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Brugal 1888 rum

Brugal 1888

Dominican Republic | Aged

Brugal 1888 is 'double aged', first aged up to 8 years in American oak barrels followed by Spanish oak sherry casks for up to 6 years.

7.5/10 (249 ratings)
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249 Brugal 1888 ratings

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Posted about 6 years ago by KJ from United States with 24 ratings

First time I had Brugal Extra Dry, I vowed never to drink a Dominican rum every again in life. I was so disappointed until I had Brugal 1888. I was at Rumfest in Miami a few years ago, when I tried Brugal 1888 for the first time. I had it on the rocks and in a simple daiquiri. Surprisingly it was delicious. It still had those extra dry notes, but it is more complex then it's mediocre / Bacardi like little brother, that white Brugal liquor. I like it in a daiquiri, but it would also be good in a mixed drink, just don't over work it.

Now for the price, it costs about $50 in New York, that's about $5-10 more than Ron Zacapa. I'm not sure if that 10-20% difference makes sense but even in Dominican Republic it is expensive. Bite the bullet, buy 1888 as soon as possible, because every time I turn around, it's winning a rum award and pushing up the price a buck or two here and there.


Posted about 1 month ago by Ngordon87 from United States with 31 ratings

Had this during dinner, served neat. Nothing too great to write about, but nothing horrible. Not sweet. But not overly burning at the end. Good for the price, but nothing I would keep available at home.


Posted about 1 month ago by cogliatem from Italy with 7 ratings

personally to much taste from bourbon oaks
Good for wisky lovers
Mix between rum taste and wisky taste


Posted about 2 months ago by Bramski from Netherlands with 6 ratings

If you smell this rum, you instantly reconize that it is not a light one. Vanille and alcohol. The taste is really distinctive. Full body, dominates all of your tastebuds and gives you a nice smokey flavour. The afterburn is really present but not unpleasant, it will make sure you will not forget this rum. Nice kick in it, good rum if you are looking for something dryer and less sweet, without sacrificing good flavours.


Posted 9 months ago by Adrian Adame (PREMIUM) from Czech Republic with 276 ratings

Ve vůni příjemný, v chutí částečně sherry, sice není nasládlý typu Oliver, ale i tak zajímavý


Posted 10 months ago by Mujuru from United States with 51 ratings

You can order this at a good bar and sip on it. It does the job. It has a nice presentation of toffee and woody flavors. Unfortunately it is simply far too dry to be considered in the top echelons of rum sipping goodness. This this more like Tennessee whiskey labeled as rum. It’s by no means a bad choice, but there are better rums in the category for the price.

Nose: 7
Palate: 6
Aftertaste: 6
Smoothness: 5
Versatility: 7
Price: 6

Total: 6.1


Posted 10 months ago by gdtrfb from United States with 30 ratings

A bit pricier than other more complex rums or those with dimension. Good in general, but not great. Not a ton of dimension and a tad bit drier for an aged option, but works well neat or with a single cube of ice. Glad i tried it, but it is not on the go to list. ymmv


Posted over 4 years ago by Sam W from United States with 6 ratings

Very mature and classy rum. Hints of banana with leather greet you and iced it smoothly goes down with no burn. Very happy to have discovered this rum.


Posted over 4 years ago by Martin Kennedy from Australia with 201 ratings

Nice dark colour , very astringent nose , smells like Airfix glue ? Still quite strong after 10 minutes in the glass. Fortunately its better than it smells , dry with a bit of a bite , can definitely taste caramel. A very smooth finish with very little burn. Quite a nice sipper but very good with cola , it seems to help bring more flavours out.


Posted over 4 years ago by Tommy from United States with 12 ratings

Some will be put off by the oak - it is prominent - or lack of 'smoothness' (aka 'distiller adds large quantities of sugars'), but this moderately priced rum borders on excellence. I suspect it is unadulterated; good. Quite distinctive with leather, tobacco and dark tea notes (pu erh-ish), some dark fruit encroaches just slightly with very dark chocolate tones...very satisfying. Considering how easily one can misspend money on 'premium' rums, this is accurately priced. A real switch-hitter from other standbys in the cabinet when you get bored. Reminds me of Appleton 12, and (less so) of Barbancourt 15.

As a scotch whisky fiend, I recommend to similarly addicted drinkers.