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29 Captain Morgan Limited Edition ratings

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Definitely a rare hit for Captain. Incredibly high quality rum and easily sipped or mixed.

I like this way better then normal captain but it is no match for others in my cabinet.

This was some of the finest spirits, I've ever had so smooth that it left you refreshed with no bite at all 100% this was a 10.

This is the best rum from captain Morgan. Great sweet smooth taste. Enjoyable on the rocks or with soda.

It's a good rum to drink with coke, taste a bit like cherries. Wonderful mixer

Typically I would not put Captain Morgan’s in the sipping neat category. Although this stuff has not been on the shelf for years and is almost impossible to find today it still deserves mention. I was fortunate enough to buy a case before it disappeared and still have a couple bottles. For the price it is an excellent rum. Sipped neat it is smooth and full of flavor, just a bit too sweet for some. Too bad it’s gone.

Not the best you can get. Lots of hype from Captain Morgan about some of their rums. They are good and consistent and easy to find, but there are better out there.

One of my go to's regulars. I love it mixed with Dr.Pepper

It's the most suave iteration of the Captain that you'll ever meet .
Sails smooth by itself or with a dash of soda as well .
More Morgan . Less Bite .

Captain Morgan limited sherry oak is the best line of captain I've had.

Wonderful aroma, mixes well, makes a great Cable Car

I remember liking this when had some a few years back

If you turn your nose up at this because you don't like spiced rum, you have my utmost thanks. Found this delightful rum for a mere $12 on closeout and gave it a try. That was 3 bottles ago. Far too good for college students and way too much smoothness and flavor for snobs to understand.

Pleasantly surprised, for as cheap as it is, and with the captain Morgan name, this was very good

I genuinely enjoyed this rum. The sherry really did something to this. It has a great fruity aroma and rounded out with a smooth and mellow vanilla like smell. This transitions into flavor. It does get a bit sweet and well, the novelty wears off. It's for sipping, and in small quantities. It was definitely surprising, but it can get old.

Based upon my experiences with various Captain Morgan products the bar was set rather low. Expectations were not very high.

I must admit... wasn't awful.

It's wasn't great either.

It did manage to go above the bar I set.


At 35% ABV (70 proof) it is less potent than typical rums. It has a sweet aroma and a nice amber hue. The flavor is indeed sweet with obvious cherry flavor. I do detect a little oak undertones but question as to where it was indeed finished in oak casks or barrels. All it says on the bottle is "sherry oak finish" but doesn't specify as to how. Was in in casks or barrels or were sherry oak chips added to the rum? CM's website was no help in trying to determine that. Some internet research revealed others making this same question. This lack of transparency and semantics raises some questions.

This is a sweet rum. Even the finish is sweet. Too sweet for me but compared to other CM rums it's not so bad. I wouldn't recommend this as a sipping rum. It's definitely a mixing rum and would benefit being used in drinks calling for grenadine. However with all that said, there are many better spiced rums out there for the $20 USD price.

This may be a "limited edition" but really nor worth seeking out. At least it's not cloyingly sweet and it doesn't suck with a capital SUCK.

Every liquor store in SW Fla. has this on sale for as little as $10.00/ 750ml- so for value it is fantastic. It is very sweet with lots of cherry and vanilla- I mix with Coke and it is my nightly "beer thirty" drink!

Too cherry for me, after taste made me wince. I see it got really good reviews from mostly everyone, so it must just not agree with my taste buds. I tried it straight, with Coke, and with Sprite. Guess I'll try cooking with it.

I was able to try what my cousin had left and I loved it. Brought three flasks to the beach and had an amazing time. I think the atmosphere brought out the sweetness. Smooth is better good job captain Morgan.

This is a great cooking Morgan, really nice to be used on a T-Bone Steak sauce.

Also as a drink straight up it's good.


Got a bottle as it was the last in the store. Was surprised at the additional flavoring, the Sherry cask added a whole new level. One of the best Morgans I have had.

I like the Captain Morgan LE sherry cask. It is smooth and has some nice notes of caramel, vanilla, spice and a great sherry finish. I prefer this slightly over the 1671, but it is a close race.

Another Captain Morgan that I don't actually mind. Most of the time I like rum with a splash of coke. This also is good with Dr. Pepper and on the rocks if I wanted. Worth a try, especially if you can find it for $10 like I did.

... if you could actually taste the sherry.

Despite that, it is a good rum. I enjoy it, even for sipping... but on the rocks.