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With a limited selection of rums where I live it is nice to see this stuff pop up for sale at the government liquor store. It goes for $33 USD. Easily the best rum in the price category for me personally.

Brugal is a Dominican brand with a rich history. Their master distillers know what they are doing! the cheap rums from them are unfortunately quite woody, but the 1888 is very rich and sweet from the sherry casks! I suspect added sugars as well though.. None the less I have an older edition bottle saved in my cellar for my senior years.

nose is soft and sweet, vanilla citrus and ocean spray. maybe bit of maple and plum?
nice light caramel coloration, and the nose matures in a cognac glass nicely.

flavor is sweet cherry and plums with spices, citrus and caramel.. very pleasant.

A nice sweet option from the Dom. Rep.

Reasonable price, good sipper. Tried it in New York

Jasný rukopis, musím uznat, že verze 1888 je mnohem lepší než anjeo, ale stále je to Brugal. Už to není lak na rakve, je víc zakulacený, ale lihovost je tam stále. Dávám 7+ protože vůně je na 9 bodů.

I wasn't sure what to expect after opening the bottle and taking a sniff. It was unlike most rums that I've had. I could sense it's dryness and oak aromas and was curious as to how they would come across. Once poured and sampled. I tried this 3 different ways. Neat, chilled with a touch of water, old fashioned. I liked all three ways. The rum by itself is not overwhelming or harsh in any way. The oak cuts the sweetness without leaving it too dry. The mouthfeel reminds me of what roasting a marshmallow over an open flame smells like, except in liquid form. Very engaging, very impressed!

Having rated Brugal Anejo as the only rum worthy of a 1 star rating, I was curious about this one after reading so many rave reviews. Being that I do not like my rums aged in sherry or port or Madeira casks, I figured that I would not like this one. So I went to a well stocked rum bar today and ordered 5 pours of a half ounce each. This one is light years better than that awful Brugal Anejo, but the smooth taste going down is almost ruined by the sherry after taste. It is not quite enough to be annoying, but it is just not to my liking. I did finish my entire pour on this one, but it landed in the exact middle of the five rums that I tried. I won't be wasting money on an entire bottle of this one, but if you like sherry finish on your rums, then by all means go for it.

Extremely smooth, a bit more oaky than many of its compatriots. Was able to get 2 bottles for under $30/each (Canadian) before the LCBO went dry. At that price it was a ridiculous bargain and if/when it comes back it’ll likely cost $50 or more. And it would be worth it! One of the best sippers I’ve had the good fortune to try...

The DR did right by this rum. Extremely smooth with exceptional flavors. Not overly sweet, but just enough. Great for a night with friends.

J'ai acheté ce rhum au duty-free lors d'une déplacement, je ne connaissais pas et je n'avais pas internet pour avoir un avis dessus. Pas du tout déçu, j'aime les rhum pas sucré et celui-ci ne l'est pas.

Smell is ok.
Taste is ok.
Aftertaste is ok.

Bought for me but my wife from Spain...glad she did. Easy drinking and smooth on the palate...bottle finished:(

Only a bit sharp at the beginning, but smooths out. Notes of vanilla and cinnamon.

Has flavors of caramelized sugar, toffee, and sticky dried fruits. Good for whiskey drinkers

Circumstances play a lot, just left my barber , great place, nice haircut and beardsculpture .quite some nice rums (and other spirits too). Tasted the Brutal 1888. Not bad, not bad at all, u set the circumstances but won't run to the liquor shop to buy me a bottle. No distinct taste or nose. Just ok...

Jedna z klasik. Za ty penize super piti. Trochu ostrejsi. Nic pro cubky

Pleasant enough with dried leafy, raisiny flavors with a hint of caramel.
A mild spice on the tongue and a sight burn in the nose it makes a fair sipper.

8 με 9 ..... Ωραίο ρούμι !!!!! Τόσο γλυκό όσο πρέπει με μακρυά επίγευση καραμέλας χωρίς όμως να είναι πολύ γλυκό όσο άλλα ρούμια. ( θετικό) και ωραία μύτη. Σίγουρα πάνω από 8 ........ Άπλα ίσως να έχω επηρεαστεί από την πολύ ωραία χτεσινή παρέα που μπορεί να απογειώσει τις αισθήσεις αλλά και οποιοδήποτε ποτό πίνεις. !!!!!! Επιφυλάσσομαι για διόρθωση της βαθμολογίας (προς το καλλίτερο) !!!!!!!!!!

Nice sipper over ice. A slight burn without ice but totally smooth with ice no need to ruin it with a mixer. It's a nice dominican blend aged for 8 years in ex bourbon in brick house and a second aging in ex-sherry casks for 6 years in brick houses. Nice fruity and slightly sweetened, can taste the flavours from both barrels coming through a slight smoky smoothness from the bourbon and a fruity raisin caramel finish. Wonderful

Didnt know what to expect on tbis one, picked it up on a whim.

Overall it is pretty light in nose and body, only reason I gave it a 7 and not an 8. That being said, i like the profile of it. Starts off sweet, definitely molases amd sugar on the front end. But the sweetness melts away fast into some bananna and a hint of oak, which really makes this a good one to enjoy neat IMO. Nothing stands out, nothing is overpowering, no bitter finish. Will likely be a regular for me.

Too much alcohol in aroma. Good taste with sweet tones but short aftertaste.

Some Oak and banana for sure, without overpowering sweetness. Priced appropriate.

This is part of a rum Advent calendar from my son. Small but adequate tasting amount.

Terrific nose. Fresh, not alcoholic, lots of floral notes.

Beautiful balance, all flavor and a finish that slides right off the tongue. Not hugely complex, no huge spice, but REALLY nice sipping. I disagree on the "no sweetness" comments I've read. There isn't much, but...just enough. I origionally put this at 8, but am going for 9 (realy wanting 8.5). This is a great rum!

I finally came around and bought a bottle of this when I saw it for a good price in the classic blue box/bottle combo which has now been discontinued. Its definitively Dominican rum with the same grassy/tropical dew backbone as rums like Kirk&Sweeney or Ron Matusalem. With that said I really disliked K&S 12 and really liked Matusalem 18 so Im only referring to a familiarity and not the whole taste. To compare, Brugal takes that grassy flavor and balances it out as not to be bitter or cloying the way it is in all the K&S rums IMO while being less sweet with a similar smoothness to Matusalem. 1888 has some delicate bourbon, vanilla, brown suagar, and sherry flavors with a tiny bit of spice at the end. Its very easy drinking and more dry than sweet. Dont expect this to blow you away but it is a nice "sipper",which remember, doesnt always mean sweet! Update: 2nd bottle and it's the new one with the black wax over the cork. I like it even better this time around but that doesn't mean that the rum has changed, more likely my palate has changed. I am more used to the Domincan "tropical breeze" backbone of this rum and can therefore appreciate the flavors from the aging more. Creamy and one of the smoothest ever.

It's like alcoholic caramel! With random notes of wafer, orange rind and sugar popping up. It's balanced, it's well made blah blah blah. Key take away: this rum makes for some delicious easy drinking!

Rum is dry with cherry like finish and mild sweetness.
Longlasting finish.
Fine rum but it does not make big impression enough to be remembered and recommanded.