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Brugal 1888 rum

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236 Brugal 1888 ratings

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Posted over 4 years ago by Raymond rodriguez from United States with 1 rating

This rum should be best enjoyed neat or with a small ice.

Complex, with the right balance between dry and sweet.

Posted over 4 years ago by Nicholas Miller from United States with 75 ratings

It's literally Brugal Anejo.

I like brugal anejo so I tried this thinking it would be an upgraded version. No it literally is Brugal Anejo in a different bottle. What confuses me is how Brugal Anejo is 6/10 but this one sits around 8/10. I guess the higher price and "1888" number makes us think it's better quality.

Posted over 4 years ago by Miguel from Dominican Republic with 14 ratings

Brugal 1888 is an excellent rum, the double aging gives it a great flavor and significant characteristics.
It is one of my favorite rums.

Posted over 4 years ago by Kieron wood from United Kingdom with 379 ratings

I had a sample of this on the rocks which rocked my world wow decent rum..

Posted over 4 years ago by Shawn Lein from United States with 33 ratings

Good, solid smooth and slightly complex flavor. A treat without going overboard.

Posted over 4 years ago by Jimmyan from KR with 19 ratings

you would think the top tier product of any rum brand's portfolio would offer so much... but time and again i've reminded myself not to have any expectations of the liquid until after tasting it.

as packaging itself is very clean and premium, you would expect some quality anyhow.

it's not bad nor is it great. but it's good and won't easily disappoint yourself or your guests... but pricing can be a sensitive issue.

Posted over 4 years ago by IvoK from Czech Republic with 53 ratings

Nose: Vanilla, Caramel, very mild
Body: Pleasant and smooth with caramel tones, not so over-sweetened.
Tail: Balanced, mild, nicely,slowly developing
Bottle: under-average for a Rum of this age

I like this one, first Brugal which Ive had, but definitely an interesting one! I'm gonna have a bottle of this one

Posted over 4 years ago by AC from United States with 26 ratings

Did not enjoy the aftertaste at all. It has a rough barrel finish.

Posted over 4 years ago by Hank from United States with 16 ratings

This is definitely the best of the Brugal rums I have had but that said it doesn't hold up against the Zacapas or Centanario's. Not as creamy, no real legs, nowhere as smooth. It was also pricey so I won't be buying another.

Posted over 4 years ago by Jens Thomsen from Denmark with 97 ratings

Brugal 1888 er en rom uden den store eftersmag, sødmen er lige ved at gøre den tør. Ikke min favorit.

Posted over 4 years ago by Erock from United States with 11 ratings

Reminds me of a smooth whiskey. Not for mixing. Not sweet. Smooth sipper. Nice bottle and a pleasing addition to any collector's bar

Posted over 4 years ago by SlowRain from Taiwan, Republic Of China with 33 ratings

This is a nice, smooth sipping rum. It's not too sweet and almost complex enough to justify the price. I say "almost" because there is a little something flat in the finish. It's not as noticeable a hole as in their Extra Viejo, but it's still a letdown considering I can get RL Seale's 10-year for cheaper.

Posted over 4 years ago by Sebastian I from Sweden with 14 ratings

A nice sipper, finding it difficult to decide if i like it more than siglo de oro. A little dry, oak, spice, licorice and maybe even a little salty.

Posted almost 5 years ago by cK from Canada with 60 ratings

A very tasty rum to sip, especially for a Dominican rum.

Posted almost 5 years ago by Goutlar2013 from France with 24 ratings

un nez tres doux
Une entree en bouche tres delicate, du velours...
Aromes de fruits secs, agrumes, caramel....tres subtil melange, une belle reussite
Une longueur en bouche tres appreciable pr un rhum typé espagnol
A recommander vivement à tous ceux qui aiment les rhums doux, sucrés (mais pas ecoeurant) et complexe.

Posted almost 5 years ago by Peter from Hungary with 91 ratings

You can find far better Domincans.I recognized its origin at a blind tasting but i know like 5 other Domincans which give u more in this price-class. It simply lacks depth and the finish is watery

Posted almost 5 years ago by Troels from Denmark with 7 ratings

This rum is a very decent sipping rum and it also fares well in drinks.

It is not the sweetest of rums but it has a round and smooth finish.

I would recommend som finnish liquiroce to accompany the rum.

Posted about 5 years ago by Dustin R. Newton from United States with 33 ratings

Fairly hard to find. The flavors are weak, and could benefit from some sweetness. Mor oak than I like to have in a rum.

Posted about 5 years ago by DR Rum from Dominican Republic with 8 ratings

Great rum. A dry and less sweet dark rum that resembles a Scotch. It is also a bit dry. One of my favorites. I do find it a bit pricy but worth it. This one I only share with special guests.

Posted about 5 years ago by Niels Lairitzen from Denmark with 11 ratings

This 100 anniversary edition is good, and not as dry as most of their range.

Posted about 5 years ago by Guy from Canada with 11 ratings

Mon premier "vrai rum straight!
Un super goût complexe avec des touches de crème brulé, bananes et de noix, quand même assez sec mais délicieux!
Ne pas abuser peux être traitre après la première bouteille!!

Posted about 5 years ago by Gus from Mexico with 2 ratings

Few hints of.sweet, nice for neat or rocks, excellent when mixed with soda water

Posted about 5 years ago by Trina Amberger from New Zealand with 7 ratings

Chocolate, spice, fruity nose, Caramel, toffee, smoky oak on the palate....

Posted about 5 years ago by Matt from United States with 10 ratings

Love this Rum it is great 1st had it in the Dominican

Posted about 5 years ago by Luis from United States with 14 ratings

This one is really different and interesting. A short immediate flavor with a long leather Leather LEATHER taste. A very good one, not many other flavors involved, perhaps a lot of wood.... and seconds. An excellent alternative.