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Medium ypioca prata cachaca

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This is vile and undrinkable, I can’t even imagine what I would do with such a spirit apart from maybe pour it away.

Kategorie: světle žlutý(?) rum(?) 38%

Hodnocení: Za mě šlápnutí vedle. Bohužel jediné co mě na tomto rumu (jak teď čtu, tak o označení Cachaci jako rumu se vedou spory) zaujalo byla láhev, jinak nic. Prvním varováním byla vůně - rum spíše smrdí (po rostlinkách) než voní. Během pití je dominantou líh - rum se prezentuje hodně alkoholově. Tím zabíjí i tu jedinou nevýraznou chuť, kterou má. Jelikož si na něm nemám co vychutnávat, zbytek láhve nejspíš zředím s colou.

TLDR in english: Not for me, look of the bottle is the only positive. Rum doesnt smell nice, it stinks. Tastes very alcoholical, it has very few flavours which are killed by its alcohol taste. Will drink rest with cola or something, sorry.

Not intersting for me, It's too brutal, smells like stinky grass.

Had a rum tasting on a sunny afternoon, because why not. Ypioca Prata Cachaça bottle and label design looks spectacular! Strong alcohol and plenty of funky flavors abound coming through to the nose and palate. Strong burn at the end, so better to mix it up with plenty of lime and Demerara sugar.

I eventually tried as recommended in a caipiriha as suggested by my daughter in law. If you squeeze a 2 or 3 juicy lime wedges into the bottom of a glass its tolerable. I was intrigued by the bottle and had never heard of it before.


Ostrá štiplavá vůně. Nevýrazná chuť. Jeden z lepších bílých rumů, které jsem zatím ochutnal. Přesto spíš zklamání.

Correct pour faire des mélanges et des cocktails festif.

I had my cachaca days about 13 years ago. This stuff is so vile that the Brazilian national drink called caipirinha made with lime juice is the only way to use this crap. It is strictly for getting stinking drunk. Having a rough time? Bottle up some caipirinhas made with this stuff and then go bring the entire bottle out into the surf zone and drink it down while bobbing in the waves. Also, stay in the shallow part to minimize the risk of drowning. The only reason that I did not rate it lower is because I found a use for it and did not have to pour it down the toilet. I also thank my ex-girlfriend for talking me out of drinking this crap. It also had one king hell of a hangover because it is basically unaged agricole moonshine. Pure cleaning fluid and turpentine taste.

The reason that this one was so easy to find is because it is mass marketed. Cachaca lovers rave about the endless varieties of this stuff, so I did some more research. It looks like the two cachacas from Abelha are excellent artisan cachacas. But guess what? They are not available in the USA. Of all of the cachaca produced in Brazil, only 1% is consumed by the US market. As for those claiming no hangover the next morning, save yourself the bad taste and the money by just getting a bottle of tasteless Don Q Cristal Rum, which tastes a lot better than this vile stuff that I had many years ago.

C'est bizarre à dire mais c'est celle de mon enfance, celle qu'utilisait ma mère brésilienne pour les Caïpirinha et les Batida de Coco. Je vais être indulgent car je n'ai aucune idée de quoi elle coupe "pur" mais surement pas terrible. Bref, une cachaça pour lancer le carnaval de son village. Une boite de nuit un mardi soir, franchement on peut s'amuser quand même si on est bien entouré et tous déguisés.

I only remember I made very nice Caipirinhas with this...

Cachaça, version brésilienne du rhum agricole, toujours à base de vesou mais la fermentation est plus longue et le degré alcoolique plus bas, autour de 38°.
Design : très belle bouteille avec du jonc tressé, la cachaça est incolore.
Nez : vif, fruité, végétal.
Bouche : alcool et on retrouve le côté végétal avec un petit goût sucré. Pas mal.
Acheté 18 reals/965ml de passage à la frontière brésilienne, une petite infidélité au rhum agricole des Antilles françaises pour faire des caïpirinhas.

Dry, smells strange, strong alcohol taste. My favourite booze is dark aged rum, not young clear cachaca ;) but i understand, that it can be very good for cachaca lovers. Bottle is nice.

I enjoy this one from commonly available cachacas the most. It's great all around one, either for Caipirinha or other mixers. Nicely drinkable on the rocks too (but Pratta is better in mixerts and Oura on the rocks). With very nice bottle design it's must have in your alcohol cabinet.

Sweet vegetal taste , herb like smell and quite pleasant to sip and will make a cracking Caipirinha ! The national drink of Brazil.

i drink aged sipping rims so this is a little different. Tastes very herbaceous, kinda like grass and sort of bitter/sour. Not bad but not for me I think.

Aged two years in balsam casks. A little sweeter than it's brethren the Ouro, with a little less woody taste. Quite pleasant as a sipper, comparable to my favorite (so far) Mae de Ouro.

un muy buen regalo