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Medium a.h. riise family reserve solera rum

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42 A. H. Riise Family Reserve Solera ratings

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It´s also one of my favorite. (9,5 / 10)
it´s a little different to the A.H. Riise Non Plus Ultra but also
a bit to sweet , with an icecube it´s a little bit less sweet.

Nose - Great :sweet, dark ,fruits ,sherry ,smoke
Taste - Great : very sweet ,very rich, long and fruity ,orange ,sherry ,caramel , vanilla ,smoke,alcoholic note
very long aftertase .

If you like sweet Rum , you must try this one.

This rum smells and tastes like an appricot marmelade. For me It is too sweet and fruity and you cant almost recognize that you are drinking a rum.

Sweet as I like it, you can feel the fruits. Amazing aftertaste.

You can't go wrong if you like sweet rum

Strange drink...
Very sweet at the beginning with a nice honey taste but after initial taste explosion its like there is....NOTHING
Its like the taste is extracted from my mouth

Smell is ok.
Taste is ok.
Aftertaste is ok.
To much shucker for me.

This is one of my favourite rums and preferred from Riise by price

My first taste of a decent rum. I will always keep a bottle in my cabinet. It is very sweet and one glass is enough. I’m looking forward to delving further down the rum path.

láhev - obal 9/10 bottle
vůně 18/20 smell
chuť 30/35 taste
jemnost 12/15 smooth
cena/výkon 18/20 much for money

chuť plná, je spíše více sladší, ale pro ty, kdo nemají rádi moc sladké rumy bude více než snesitelný. čokoládová a jemně fíková chuť. lehce alkoholická vůně příjemně nasládlá se špetkou kouře. 87%

Liquid banana flavored chewing gum! Really really sweet, the sherry aroma fits in very well. However, one glass is enough due to the overexerting full taste. This is some good stuff :-)

Good solera, sweet, candied fruits, orange. Few more level of taste with interesting aftertaste, great aroma. I enjoy it.

Nice sweet Ron but taste is stronger and perfect. Solera sistema can be feel.i like it a much.

Beautifull aroma, where you can explore new and new tones. First taste is very sweet, but then you can find many layers with candied fruit, candy and others...
Perfect choice for womens.


Kategorie sama pro sebe. Míchaná alchimie. Ideální je postupně pít celou lahev. Jedna štamprle vyděsí cenou a ostřejší chutí. A chuť je u Riise důležitá. Ocenil jsem to až později. Lískový oříšek možná trošku muškátu. Silné sladké. Je třeba si zvyknout.

before this bottle I tried more expensive version of this brand - "Non plus Ultra" version. I was a bit disappointed and rated 67/100.

Unfortunately here I am disappointed as well. It's simply too fruity, very strong dried orange taste and smell. In fact the taste is very close too "non plus ultra" version, but this is even more sweet... As I already wrote, I like sweet rums, but this is too much! I think this is not how the rum should taste.


Everybody likes this sweet rum, with orange and nicely incorporated smooth alkohol. Long pleasant finish.


Tasty smell...could not stop smelling the glass)

The taste is milder than the XO from A.H.Riise...bit more fruity as well...stays on your tongue awhile.

First bottle...I am sure not my last.

On the nose you get some fruit and sticky alcohol. This rum needs to rest for a while. After a while you get more sweet aromas of fruit, vanilla and spice. It smells like Christmas.

In mouth this rum is very sweet with a lot of orange and a little bit of spice. It almost tastes like Cointreau or Triple Sec. This rum is very sweet and very smooth with a short sweet aftertaste.

A very easy sipper if you have a sweet tooth and like orange.

Som de fleste fra A.H. Riise er den meget sød. Man kan godt smage frugt, og er en smule sprittet til at starte med, men lader man den stå 10 min. så er den væk. Smager ikke som en typisk rom (men hvad er det egentlig?), men kunne gøre sig godt til desserten.

sladky, sladky a este raz sladky. menej sladky ako nepr. ich comephagen medal. nieje moc korenisty, na konci iba lahko zahreje. typicka medovinova sladkost RIISE, ale zdaleka nie tak koreniste ako non plus utra, dokonca o dost menej ako Centennial Celebration

Enjoyed this one more than for example the 175 anniversary edition or the non plus ultra. If you're into sweet and fruity, almost liqueur-like rum, this is a good choice. Definitely superior to for example a Don Papa

Not my cup of tea though

Pretty full body, but way too sweet for me. Not my cup of coffee.

Ikke smagt. .

Este ron con la capacidad de hacer un cambio de pensamiento en su sabor y aroma

Noise excellent. Sweet, tropical fruit, vanilla. Has to be in my bar. Little bit to much sweet, not for long drinking .