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Medium ancient mariner navy rum

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They stopped giving rum rations to British sailors in 1970. Too bad they missed out on this smoothie from the Caroni distillery. It's cask-strength, 108 proof, 16-years-old and quite good. If you like chocolate, liquorice, molasses and a pinch of wood, all at a decent price, you will no doubt enjoy this. BTW, the bottle is smaller than the normal 3/4 liter available in the US. It's only 1/2 a liter, purchased from MoM.


From the Caroni Distillery in Trinidad (now defunct).

A classic rich oaky rum which whilst not for everyone offers a lovely bit of a history and a not too ridiculous price. Well worth a try if you think all Trini rum was like 1919..... full review coming soon!

Ancient Mariner 16 year old Navy Strength rum is an interesting rum indeed. Very dark color, pleasurable smell test, surprisingly smooth for a 54% rum with hardly any burn at the end, but you will be greeted with a bouquet of fruity flavors at the end. It is far from the Pusser's 15 year old rum, which in my opinion sets a very strong benchmark for Navy rums, but the Ancient Mariner is still definitely worth the try if you can find a bottle.

Yes, a Caroni. In that perspective this is to the woody and fruity side, not that much tar, engine, rubber. But still Caroni without a doubt, and quite enjoyable If you like a powerfull rum.

incleible sabor y aroma lo asombroso es su procedencia