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Blackwell Black Gold Special Reserve rum

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98 Blackwell Black Gold Special Reserve ratings

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Posted over 1 year ago by Paul B (PREMIUM) from United States with 297 ratings

I went to a very well stocked rum bar this afternoon. This was one of three that I tried and they were out of the other three on my list. This was the darkest and tastiest of all three. The WOW factor for me was quite high. In a close second place was Appleton 21 Year. In a distant third place was St. Nicholas Abbey 10 Year, the lightest of the three.

This is a mildly spiced and slightly sweet Jamaican rum. The hogo funk is kept to a bare minimum. I was so impressed with it that I went looking for my own bottle afterwards, all to no avail. Somehow, I eventually found my own bottles.

Update May 7, 2019: Using one's imagination, this one can also be used as a Tiki topper in drinks whereby 2 parts of coconut water are used to save 1 part of white rum rated in one's lower third of their ratings. I would have included a gorgeous picture of this drink, but being so late after the initial review is not allowed. This Tiki topper simply puts any average tasting drink over the top!

Update May 21, 2019: Out of the two dozen rums that wound up in my top ten percent in my ratings, this one stands head and shoulders above all the rest when it comes to value (aka QPR). I make a toast to Mr Chris Blackwell for creating this fine rum that is also very affordable!

Update May 3, 2020: This may be my best tasting spiced rum, but at my advanced age, I can no longer handle any spiced rum unless it is in very serious moderation. My rating still stands however.

Posted almost 4 years ago by Martin Jelen from Czech Republic with 77 ratings

Strawberry Hill blah blah blah...Chris Blackwell blah blah blah... Bob Marley blah blah blah... Shut up and pour me the glass! I dont give a sh*t about the story, I only care about what the rum is like. Well...its not bad. I like the absence of unnecessary sugar and the taste of dry fruits that reveals in your mouth after some thrilling delay. I really didnt like the bottle and that happens very occasionally to me, made very cheap impression on me, especially the plastic seal on the side.

Posted almost 4 years ago by AlexMo from Russian Federation with 129 ratings

There are a berry jam, chocolate, alcohol, molasses in aroma.
Burns first the palate and throat, then the whole mouth, sharply. So that the taste can't be determined.
In the aftertaste sweetness, a soapy consistency. Heaviness in the head, strong heat, a bit bitter.
Nice rum with strong aroma. Successfully combined with a chocolate. If this rum dry then why my head hurts after a big glass?

Posted almost 4 years ago by Anthony C from United States with 100 ratings

Good taste but best in a dark and stormy! Not so great straight up.

Posted almost 4 years ago by Christopher from United States with 4 ratings

Smooth for sure, color is a deep auburn. The smell is of rum soaked lady fingers! (For tiramisu, I'm Italian) the scent is a pleasant scent of a worthers candy or deep caramel! I'll go back to this for sure!

Posted about 4 years ago by Sefikhugo from Czech Republic with 39 ratings

Opravdu silný rum, který hodně zahřeje, není příliš chuťově výrazný.

Posted about 4 years ago by Martin Roman from Slovakia with 27 ratings

Typical rum from Jamaica, with good price and taste.

Posted about 4 years ago by Chris from United States with 7 ratings

I found this to be a smooth and sweet (but not too sweet) of a rum. Great for a dark and stormy, or for sipping; especially for the price point.

Posted over 4 years ago by SlowRain from Taiwan, Republic Of China with 33 ratings

Blackwell rum is a bit strange to me for a Jamaican rum: I can't discern any noticeable funk. It's sweet, has a blackstrap molasses-ness to it, very little burn, but, unfortunately, almost no aftertaste. It'll work for sipping if it's the only thing around, but I'd suggest this as a mixer. However, as of Feb. 2016, it has the worst screw-top I've ever seen on any bottle. Mine stripped right away when opening it, and another person I know had his strip when the bottle was half finished.

It does make a very nice Hot Buttered Rum, though.

2 tsp maple syrup
45ml Blackwell rum
1 or 2 dashes Angostura Orange bitters (optional)
6 whole allspice
hot water to fill a 250ml mug

EDIT: works well in a Hot Toddy, too.

Posted over 4 years ago by Beukeboom from United States with 305 ratings

This is a rather sweet rum with definite vanilla, toffee, and cream flavor. Not much of a burn. More of a nice warmth with a little tingle on the tongue. Doesn't have much of an oak tone to it although it is aged. The finish however has a strange flavor which is a bit objectionable to me. Not an overwhelming bad flavor but just enough to be noticeable when taken neat. However mixed in cola and fruit drinks the finish is covered. Definitely a good dark rum for mixing.

Posted over 4 years ago by Kieron wood from United Kingdom with 379 ratings

Okay as Golden Rum. Wouldn't put it above any other mixed with coke
Average, but great after taste.

Posted over 4 years ago by jim burnds from United States with 29 ratings

Tried it as an alternative to Myers Dark. I like it. Highly recommend it with a lime and a bit of tonic. Makes a nice cocktail to tote around at a party.

Posted over 4 years ago by Stig Wolff from Denmark with 152 ratings

Denne rom er lidt skarp i smagen og efter smagen er ikke super.
Det er jo heller ikke en af de dyre rom, så jeg vil nok bruge den som mixer rom.

Posted over 4 years ago by Allan Bjerreskov from Denmark with 116 ratings

Sweet with some spices. The taste doesn't last very long, but you shouldn't expect that from a rum this young. But for what it is, it's well worth the price.

Posted almost 5 years ago by Michael Evans from United Kingdom with 81 ratings

I ordered this at a bar and was convinced they had given me kraken instead. Very similar flavours to kraken, smooth enough to sip but too sweet for my palate with the vanilla flavours overpowering the rum.

Posted about 5 years ago by Frank mac from United Kingdom with 53 ratings

i really really like this, a nice sweet dark rum,good sipper but for me perfect with coke and ice.

Posted about 5 years ago by Franklin Fraitus from United States with 21 ratings

As a sipping rum, it needs some serious work. It's smooth enough, and the rum flavor is good enough, but rather than having undertones of caramel, molasses or hints of spice, it tastes like it has undertones of Benzine, Toluene or Zylene. To me, it really does have a taste of unpleasant chemicals or solvents. I purchased this as a sipping rum, as such, it's fallen far short. Might be fine in mixed drinks, but that's not my thing.

Posted about 5 years ago by Graham from United States with 14 ratings

While I know and respect Chris Blackwell to a high degree, this is a serious stand alone rum. Much better than Goslings and coming out of Wray & Nephew says good things. Not too sweet and a perfect black strap rum to get the job done.

Posted about 5 years ago by Jens Thomsen from Denmark with 97 ratings

Blackwell Black rom overrasker meget, ikke så skarp som forventet, kan drikkes ren.

Posted over 5 years ago by A.Greenleaf from United States with 51 ratings

good molasses, but not sweet. Has a decent mouth feel but not quite what I like in a sipper. May be a good alternative to goslings or Meyers but not a replacement.

Posted over 5 years ago by thefatrumpirate from United Kingdom with 122 ratings

Gosling's Black Seal and too confected to compare with other Jamaican rum's.

Both Black Seal and Myers offer a better molasses rich experience.

Appleton and Hampden Estate offer a better authentic dunder heavy Jamaican rum.

Posted over 6 years ago by Mitch Gomez from Canada with 17 ratings

Just an average rum

Posted almost 7 years ago by Chris from United States with 27 ratings

not a remarkable one but a good one

Posted about 7 years ago by JJ Geewax from United States with 36 ratings

Can work as a sipping rum

Posted about 7 years ago by Matty C from Canada with 2 ratings

I love the story behind this rum. If you don't know it? Check it out. Music and Rum, a great combination.

To the rum. Well I love the colour. True Jamaican rum fashion. On the nose I get a nice mellow sweetness. Toasted hazelnuts and roasted marshmallow.

On the palate? wow... Bursts of vanilla, coffee, hazelnuts again (not too sure why, but that is a huge nut flavour I keep getting) Coats your mouth with warmth, but not too hot.

I will need to play with this rum a little to determine if it should be left neat, on the rocks, or mixed, because there is a lot of potential, yet I am not too sure which direction I would go with this great rum.