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Companero Panama Extra Añejo 12-Year rum

Companero Panama Extra Añejo 12-Year

Caribbean | Aged | 54.0% ABV

9 ratings
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9 Companero Panama Extra Añejo 12-Year ratings

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Posted 14 days ago by Lee Martinek from Sweden with 17 ratings

This is a nice 54% rum. A solid smell of choclat hits the nose. And when the taste comes with a little burn then you know that it IS choclat in a glass. If you don´t like dark choclat then this is not for you.
I like it!


Posted 29 days ago by Blackmordavio from Canada with 2 ratings

From the start, IT taste so Much of cofee, chocolate and hazelnut, that I can barely taste the rhum in IT. I finally hot quickly tired of IT and mix IT in my cofee instead on the weekends.


Posted 1 month ago by Midar from Czech Republic with 26 ratings

Rumové překvapeni, barva jantarová, ve vuni jsem poznal čokoládu, smetanu v chuti pak čokoládu / kakao (taková ta chuť horké čokolády) a trochu pomeranče.
Síla rumu není znát, krásně hřeje

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Posted 2 months ago by BinoBRUCHHH from Sweden with 29 ratings

Doftar choklad och lätt ek. Smakar enormt mycket choklad (åt kakaonibs hållet) en del ek och lite vanilj. Något söt. Värmande i mun och svalg pga hög ABV men inte spritig på ett dåligt sätt. Hade fått högre betyg om ABV var lägre utan att minska på smakerna.


Posted 2 months ago by dwight.schrute from Bulgaria with 4 ratings

Absolutely thin, no complexity, yet heavily dominated by cocoa flavor and alcohol punch. Very, disappointing for the price. Goes straight to the bottom shelf for mixing.

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Posted 5 months ago by Pe13Li from Czech Republic with 30 ratings

the smell and taste can smell chocolate, the higher "voltage" is not reflected in the strength


Posted 6 months ago by JenSpreadsheet from United Kingdom with 16 ratings

Best neat sipping rum - chocolate without being sweet. Rarely mix this one.


Posted 7 months ago by Lelly72 from United Kingdom with 37 ratings

The moment you take a long hard lingering smell of Compañero, it immediately transports you to a chocolate utopia, the aroma is that sublime. The chocolate experience continues in the taste as well as the smell, because drank neat your taste buds are treated to a ton of chocolate notes, making this rum simply delicious. And if all that isn’t enough for you, then the chocolate goodness continues long into the after taste as well. As for the alcohol burn, well that’s pretty much minimal. In Compañero you get a drink that glides down your throat with silky smoothness, making it very enjoyable, either as a sipping rum, or a long drink. Me personally, I prefer it mixed with Coca-Cola, because at 54% VOL, it’s too potent for my liking. Which is a real shame, because had it been closer to 40% VOL, then I’m absolutely positive I’d be describing Compañero Panama as neigh on perfect.


Posted 8 months ago by shindler from Poland with 24 ratings

Quite interesting, very sweet, heavily and deeply chocolatish, legs-cutting. Has a very deep brown color. For me one of the sweetest, not flavored rums that I’ve ever tried... Maybe too sweet. As I’m a newbie I have my expectations not correlated with any of true-rum lovers so please excuse me my deviation