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Ron Del Barrilito 3 Star rum

Ron del Barrilito 3 Star rum is produced in Bayamón Puerto Rico by the Fernández family, which has been producing rum in the area since 1804, making it the oldest rum manufacturer in Puerto Rico. The rum is first blended and then aged for a minimum of 6 years.

A single barrel of Ron del Barrilito rum was set aside in 1942 called the 'Freedom Barrel.' When Puerto Rico gains its independence the Freedom Barrel will be opened in the Bayamón town square for all to share.

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119 Ron Del Barrilito 3 Star ratings

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Posted 20 days ago by jeffjp from United States with 6 ratings

IF you can get it, this is an excellent rum for mixing. (not a sipping rum) Personally I don't believe that just because a recipe calls for a specific rum, like silver for instance, that you MUST use that rum. This rum makes outstanding Cuba Libre, Pina Colada.. etc.

Posted about 1 month ago by kheiligh (PREMIUM) from United States with 30 ratings

This is exactly what I imagined but didn't know I wanted when I first was introduced to "aged, sipping rums"... When I first tasted this rum, the amazing balance of sugar, oak, spices and alcohol blew my socks off. If we could afford it, we would keep a bottle of this around persistently, to sip on of an evening, to relax and let the stress of the day just slide away.

Posted about 1 month ago by lorenploren from United States with 8 ratings

Had this on vacation in old San Juan, PR. One of the most complex flavors I have tried.
Starts with the aroma. Florid, and smooth. Flavors that really stand out. It is a young rum, so a little harsh. Be sure to let it stand for a moment before tasting.

Posted about 1 month ago by Btenius from Germany with 6 ratings

Mostly drunk in PR it does not get exported a lot. If you get your hands on it its a beautiful sipping rum with character!

Posted about 2 months ago by LegallySmelf from United States with 23 ratings

Dry and oaky, a little tannic, almost whiskey like. I was a little disappointed in my bottle of 3 star. Considering the price, I won't be buying again.

Posted about 2 months ago by Daniel.delvalle from United States with 19 ratings

My family has drank this rum for generations. This is a full bodied rum strong notes of molasses and the oakiness from the Whiskey barrels that it was stored in. Drink straight on the rocks with a slice of pineapple or another juicy sweet fruit to bring out the sweetness

Posted 3 months ago by Jeroen from Sweden with 1 rating

And now I need to find it again, in Europe.... if someone knows a place, let me know!!

Posted 3 months ago by carl from United States with 20 ratings

One of the best the island has to offer. A bit on the dry side, with a little bit of burn. I enjoyed it neat and also with a few ice cubes.

Posted 6 months ago by chris167 from United States with 14 ratings

A touch oaky, not bad for tile style cocktails that are sweeter, i.e. orgeat, and or simple.. Not trying to hate on the 3-star, and honestly for the cost, its decent.

Posted 10 months ago by David37377 from United States with 3 ratings

Smooth and refined, great finish, easy to drink. My go to rum!

Posted 10 months ago by KYRumRunner from United States with 5 ratings

Excellent PR rum. Golden, bold with a smooth finish. Found it in a small grocery store in Aquadilla and it turned me into a rum runner!

Posted about 1 year ago by narc714 from United States with 49 ratings

This is a decent sipping rum from P.R. which is close in style to rums of the D.R. and Cuba.
A big step up from the Two-Star

Posted about 1 year ago by Tony Sanders (PREMIUM) from United States with 46 ratings

It has all the flavor notes and gets to third base. Molasses,some pepper oak, touch of sherry, almond/orange. Dry and no added sweetness. When in Puerto Rico this is the rum to drink. If not there taste it against the other islands/countries. Still like Zara master 21, for this genre/taste profile. But the price point is different so there you are. If I spotted this in a bar, which I did, then it could be the home run.

Posted about 1 year ago by johnrullan from Puerto Rico with 21 ratings

smooth after dinner rum with strong brown sugar and oak aroma, this rum is a favorite after dinner. Served with ice and in a tropical setting, it hits the spot and I always return for a second round because it sits in well.

Posted over 1 year ago by piratejabez from United States with 314 ratings

11/2018 - Bottled at a fairly respectable 43% ABV. 6 years old (up to 10). This is a fairly hard-to-find (and generally well-regarded) rum [edit: distribution has ramped back up after a bit of a dry spell, since the brand was picked up by Bacardi], so I was looking forward to trying it for a long time. Unfortunately, I was pretty disappointed. The nose and palate are both very sweet and fruity. This makes sense if you read the quote from master blender Luis Planas in a recent article ( ): “Ron del Barrilito has a very unique blending process,” says master blender Luis Planas. “Prior to aging, we use a very neutral rum to which we add natural macerated fruits in very small quantities.Then the rum is aged for a minimum of three years in oloroso sherry barrels brought from Spain.” So, yeah, it's actually a fruit-infused rum aged in sweet sherry barrels. So, the rum has mass appeal (just read the other ratings on this site), and can work very well in cocktails, but doesn't suit my (dry rum) palate. This just doesn't taste like rum to me. And after tasting this one, have no interest in trying the 2*.


5/2019 - Tried it again today. Very fruity nose, with lots of sherry and oak influence. It is drier on the palate, but bitter and rather astringent. It's interesting; you can pull out a lot of notes from the maceration and ageing. But there's no detectable distillate flavor—it's clearly "confected" neutral cane spirit that is being marketed and sold (incorrectly) as "rum." (At least it's better than Bumbu, which is like the crappy artificial version of RdB. Then again, even Bumbu knows not to put "rum" on the label, except sneakily in the company name.) Until the label more accurately reflects what's in the bottle, I urge you to pass on this brand in favor of more honest products.


Posted over 1 year ago by morganfreeman from United States with 1 rating

I had a sip from a friend's house one night after drinking 5 glasses of wine or so.

It was super smooth and the taste was incredible.

I purchased 2 bottles the next week at Astor Wines in NYC at about $40 tax included.

I tasted it again and the strong alcohol burn is overwhelming and it tastes like Barcardi or some cheap mixing rum that you need to mix with coke and can't drink straight. I bought the 3 star.

What a waste of $80. I read that 3 unnamed investors bought it last year or something and started shipping to the US mainland. I don't know if they changed their production methods but it tastes so different from the one I had at my friend's place that night.

I drink a lot of aged rums - Diplomatico and Annivisario (both from Venezuela) are my favorite. I also drink a lot of 10 and 12 year scotch.

So I drink brown liquor and I know cheap mixing rum that's meant with coke when I taste it. Kinda sad I paid $80 for mixing rum. I wish I could refund this crap.

Posted over 1 year ago by Chef Bobo from Sweden with 13 ratings

A hidden gem. A fantastic rum in a rather annonymious bottle. The rum of choice for Puertoricans. I came to love this ru and can still crave for a sip.
this rum is not exported. Puertoricans like to keep it for them self.
Be sure to grab one when you have a chance. Rather inexpensive for the quality you get.

Oak, perfect blend between heads and tails and selected old barrels. Sip it in a aroma glass.

Posted over 1 year ago by Kevin from Belgium with 3 ratings

It tastes so, soft, sweet, smooth.
You got to try it. It is one of my favorites.

Posted over 1 year ago by Chris from United States with 1 rating

I first tried this rum several years ago on a business trip to Puerto Rico. I had asked for Meyers rum and the server told me they were out and recommended Barrilito...the depth and complexity of the flavors had me sold after the first sip.

Posted over 1 year ago by Guillermo Maduro from United States with 1 rating

I've had a variety of rums in the $30-50 range, and Ron del Barrilito *** holds its own just fine. Compared to more aged and pricier brands, it is a touch sweeter and a nib harsher on the palate, so a 7 or 8/10 would be more accurate if price is not an issue. However, for the budget-minded looking for the best value, ¡este es el mejor ron de Bayamón!

Posted almost 2 years ago by Card from United States with 62 ratings

Nice simple Carmel nose with no real alcohol bite. Has candy, caramel, banana flavor. Very good sipper

Posted almost 2 years ago by Little Frank from United States with 5 ratings

This is NOT the sweet rum you might have been looking for; but it IS a good rum! Others have compared to drinking cognac, and I would have to agree. It has some bite and smokiness that both mellow with a single ice cube and a little time to breathe. This also opens up the other flavours and aromas to increase the complexity. Not my everyday favourite, but definitely a regular option when I want something a little different (but still great) to sip. And I have to say that even though it's a good deal (especially if you buy it in PR), I do think it's wasted in mixed drinks.

Posted about 2 years ago by EJB from United States with 3 ratings

Ron del Barrilito is my favorite rum by far.

Hand-crafted in small batches, it has set the bar high for any other aged rum product. No added sugars or flavorings keep the flavor natural and smooth. While Ron del Barrilito says it has rum aged up to 10 years, there use rums aged nearly 20 years in these batches.

Highly recommend you try this rum!

Posted about 2 years ago by David Sauter (PREMIUM) from United States with 5 ratings

Smooth and no alchohol bite. A slight caramel finish.