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Medium brinley gold vanilla rum

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Had a rum tasting on a sunny afternoon, because why not. Brinley Gold Vanilla Rum bottle and label design looks very cheap and low end. Strong alcohol and very offputting artificial vanilla coming through to the nose and palate. Quite a harsh burn at the end, so better to mix it up with your favorite soda.

I really enjoy this product! I tend to like sweet selections and mixers. I am a big fan of vanilla also.This is a flavored rum that is plenty sweet but is 72 proof, to also have some punch with it. I enjoy shaking with ice and enjoying a refreshing shot for a great taste of vanilla. I feel it would also be very good on the rocks. Could be tasty mixed with coke for a blast of vanilla. I think Brinley Gold make some excellent products and look forward to trying them all. This will always be stocked in my cabinet.

I paired this with a vanilla Meukow Cognac, real sugar vanilla Pepsi and was amazed. The vanilla flavors of all three seemed to work in harmony. While not a classic spiced rum and coke, this rum and coke seemed much more refined and had a vanilla component that I have not seen in any other rums. Good choice, however it loses much of its body in a regular coke.

Can substitute this for vanilla extract in recipes. I like to mix with some aged rums to balance out their edge although some of you would consider this practice sacriligeous.

I honestly didn't expect to like this much, as I generally don't care for flavored rums. But this has a really nice thick creamy texture that appeals to me.

I wouldn't call this a rum though. It's really more of a vanilla liqueur (the Zaya Vanilla is much more of a rum). But since it's on this website and I tried it, I'll go ahead and score it.

Has just a light vanilla smell, but the sugary vanilla taste is much stronger than the smell. Not much else to describe this.

Only 36%abv, this can EASILY be drank straight without mixing. I like it!

Favorite goto vanilla rum. Mixes well with everything, very versatile. Again, best vanilla rum in the price range!

At 36% ABV (72 proof) this rum is slightly less potent than typical 80 proof rum. The aroma in the bottle is almost nonexistent...slightly "plastic". Surprising because upon sipping the vanilla-ness about it hit me upside the head like a high school aluminum baseball bat. It is as if someone bottled vanilla extract and slapped a rum label on it. If vanilla ain't yer thing then you should steer clear of this. I really don't know how this would do in mixed drinks nor in Coke Zero but I am afraid the vanilla flavor would be a detriment if added to Coke Zero. I will have to edit my review once I try it. Who knows? It might surprise me.

bought a bottle while on vacation and tried it both mixed and on the rocks. Very sweet when mixed with cola, but still very tasty. Preferred drink in on the rocks, where the water dilutes the rum slowly and brings out a little something in the flavour! Wish I could find this in Canada.

Sugar: 95+ gpl. This is far too sweet to be used in a mixed drink unless someone comes up with a recipe for a drink that they might call "Vanilla Thunder". It's smooth enough but it's almost a syrup. As another rum rater commented, if you are out of vanilla extract you could substitute this. Sugar crystals formed on the outside of this bottle from some spillage....that's how sweet this is.

You can't go wrong with anything from this brand. Possibly more coffee taste in this rum than in their coffee rum.

You thought you were buying a rum with vanilla in it, right? There's more vanilla here than I can possibly handle, so I wonder if it's actually vanilla with rum in it!

I can see this only as a mixer, and in a heavily-flavored cocktail that needs a hearty shot of vanilla. On the other hand, I know I can substitute this for pure vanilla extract when baking.

the title says it all. this is wonderful sipped on the rocks, very warming and smooth. some might say sweet but this is a flavored rum, and it has MORE flavor than most flavored rums. I notice some serious overtones of coffee and maybe butterscotch. my wife discovered mixing it in a good root beer(!) and it became a standard in our cabinet. very versatile in fabricating cocktails that need some vanilla rum kick. classy and easy to drink. forget those stupid flavored "vodkas" - this is the real deal.

I love how the thick vanilla rum mixes with cola. It looks like some of the PA stores have replaced the Shipwreck Spiced with this one. I want both of them back on the shelves!