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Medium olo spiced rum

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Nice and light over ice. More vanilla than spice. Not aged since I prefer aged rums. Much better than most Black Spiced rums which are either too heavy or too spiced, or both.

Very unique rum, I have not tasted anything like it, if unthrow a splash of coke on it you will enjoy a bit of cotton candy. Great deal of under 15$.

I am not really into spiced rums overall with only a handful I keep onhand. This Brazilian rum is apparently made from cane juice rather than molasses (from what I have read online). It is a very pale yellow color (as opposed to the copper hue in the graphic above). If it is made from fresh cane juice it definitely doesn't taste like it. To me it tastes more like traditional rums. It lacks the grassy, funkiness found in agricole rums. I detect some vanilla and caramel flavors along with a noticeable pepperiness as well as an oak tannin finish. As far as it being a "spiced" rum there really isn't anything that jumps out in the flavors. To be honest, there are many spiced rums far superior to this. Not horrible but I cannot recommend it.