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Black Tot 50th Anniversary rum

Black Tot 50th Anniversary

United Kingdom | Overproof

11 ratings
Truly a fantastic choice


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11 Black Tot 50th Anniversary ratings

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Posted 6 months ago by VikingXO from Denmark with 152 ratings

I am so happy that I choose this rum for a New Year celebration. First of all a story about the rum itself:
''The British Navy were the original rum blenders, marrying together flavours from around the world to create something served to every sailor, every day. This bottling, celebrating the 50th anniversary of Black Tot Day, is a tribute to their original blend, bringing together some of the great lost rums of the past with the amazing modern distillates of today. Every cask used has played its part in making a rum that we believe people will want to drink every day.’' - Oliver Chilton, Head Blender

ABV 54.5
The blend includes following:
28% 12y Demerera Distillers Savalle Column
27% 9y Demerara Distillers Savalle Column
6% 10 y Port Mourant Wooden Pot
0.5% 42y Uitvlugt Port Mourant Wooden still
15 % 11y Foursquare
11% 10y Trinidad Distillers Column
4% 23 y Caroni
8% 9 y Hampden

Nose is Caramel glazed apple tart, Citrus, Barbecued Pineapple and grape, balanced by notes of chocolate and raisins.
Palate is Liquorice, vanille, lime cocoa with mint bananas and walnuts.

What an interesting blend 1 of 5000 in total.


Posted 6 months ago by vomi1011 from Germany with 348 ratings

Don't have to say much about the blend. Everything is on the bottle.

The nose is dark with sweetness in the background.. Molasses is pronounced and the dried fruits (raisins, plums). Oak, earthy, burnt sugar, blueberries, grapes, chocolate, some leather and liquorice. Minimal orange (Barbados). At the beginning it was still musty, after 30 minutes no more (occurs with Demerara). I like especially the blueberries. I can't say how they made it, it's very unique.

The taste starts dark with sweetness, the spice develops more and more. I get the molasses and sweetness of burnt sugar first. Then dried fruits, raisins and blueberries, then chocolate, liquorice and tannins with oak. Ohhh, what a beautiful rum. It's like you are eating a blueberry muffin.
In the finish Hampden shimmers through a bit, together with Barbados (orange, wood, leather).
The finish is spicy, here you can also taste some Barbados rum.
Aftertaste: dark and somewhat sweet, dried fruits, some leather, mint, blueberries, some ester aromas (Hampden)

Conclusion: Hampden is practically non-existent in the nose. Barbados and Hampden play a subordinate role in taste. I like that very much because I like dark navy blends. However, I can imagine that it is not enough for others. Tiger Shark is different, it is less dark and has very good balance. Silver Seal Navy is more fruity and more Jamaica / Barbados-heavy. For me these are more modern navy blends.
I think the Black Tot is well done and I was hoping it would turn out the same way. Would rate this one as my top navy blend with 95 points.

Nose: Molasses, dried fruits (raisins, plums). oak, earthy, burnt sugar, blueberries, grapes, chocolate, some leather and liquorice, orange
Taste initial: molasses, burnt sugar, black tea, dried fruits, raisins and blueberries
Middle: chocolate, liquorice and tannins with oak.
Finish: spice, fruits, orange, wood, leather
Aftertaste: dark and somewhat sweet, dried fruits, some leather, mint, blueberries, some ester aromas (Hampden)

Sweetness: 2/5
Fruit: 2.5/5
Spice: 3.5/5
Mildness: 3/5
Complexity: 4/4
Value (120€): 5/5


Posted 5 months ago by Falcon91Wolvrn03 (PREMIUM) from United States with 472 ratings

I'm generally not a big fan of dry rums, and this is a bit on the dry side, but I enjoyed it.

Smells and tastes of molasses, oak, spice, licorice, charred sugar, and a hint of tea. Not super to my taste, but not bad at all.


Posted 3 months ago by Captain Lee (PREMIUM) from United States with 13 ratings

Blend nicely summarized above. Very complex - I don't have the palate or vocabulary to describe as others have, but this is delicious.


Posted 5 months ago by declan walker from United Kingdom with 13 ratings

Simply amazing. I bought it after I read the fat rum pirate's review and his placement of this rum as Rum of the Year 2020... it lived up to my expectations.

Ticks all the boxes.



Posted 5 months ago by Joola69 from United States with 2741 ratings

Phenomenal rum tasting with Falcon91Wolvrn03 continued onwards with Black Tot 50th Anniversary. Sturdy bottle is surrounded by quite a cheap looking label. Mahogany color. Mixture of 9 different rums, so there's plenty of great hits and some big misses. Contains 0.5% of the volume the real Black Tot and another 0.5% of 42 year old Guyana Uitvlugt super rare rum. Unfortunately the strongest flavors are coming from a rather cheap Hampden Jamaica 9y old with only 8% of the volume. Very dry and woody ending.

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Posted 5 months ago by Boyse69 from United Kingdom with 27 ratings

My score on this breakfast tasting is 9.5 all day long .Everything I'd hoped for perfect for my tastes I'm so pleased !
I've bought 5 bottles of Rum around this Price range this year and this is the best out of all of them by far . Balance is perfect they have done a great job ! Thank you OLIVER CHILTON

I took a calculated Risk based on some of the reviews on this site and bought 2 bottles Price ranges £99 -£150 for the same bottle I paid £99 each in Scotland .

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Posted 6 months ago by Jirka23689 (PREMIUM) from Czech Republic with 157 ratings

Velice pitelny navy rum. Chuť Jamajka a vysoký počet esteru, který je patrný i ve vůni.

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Posted 3 months ago by Mr. Rumantic from Germany with 102 ratings

The Black Tot 50th Anniversary is a blend of nine different rums (see photo) that were allowed to store between 9 and 42 years. Highlights are certainly the small parts of Caroni and the original Royal Navi Rum. The anniversary bottling honors the Black Tot 50 years ago. The blend was bottled without dyes, filtration and in barrel strength of 54.5% alcohol. There are 5000 bottles. The design is timeless and classy. All parts of the blend are listed on the bottle. The wax seal fits into the overall concept.

The rum is heavy and oily in the glass. In the nose, the rum is directly super complexe. The 8% Hampden are immediately there and give the rum the fresh fruity touch. Hampden is so strong in the Nose. But there is also a lot of sweetness and dark chocolate. The high Guyana proportionals are recognizable. But also wood, vanilla and burnt walnuts resonate. Fruity and sweet notes alternate. A touch of mint also resonates. Absolutely fantastic.

On the palate, the rum is incredibly full-bodied and pleasing. Balanced, you forgets that this rum has 54.5%. The alcohol does its job perfectly and pushes the flavors. Chocolate, raisins, candied fruits, vanilla, a touch of cocoa. Again, the 8% Hampden are clearly recognizable. Fermented fruit. On the finish line, the rum becomes even more spicy and the long stored rums join in. Lots of barrel and wood influence. Some liquorice and more nut. The rum stays in the mouth for a long time with typical oaks as well as sweet milk coffee.

The rum is an absolute highlight for me and deserves a medal in my opinion. A perfect blend. Who has the money should buy it. I can clearly recommend. It is not sweet but also not too dry. He is right to the point. Simply delicious. I bought a bottle directly. Thanks for the opportunity to try the rum first.

Der Black Tot 50th Anniversary ist ein Blend aus neun verschiedenen Rums (siehe Foto) welche zwischen 9 und 42 Jahre lagern durften. Highlights sind hierbei sicherlich die kleinen Anteile von Caroni und dem Original Royal Navi Rum. Die Jubiläums- Abfüllung ehrt den Black Tot vor 50 Jahren. Der Blend wurde ohne Farbstoffe, Filtration und in Fassstärke von 54,5% Alkohol abgefüllt. Es gibt 5000 Flaschen. Das Design ist zeitlos und edel. Auf der Flasche sind alle Anteile des Blend genau aufgeführt. Das Wachs Siegel find ich hier super und passt in das Gesamtkonzept.

Der Rum ist im Glas schwer und ölig. In der Nase ist der Rum direkt super komplex. Was auffällt, dass die 8% Hampden sofort klar erkennbar sind und dem Rum die frische fruchtige Note gibt. Aber auch viel Süße und dunkle Schokolade ist dabei. Der hohe Guyana Anteil wird deutlich. Aber auch Holz, Vanille sowie gebrannte Walnüsse schwingen mit. Dabei wechseln sich fruchtige und Süße Noten ab. Auch ein Hauch Minze schwingt mit. Absolut fantastisch.

Am Gaumen ist der Rum unglaublich vollmundig und gefällig. Ausgewogen vergisst man das der Rum 54,5% hat. Der Alkohol macht seinen Job perfekt und pushed die Aromen. Schokolade, Rosinen, kandiertes Obst, Vanille, ein Hauch Kakao. Auch hier sind die 8% Hampden klar erkennbar. Vergorenes Obst. Zum Abgang wird der Rum nochmal würziger und die lange gelagerten Rums machen mit. Viel Fass und Holzeinfluss. Etwas Lakritze und mehr Nuss. Der Rum bleibt lange im Mund mit typischen Eichen sowie süßen Milchkaffee Noten. Wahnsinn.

Der Rum ist für mich ein absolutes Highlight und verdient meiner Meinung nach eine Medaille. Ein perfekter Blend. Wer das Geld hat sollte hier zugreifen. Kann ich klar empfehlen. Er ist nicht süß aber auch nicht zu trocken. Er ist auf den Punkt genau richtig. Einfach lecker. Habe mir direkt eine Flasche gekauft. Danke für die Möglichkeit den Rum zu probieren.

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Posted 3 months ago by HTownRon from United States with 8 ratings

A classic taste of the British Navy Rum.
Not as harsh as others that I have tasted.
But would be a good addition to my collection.