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16 Santa Teresa Gran Reserva Linaje ratings

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Smooth sweet first nose then more mineral. Strong in mouth, burnt caramel. After taste not too good.

Rum Santa Teresa is smooth, it can just be drunk by itself, never an after taste or a headache

Vanilla burnt caramel abvish sweet nose. Abvish stat into sharp strong abvish body but nice vanilla and strong burnt caramel. Longer sweeter vanilla end. Missing balanced part here


Muy caro por lo ofrecido. Es un ron decente pero aburrido en todos los sentidos. Funciona bastante bien con cola.


Santa Teresa Gran Reserva Linaje is a decent rum, but far away from the much better and similarly priced 1796 which is smoother on taste and burn. Gran Reserva Linaje makes a pretty good rum-and-coke for you.

Excelente opción para mezclar con refresco!! Bastante dulce.


This is a good quality rum but not as good as the 1796. For price this is amazing and lovely flavours it just doesn't stand up to other rums in the same price bracket ...

Sólo, en las rocas o para preparar un buen cocktail a invitados especiales y deleitar un Ron de alta calidad.

The taste is better that average rums like Baccardi, Captain Morgan etc. But not so smooth and complex as high level of rums like Zacapa or Diplomatico. You will get something like low level Zacapa and this not bad for that price...

Still a very good rum to mix with coca-cola although the 1796 is a little smoother

Bought a bottle cheap from a traveler from Venezuela who was hawking them on the street. Had not seen it before (The representative here has all Santa Teresa rums, except this) and thought it was just another cheap mixer. Was I wrong! Very nice sipper, not a Zacapa 23 or a Diplomático, but still... I went out and got five more at the same dirt cheap price. Am I happy?

Exuberant Sweeter nose than the 1796 label. Honey and dried fruit aromas (Pineapple). Some alcohol scents.

Powerful attack, burnt caramel. Very long round caramel and buttery finish. Warm alcohol feeling


not that bad, believe i'm enjoying this 1.. just straight up.. how it supose to be..

reminds me a lot of Medellin 12 but not as smooth. It also has that roasted nut flavour and smell, but the alcohol taste is more intense. Balanced (not sweet or dry) but not so smooth as expected. For the same price here as Medellin 12 and as being so similar I'd recommend the Medellin before this one, but this one is very good too.

coming from a island nearby venezuela we get these rums sometimes i find it really well for the price we pay

Un sabor unico