and. I like it because it is weird.


Price: Ca 300 SEK
Tasted: 2016, in a Riedel Sommelier Cognac XO glass at room temperature.

If you want that hot, full rum taste in your mixed drinks, this is for you. I am more into the premium sipping rums myself, but as a mixing rum it holds up well.

This was the rum they served in our all-inclusive resort at the bar. Had two of those everyday for a week 😀. It grew on me and I came to like the high alcohol bite it has.

You don't want to sip this one. But mix it with some coke and you'll be all good.

Definitely not a rum you enjoy straight up, but it does mix well.