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110 UNHIQ XO ratings

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Posted 2 days ago by fg67 from France with 26 ratings

Surement le meilleur rhum que j'ai bu a ce jour. Un peu cher mais il en vaut vraiment le coup!!


Posted 22 days ago by Terzi from Italy with 20 ratings

Top! Das ist einer der besten Rums die ich bisher hatte. Einfach gut zu trinken.

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Posted 2 months ago by Mr. Rumantic from Germany with 92 ratings

Unhiq XO Malt Rum is a Solera rum from the Dominican Republic whose oldest distillates are said to be between 25-30 years old. It comes from Oliver and Oliver. The rum is stored in bourbon and sherry barrels and is bottled with 42% drinking strength. Sugar caramel is added for the color. I think the rum is also sugared. The rum comes in a 0.5l bottle which is delivered with a wooden pedestal. The key data written by hand is a highlight.

The rum is not as strong in the nose as expected. Sweet caramel and fruity notes are in the foreground. Vanilla is also included. The nose is appealing without becoming intrusive. This rum wants to be drunk. On the palate, the rum is full-bodiedly sweet. It hardly burns. Caramel and vanilla and also oak are perceptible. Heavy caramelized fruit. Slightly woody. But above all, the sweetness remains. There is more to discover, but for me the sweetness covers a lot and distracts, because it invites you to consume it fast. The finish is slightly more spicy with bitter substances. Not as long as expected and for me nothing exciting comes in the after taste.

I have to admit that I was a bit disappointed. I have drunk the Zafra 21 to get warm that evening, which suits me much more in comparison. The Unhiq XO is good. It tastes delicious but I can't ignore the whole package. 1. It is certainly sugared. I guess 20-30g/l. 2. The presentation is half ready. Wooden pedestal but plastic cover!? 3. The 0.5l for 80-100 Euros are far too expensive. Others are just as good for less money (Malecon 25 or 20 Rare Proof). Here the price/performance ratio is not correct. I'll try other rums from Oliver and Oliver but for the Unhiq XO I wouldn't spend my money even if it tastes good... but not good enough. Simply said...: overpriced.

Der Unhiq XO Malt Rum ist ein Solera Rum aus der Dominikanischen Republik dessen ältestes Destillate zwischen 25-30 Jahre alt sein soll. Es kommt aus dem Hause Oliver und Oliver. Der Rum lagert in Bourbon und Sherry Fässern und wird mit 42% Trinkstärke abgefüllt. Es wird Zuckerkulör für die Farbe hinzugefügt. Ich glaube der Rum ist auch gezuckert. Der Rum kommt in einer 0,5l Flasche welche mit Holz Podest ausgeliefert wird. Wirkt alles ein wenig gewollt und nicht gekonnt. Die von Hand notierten Eckdaten wie Flaschennummer ist ein Highlight.

Der Rum ist in der Nase nicht so kräftig wie erwartet. Süße karamellige und fruchtige Noten sind im Vordergrund. Vanille ist auch dabei. Die Nase ist ansprechend ohne aufdringlich zu werden. Der Rum will dann aber lieber getrunken werden. Am Gaumen ist der Rum vollmundig süß. Er brennt kaum. Karamel und Vanille und auch Eiche sind wahrnehmbar. Schweres karamellisiertes Obst. Leicht Holzig bleibt vor allem die Süße bestehen. Da ist durchaus mehr zu entdecken, aber für mich überdeckt die Süße viel und lenkt ab, da er dadurch süffig wirkt und eher zum schnellen Konsumieren einläd. Der Abgang ist etwas würziger mit Bitterstoffen. Nicht so lang wie erwartet kommt für mich im Nachklang nichts spannendes mehr.

Ich muss zugeben, dass ich etwas enttäuscht war. Ich habe vorher zum warm werden den Zafra 21 getrunken, welcher mir viel mehr zusagt. Der Unhiq XO ist gut. Er schmeckt lecker aber ich kann das Gesamtpaket nicht ignorieren. 1. Er ist bestimmt gezuckert. 20-30g/l schätze ich. 2. Die Aufmachung ist halbgar. Holz Podest aber Plastik Deckel. 3. Die 0,5l für 80-100 Euro sind für mich viel zu teuer. Da sind andere für weniger Geld genauso gut (Malecon 25 oder 20 Rare Proof). Hier stimmt das Preis/ Leistungsverhältnis nicht. Ich werde andere Rums von Oliver und Oliver probieren, aber für den Unhiq würde ich das Geld nicht ausgeben auch wenn er mir schmeckt. Einfach überteuert.


Posted 3 months ago by Henrikhaa from Denmark with 11 ratings

Just fantastic!!!

You can enjoy the smell for hours. Almonds and vanille. Sweet tobacco. Sweet - not too sweet - with some oak. A bit similar to Quorhum 30 aniversario.

The taste is even more excellent. Dried fruits, more tobacco, coffee and chocolate. Goes on and on for so long.

My favorite.

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Posted 3 months ago by Loldelagohelle from France with 189 ratings

One of the best melasse rhum. I love Oliver s rhum Opthimus 25, Opthimus 25, cubaney 30 and. I think it is the best of the four rhum. 1 uniqh xo 9.6, 2 quorhum 30 9.3 and esclavo xo cask 9, 3 , 3 cubaney 9.2., Opthimus 25 whisky finish 9.3, 5 Opthimus 25 9.2, Opthimus 25 Porto finish 9.0, puntacana xox 8.9, présidente 23 8.8, cubaney 25 8.5, cubaney 21 8.2., Opthimus 21 8.2.
My best society Oliver Oliver....


Posted 3 months ago by Erik Marum from United States with 39 ratings

Everything here is good. Incredibly smooth and the flavor profile is a rich and dark, almost sorghum like notes. There is also some caramel and vanilla hints there, but more a bit in the background. Wonderful very subtle spice on the finish which lasts to the next sip. So smooth, must be careful as can down this quickly without realizing.


Posted 5 months ago by Pipestone from Slovakia with 35 ratings

That’s how I like my rums
Sweet but not too much,smooth.
I have 2019 vintage, only 2000 bottles produced.
Comparing previous vintages it is less sweet, which probably makes it more acceptable.


Posted 7 months ago by Toni (PREMIUM) from Germany with 8 ratings

The only reason I don't rate this Rum a 10 is because I'm still a rookie and have things to learn. I picked this Rum as my contribution to the evening when my parents and the parents of my gf first met. My mother in law kept the rest of this bottle even though she would usually not do it 🤣. Since I'm almost 40 I was wise enough to purchase 2 bottles of this 65-85 EUR priced rum. I already had high expectations based on the reviews on this site. This Rum still impressed me a lot. My nose was overwhelmed when I put it in the glass for the first time. The taste is on the sweeter side and it is very well rounded with no alcohol taste at all. I had more fun to discover it's complex nose than drinking it. If you have the chance to try this Rum I'll give it a go!!

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Posted 7 months ago by SPEHUN from Hungary with 28 ratings

Hihetetlenül finom, nincsenek rá szavak, meg kell kóstolni!

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Posted 8 months ago by Simson from Czech Republic with 49 ratings

Unhiq XO Malt Rum, solera up to 25 years. Dominican Rep. This is already a more expensive rum at a price of around 100 EUR for a 0.5 (!) Liter bottle.

I was quite disappointed by the packaging of rum. At this higher price, a relatively cheap blue-silver cardboard is used. The bottle itself looks better and has a beautiful mahogany base.

The color of rum is very dark (dark mahogany). The consistency is relatively thick. After opening, it shows a strong smell with a fairly strong smoky aroma. I could smell vanilla, honey, molasses syrup, dark chocolate and tobacco.
The taste is very sweet on the first drink, but over time the sweetness fades and there are also subtle hints of bitterness. The taste is dominated by vanilla, caramel, honey, coffee and tobacco smoke. In the background you can smell ripe to overripe fruits and also spices (licorice, pepper).
The aftertaste is long, sweet and delicate.

One of the best rums I've ever drunk.
Overall rating: 9.5 out of 10