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I expected this to be a more spicy verison of Mount Gay XO. My expectations were off. Its sweet and fruity with oak coming true on the finish. The sweetness tastes natural and not syrupy as if it was added in after distillation. Very smooth finish and no funk that a lot of rums contain. Excellent!

Těžší RUM, né tak sladký. Připomíná mi DosMaderas 5x5. Taktéž dozrává v sudech po cherry Pedro Ximenéz.

I really enjoyed this. Aimed more toward the bourbon/scotch crowd which I also appreciate. If you are looking for the sweetness, probably not for you. A few drops of fresh lime takes this from a single drink to a speech slurring afternoon.

Brugal 1888 Gran Reserva Familiar
Origine : République Dominicaine
40 %
Nez : Vanille, caramel, cannelle
Bouche : Vanille, caramel, bois brûlé
Un goût trop simpliste pour un rhum ayant passé du temps en fût de bourbon et xérès. Les notes de xérès sont presque inexistantes. Pas mauvais mais décevant.

This is a quite tasty sipper at $40.00 for 750ml. I do notice the alcohol a bit more than I would like too since it is only bottled at 40%, but the flavors in this rum make up for it. A little spice, a little wood, some fruit, a touch of sweetness, and leather maybe? Nothing really stands out as dominating to my amateur senses. I'm a bit torn on what rating to give this one actually. I may upgrade my rating in the future as I spend more time with this lovely rum from Brugal.

Got the 1888 hoping it would be something like the Leyenda...sadly it is not complex enough to compete, very smooth but finishes so fast with very subtle, banana and tobacco notes. A bargain sipper for 40 bucks.

This is a very easy sipping rum for sure. However, the price puts it in a category with a lot of other brands that could be considered slightly better. There are also other brands lower in price like Ron Zacapa 23 or Diplomatico that are equally as good.

( double wood ) amerikai tölgyfahordóban és spanyol tölgyfahordóban érlelt rum. Gyönyörűszép ,lágy mahagón színe van..főleg a sherry és az alkohol a domináns, plussz kevés vanilia, kissé füstös és jó száraz...többet vártam tőle de a szép üveg némileg kárpótol !!


Went on a work trip with my hermanos from the Dominican. He is the one who introduced me to rum from the DR. We bought this planning on mixing it, and it ended up being somgod we sipped it straight!

Si bien los rones Brugal no me habían sorprendido, éste sí que lo hizo. Fácil de beber tiene un sabor exquisito. Gran ron dominicano.

This is some great stuff. It’s a whiskey drinkers rum. It has great aromas on the nose. At first sip I loved it . It’s dry but sweet and has long whiskey finish. Not much burn but keeps you warm. After trying several Dominican rums this is at the top of my list next to Leyenda. This rum is so good a must have in collection!


From the Brugal rums, the 1888 is by far the beat i’ve tried, good color, good flavor and nose, even though you can still taste a litle bit of that earthy flavor tipical of Brugal. In my opinion is good but not worth the $50 i paid for. You can something of better quality for that price.

I didn’t love this initially, but I didn’t hate it either. And then for the second round I had another. And then another. Long story short...this is a very easy drinker. Nothing that stands out about to me, but nothing offensive either. Drank this with a few ice cubes each time, and it was a nice compliment to the cigars down in Punta Cana.

Ok, nothing more nothing less. Nose: light chocolate, sugar and banana. Palate : smooth thin taste of chocolate and exotic fruits. Not to sweet though.

I don't know what it is about this rum, but I like it. I taste what I think is the lingering flavor of some kind of port barrel. As well as, smooth crisp fruits vanilla and toffee that dance perfectly together. I believe they are in the works of changing the packaging because the most recent shipment to our store has been relabeled and re-bottled into a shorter bottle with a black wax top. Haven't gotten the chance to open that one yet, but when I do I will let you know what I think.

I was surprised the sharp start even i roll it in a glass for 10 min at least, worming the glass in hand, but the end is nice,flavours of oak,fruits and vanilla. I like also its dry not sweet rum. I think i need time to figure out the optimal its breathing period before drinking it. Edited later after 3rd bottle. I grew fond of it more, its well rounded and it has rich flavour although still dry and smooth.

Un ron que no pasara desapercibido en tu vida... execente desde cualquier angulo

40% ABV. Playful nose. Wood, hint of caramel and vanilla. Palate: dry, with notes of oak, tobacco, earth, and vanilla. Moderately astringent. An impressive amount of flavor for such a low-proof rum, despite my inability to pick out flavors. Do I detect a blended rum? Finish is medium-long, but slightly bitter.

I'm very impressed with this one—especially after my recent disappointment with the Flor de Caña 12. This one is waaaay better. Reminds me in some ways of certain Foursquare offerings. Definitely recommended as a simple sipper, without (I suspect) additives or sweeteners, or a top-notch mixer.


Une note qui n'a pas arrêté de dégringoler au fur et à mesure des gorgées. Ça sent bon le cacao et le bois humide un matin de rosée, ça goute le rhum classique équilibré ni trop sucré ni trop alcoolisé mais ça laisse un gout... bwarf ! On ne retient que la fin de bouche pâteuse et desséchée. Un début prometteur, un milieu comme on l'attend mais une fin épouvantable : la version Tim Burton de la Planète des Singes.

This rum was tasted at our summer rum tastings. Each of us brought a guest of honor, so this was one of the guest of honors choice. Brugal has an elegant aroma of banana and vanilla. The complexity of this rum beginning at the smell all the way until after the silk liquid finishes on the tongue is out of this world. I have to say this rum is one of my favorites to simply drink night in and night out. Highly recommended.

The 1888 is in my top 5. It's has wonderful flavor and good balance. The finish is so enjoyable.

After resting for 10 mins ,the alcohol smell left a smokey and caramel nose that is as nice as the best. Sipping it revealed a wonderfully balanced rum that all enjoyed. I dare say that when some mixed with coke, it was called the best.

A solid option in the ~$50 range. Not too sweet, not too dry. A little oak, a little molasses, a little ripe banana. Finishes smooth. Hard to find any major faults, but lacking the outstanding merits of others in this range.

Has a great spicy aftertaste that lingers on the tongue like cinnamon but is not over powering. It's pretty smooth too and easy to drink. Not overly sweet, the sweetness feels natural and not like they dumped sugar in it after the fact. That's the why I like it. It's one of my favorites in it s price range along with Zafra, Monty Gay XO, and El Dorado 15yr. Not as sweet as those, but a bit more spice to it. Great change up sipper.