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Medium brugal xv rum

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74 Brugal XV ratings

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That's exactly what this rum reminds me of. In fact, the resemblance is uncanny. Blindfolded, I couldn't tell you which was which. It's just fair, as rum goes. Not too challenging, not very complex, a little too sweet. There are many better rums out there.

I really was surprised, not much alcohol taste, mild, imple but good, maybe a bit boring. You can´t go wrong with it but you want have any wow with it neighter

The XV was a nice surprise to me. Brugal have tried to make a more smooth tasting rum, compared to their normal dry notes, and have done a nice job with this.

I let the label and the name convince me that I was having a bargain. Hey, I thought. A 15 year old rum for that price? The screw-top should have been a warning. Barely any aroma, nice soft sweetish taste, very light after-burn. Not that I didn't like it, but definitely not a sipping rum. Nice with some ice and a splash of soda, though.

Only tried it with coke. Nice, but not exceptional.

Middenmoot, een 6,5 zou beter zijn maar het is geen heel indrukwekkende rum. Wellicht goed voor in de mix.

Good price foto a 15year rum... Not an exceptional good taste, but really not a bad one.

Among the others dominican rums Brugal is good. This XV is pretty dry and mild. It have sherry cask notes that makes it more interesting to drink neat. The good price for 25$ can made it one of my on-duty rum!

Un rhum rond et avec de grande note de carame, pour les amateurs de melasse

A fairly bland and unremarkable rum. I would not say that it was a bad rum, but then again compared to most 15 year old rums, I'd probably use that very word. It's kind of off-dry...just a hint of sweetness, but there is very little flavour compared to the best sipping rums.

With XV Brugal has definitely improved their rum offering.
With a bit of tipping you can usually get XV in place of the lesser offerings at the all-inclusives in the Domincan Republic.
It is definitely smoother and quite easy to drink, however it does not have the well developed flavors of the better sipping rums.

It's a very good everyday rum. It has a very noticeable alcohol taste.

Nice amber color, with notes of green apples and berries. A great ftom for the price.

depends on condition you have) sometimes it is like legenda without sugar) good sipper with has obvious alcohol presence, firm middle class

Nice nose, pineapple, artificial cocos like cocos-flavored soap.
Taste a little bit boring and weak, what a pity. Some brown sugar. Soft alcohol, means easy to drink but no masterpiece. Here "tasty but not quite great" fits for me. No finish.

I recently went to the Dominican and wanted to bring some rum home with me. This was one of the ones I chose and was very happy. Great sipper.

Got this as a gift from real Dominicans! Mild, sweet but not that intricate in terms of flavor. Good as a weekday sipper on ice, or in your favorite cocktail

It's my favorite rum!
Fantastic rum and price.
You can mix it or drink it neat, eighterway its great.

No esta malo, tampoco es nada extraordinario pero se deja tomar, creo q seria un exelente ron para preparar tragos o tomarlo con un poquito de limon y hielo 😉

Having tried Brugal 1888 (which I really enjoy) and Brugal Anejo (not so much) in the past, I thought I would further explore the Brugal line of rums with the purchase of Brugal XV ($38.50 CAD in my area). Based on the ratings on this site I did not have and great expectations but was really pleased with this rum. First of all it is very dry (which I like) and also light. I expected this rum to be used as a mixer but I am very comfortable with using it as a sipper. On the nose, there is a slight smell of caramel that is present but the taste is surprisingly very enjoyable with a long lasting pleasant slight burn. Overall I was pleased with this rum and will keep definitely keep a supply on hand. Well done Brugal.


I picked this up last week in duty free in P. Plata airport. $15 / £11:50.
Smoother than I expected at the price. Perfectly drinkable either neat or over a ice cube.
Not tried it with coke yet, but I imagine it will be spot on.
If you are at a airport with a few dollars to get rid of, it’s well worth a try.

Now tried with coke, fine.
Even better with ginger ale, asvin Dark and Stormy, even though itd not s dark rum.

Spot on.
Enjoy, graham.

Rum jsem popíjel denně na me dovolené v Dominikánské republice a musím ho hodnotit kladne. Vyvážená chuť, zraje 3 roky v sudech po whiskey, pak 5 let po sherry, což z nej děla jemnější rum. Dobrý poměr cena/výkon. Hlavně tedy v DR, kde láhev 1,75 litru stojí asi 25 usd :)


Its à ok rum but not for another Bottle.
A lot better rums out there

I use the Anejo of Brugal as a mixer, which is great gor that. I bought XV as a sipper but the harsh alcohol taste makes it instantly a rum just for mixing and the Anejo , allthough cheaper is still better for mixing also

De la familia de los Brugal es el segundo mejor después del 1888 que he probado. No lo volvería a comprar pero si me lo invitan...