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Castillo Gold rum

Castillo Gold

Puerto Rico | Gold

9 ratings
Flawed with a glimmer of hope


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9 Castillo Gold ratings

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Posted 8 months ago by Jimmy Cliff (PREMIUM) from United States with 297 ratings

This rum got me through our teens. It was cheaper than Bacardi and a bit better. Thanks to ABC for turning us on to it when we were poor and 18-19. Many Cuba Libras, but I’m sure I would have a hard time choking one done with my more refined pallet 53 years later.


Posted 1 year ago by Mikkzo from Sweden with 4 ratings

Nice golden color and smells ok but.. Taste is pure alcohol with a chemical flavor. Tried it with Coke but the chemical flavor remained and was barely drinkable. Then i tryed it with pineapple juice and it tasted fine, the nasty flavor was gone. Needs a mixer that can conceal that bad flavor.


Posted at Sirloin House of Martinsville over 2 years ago by irie from United States with 1 rating

Needs a chaser or something to mix for pleasantness but shots are ok, $9 a LITER for this and I like it better than regular Bacardi. If you don't have extra bucks to buy like Kraken or Blackheart definitely get this!! ! ! !!!! Be careful about chugging it straight and try to enjoy it with something. STRONG alcohol and will get you destroyed if guzzling it down quick. BE SAFE MY FRIENDS.


Posted over 2 years ago by Joola69 from United States with 2741 ratings

Bought a bottle of Castillo Gold. Cheap bottle and label design. Cheap at $8 per bottle. Pale golden color. Nasty oak and pure alcohol to the nose and palate. Strong burn at the end. Does not even mix well.


Posted 3 years ago by Brian from United States with 1 rating

This rum is a good $5 cheaper than anything else at my local store. It mixes well especially with Coke which is my favorite. Definitely recommend.


Posted over 3 years ago by YohoYoho from United States with 10 ratings

Very much like Bacardi gold, to my taste. Tried them side-by-side and couldn't tell the difference. Not surprising, considering Bacardi owns them from what I've heard. Not fantastic, but not horrible, either. Good for mixing, and was finding it for $4 a bottle for awhile!


Posted over 4 years ago by shirleysuccubus from United States with 14 ratings

Not as bad as some other cheapies. But I say it's around the same range as canada house, flavor wise. Doesn't taste very "rum" like. But it's not terrible.


Posted almost 5 years ago by Ackman from United States with 11 ratings

This is my first Puerto Rican rum. Initially it has a slow burn that tapers off to something sweet. I mixed it with Coke and found the Coke's acidity really shuts the burn down. Overall this is a mixer, and should not be drunk on its own.


Posted over 5 years ago by john johnson from United States with 6 ratings

claims they are from Puerto Rico which i cant prove or disprove the rum itself seems to have more of a alcahol burn then others ive tried but the back end taste has almost a sweet flavor too it better then ron rico imo but not by much