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A must have !
Complex, deep, sofisticated
Love it

A treat taste, color and after taste... excelent w/ one ice only

What is it good enough to want him to drink more? What better than others? The smell is not attractive. In the taste of alcohol is felt strongly. The finish is not memorized. Dry, rough, expensive.

Not usually a fan of Dominican rums, but this one was easy to drink.

Big fan. Great packaging with a metal enclosed cork top. Rich caramel color with a sharp intense nose. Taste is bitter sweet dark chocolate with a smokey peaty finish. Dry and intense flavor. Holds up well with ice.

Love this stuff. Deffinitely a very Unique rum. One of the smoothest rums I have ever placed upon my tongue. No sweetness, this rum is obviously just exactly what it is a pure and natural like it is supposed to be when it comes out of the barrel. No idea how old it is but i would guess that it's a minimum of 12 years old. Dried fruit on the nose, finish has a leathery fruity complexity. I enjoyed it Neat, on the rocks and just for a kick with a splash of coke. All were excellent! Buy a bottle. Speaking of bottle it is really nicely presented, and the cork has a metal cap which is a first for me. Classy stuff right there!!

Ein guter Rum zum akzeptablen Preis. Nicht zu süß, leicht würzig. Langer Abgang

When I first cracked this bottle, the nose instendly reminded me of Cask 16; you Crown lovers will know what I'm talking about. The taste is consistent with the Brugal line up; dry and mildly sweet.
The more I drink and sample rum, the more I develop a like for dry rums. In Addition to the dry there is just a mild spice that compliments the dry well. I would recommend to all who like the dry.

Shout out to bold boss for grabbing me this for me while in Quebec.
Cheers 👊

I'm not a fan of Brugal but this is something different. Its very smooth compared to their Anjeo which really packs a punch and is very dry. It get the Sherry cask aging but its not over done and balances out the dryness adding hints of fruit and sugar. It's a good rum and very much worth trying.

Okay in my opinion depending of what sort of taste you prefer, this could feel a little bit strong.

Brugal makes some hot rum across the line. This blend was a little too hot and dry for me to drink neat or on the rocks, but mixed, it is excellent rum. Maybe once I am one glass in on some smoother rum, I could drink this on the rocks, but not as my first drink.

Je désirais ce rhum pour ma collection depuis longtemps, et enfin je l'ai ! Le Brugal 1888 Gran Reserva Familiar provient de la république Dominicaine. Ce qui m'a frappé en ouvrant l'emballage de carton, ç'est la couleur de ce rhum, cuivre foncé, bronzé, il semble lumineux ! La bouteille à fond épais est digne de ce bon rhum, vieilli et élaboré en "double vieillissement", premièrement, de 6 à 8 ans en fût de Bourbon de chêne blanc, ensuite en fût de sherry espagnols. Le goût est complexe, on sent la cane à sucre, et on devine le parfum de sherry. Les épices évoquent beaucoup le sucre brun, et le tout est admirablement dosé et discret. Ç'est un excellent rhum, traditionnel et moderne à la fois, à cause du "double vieillissement". Le résultat est bien balancé, sec et délicatement sucré.

Agréable accent de caramel, de bois et de réglisse. Finale légèrement sucrée.


In my very limited experience this rum has by far the best aroma. I found myself having 4 sniffs to every sip.

Excellent rum. I usually pay little mind to the packaging of spirits, I am a single malt man after all, but it is worth noting that in this instance Brugal has matched the innards to the outards perfectly. The whole presentation and tasting experience is true luxury and the deco themed bottled simply fits.
First pour this is a dry smokey rum with strong notes of raw grassy cane. It works well with the oak. Second pour the sweetness comes through more and the oak starts to give off vanilla while the nose picks up hints of Rocky Road ice cream. I like this Rum very much. Pricey but worth it when your dressing up.

One of my favourite of the moment, especially considering the reasonable price. This is a subtle and compact rum. It doesn't wildly throw flavours all over the place, which i hate. It is very harmonious and not too sweet.

Duften minder mig lidt om Diplomatico'en.
Ok i smagen dog lidt kønsløs. Den kan sagtens drikkes, men ikke en jeg behøver at eje.

Good rum to take with perrier water or only with ice,

Balanced, its wonderful how it coats you tongue. It makes a bad day better and a good day even better.

It's literally Brugal Anejo.

I like brugal anejo so I tried this thinking it would be an upgraded version. No it literally is Brugal Anejo in a different bottle. What confuses me is how Brugal Anejo is 6/10 but this one sits around 8/10. I guess the higher price and "1888" number makes us think it's better quality.

Brugal 1888 is an excellent rum, the double aging gives it a great flavor and significant characteristics.
It is one of my favorite rums.

I had a sample of this on the rocks which rocked my world wow decent rum..

Good, solid smooth and slightly complex flavor. A treat without going overboard.

you would think the top tier product of any rum brand's portfolio would offer so much... but time and again i've reminded myself not to have any expectations of the liquid until after tasting it.

as packaging itself is very clean and premium, you would expect some quality anyhow.

it's not bad nor is it great. but it's good and won't easily disappoint yourself or your guests... but pricing can be a sensitive issue.