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Brugal 1888 rum

Brugal 1888

Dominican Republic | Aged

Brugal 1888 is 'double aged', first aged up to 8 years in American oak barrels followed by Spanish oak sherry casks for up to 6 years.

7.5/10 (236 ratings)
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236 Brugal 1888 ratings

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Posted about 1 month ago by Flurk from Belgium with 8 ratings

Firts it’s a chock, you get a strong alcohol dry taste. Then you begin to taste the wood and for 5 to 10 minutes u still enjoy the soft taste. If it wasn’t for the strong alcohol taste in the beginning it would be a 9 for me. Definitely a good longaftertasty rum!

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Posted about 2 months ago by Rogo-zin from United States with 15 ratings

This is the first rum I bought as a sipper. I have since learned to stay away from bourbon cask rums, but this one wasn’t too bad. It was smooth and wasn’t overwhelming with the whiskey like quality that some rums can get from bourbon barrels.

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Posted 2 months ago by Hotvw1 from Canada with 37 ratings

I had the liquor store here bring it in. It’s very tasty but again I mix it. It’s good but has that twang that I don’t like but mixed with coke it’s amazing.

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Posted 2 months ago by locorican68 from United States with 24 ratings

Wow, this is a smack on your lips. The nose is strong, full of spices, chocolate and wood. Although this is 40 ABV, it feels warmer than that. The palate is more dark tones, wood, spices, burn sugar (maybe) and the finish is long. Even after 15 seconds, my tongue continues to spark like fireworks, dry. If you like bourbon, this could be a good try, as this rum seems to have a strong influence from the ex-bourbon casks.

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Posted 2 months ago by jemjem9999 (PREMIUM) from United States with 26 ratings

This is a nice Rum, but I expected more. Its not sweet enough and a bit too dry for my taste. Its more like a whisky than a rum. Interesting enough the barrels used for this particular rum then go one to be used on The Mcallan 17, Brugal is known for a particular taste and style, but for this price I would have expected much more. Can be enjoyed Neat.

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Posted 3 months ago by Fco_ignacio from Mexico with 7 ratings

Excelente ron, gran calidad, no es un ron dulce como Zacapa o zaya, en Boca el doble añejamiento es notorio, se detectan sabores amaderados, a melasa, frutos como duraznos, nectarinas, nispero. Es muy suave, el golpe alcohólico es muy agradable y fácil de beber. Pará tomarse derecho, en las Rocas o con unas gotas de agua.

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Posted 3 months ago by mamajuana from United States with 148 ratings

This review is for the 2011 bottling batch 1. I must say this is an amazing rum. Granted I love brugal and Dominican rums in general. This rum is so smooth its like drinking water, the only very minor detectible alcohol is on its exit. It have a very good overall mouth feel and a good oaky spice and sweetness on its long finish. There is a strong earthy mineral characteristic to this rum. I must say this is a very strong rum. It also is the only rum I can recall that has such a heavy solid metal stopper at the top of the bottle. Beware though the cork on mine broke in half when opening this bottle so tip it for a bit if you have a dusty one laying around.

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Posted 5 months ago by Britain22 from United States with 10 ratings

I really like this rum. We toured the factory in the Dominican a while back and was impressed with what we saw. The taste was great, the after taste was as good or better than most any rum we have had,. When I can find this rum, I always pick up a bottle or two

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Posted 5 months ago by Mo McGurk from United States with 175 ratings

Wonderfully oaky flavor. A bit of a bite straight, but still pleasant. Very fine mixed, but no need to waste it in that fashion.

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Posted 6 months ago by Ed O'Herlihy from Canada with 7 ratings

I would like this more except that I am more into smoother and sweeter rums which is not everyone's preference. If you want a good sipper on the dryer side, you will have it higher up than I do.