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Bocador Gold rum

Bocador Gold

United States | Gold

4.3/10 (3 ratings)
Flawed with a glimmer of hope


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3 Bocador Gold ratings

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Posted over 4 years ago by Martina from United States with 1 rating

This was one of the strongest and most potent liquors I have ever experienced in my life. I can handle 190 proof everclear and the strongest moonshine, but this was complete gasoline. It was like fire and burning chemicals going down. I will ever drink this ever again, it made me want to die.


Posted over 6 years ago by mamajuana from United States with 148 ratings

The swill of gutter bums, middle ages prostitutes, ghetto ass gangsters, immigrants who can't read and are on welfare. This is the worst rum I've ever seen. The company who puts this swill out is not even to be found. The bottle had dandruff looking specs floating thru the bottle. That is when I know this was a serious mistake for 10.00 from a ghetto liquor store in the deep hood. I took one shot and placed the bottle in the chemical pile for killing bugs outside. This was straight swill reserved for the destitute alcoholics of the rust belt in the US. Avoid at all costs it may kill.


Posted almost 5 years ago by Love Bocador from United States with 2 ratings

This other review must of had a tainted bottle. Never had a bad bottle. Have drank Bocador for over thirty years, and enjoyed every drop. Was disappointed when they stopped distributing it in the north east. But two years later, its back. Couldn't be happier. I go through two gallons a month, and I'm still alive. I'm 55 and in good health. No liver problems, normal blood pressure. If anything it's good for you!