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Rumbullion Spiced rum

Rumbullion Spiced

Caribbean | Spiced

153 ratings
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153 Rumbullion Spiced ratings

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Posted almost 4 years ago by Fredrick from Sweden with 10 ratings

I really liked this Rum. It has a strong Vanilla presence. But not to much.
It was an easy rum to share with friends who don't normally drink net.
Taste: Vanilla dominant
Smell: Vanilla
Bottle look: It comes in a very nice packed in brown papper n waxed seal. A lill bit hard to read what it says on the etikett.


Posted almost 6 years ago by Stig Wolff (PREMIUM) from Denmark with 161 ratings

Som mange af de andre skriver så er det en julerom, jeg syntes bare ikke at en rom skal være så krydret med smagsnoter af kanel og citrus.
Virker skarp i munden.


Posted 6 days ago by Luke from Czech Republic with 117 ratings

Když jsem se napil tohoto rumu. Okamžitě se mi vybavil lowendový Rebellion. Takový kříženec rumu a becherovky díky výraznému koření. Rumbullion je na tom samozřejmě lépe. Višší volume a sladkost ten hnus z Rebellionu krásně kryje. Jen toho hřebíčku je tam více jak cukru. Osloví až při nižších teplotách jako GROG. :-)


Posted 13 days ago by TheRumDrinkingPirate from United Kingdom with 37 ratings

This rum rides high on my list, it's smooth and rich. The spice in this rum is enhanced with the addition of sugars, five spices, such as cassia, cardamom and clove, and an abundance of the best orange peel and thick juicy bourbon vanilla pods.


Posted 29 days ago by rskirmants from Latvia with 1 rating

I didn't realized that this rum would make such and impact on me when I tasted. I have tasted a lot of Rums and thoroughly looking through the ratings/comments here on this site. From spiced Rums I would mention Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva, the cheaper versions Kraken or Captain Morgan spiced, Bumbu, Plantation...etc., and not spiced ones Zapaca, Kirk&Sweeney, Dictator, Matusalem. But from all of these just to tastefully describe what it tastes like going from cheaper ones, they are sweeter and spices are there(let's say 80% sweet), going to reserva it is less sweeter(60%), and this one is even more less sweeter(30-50%). I was surprised that even less sweeter would be more pleasant with spices. I'm in no way a fruit describer in rum taste process kind a guy, but definitely for this price Reserva and Rumbullion are the best for me until the journey of Rum tasting is reached it's destination! 9 is fair;D


Posted 2 months ago by tonovak from Croatia with 9 ratings

This is the first spiced rum i tryed. It is a strong one indeed and very rich and spicey in taste.
I usually drink rum with cigars, and pairing with strong cigar like Davidoff WSC Late Hour is perfect.
That same richness and spicyness can become overwhelming after a few, so i prefer this one on the rocks; that is why i didn't rate it higher.


Posted 3 months ago by evets0452 from United Kingdom with 18 ratings

Yet another enjoyable rum for a recpectable price, plenty of flavour.

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Posted 3 months ago by Mestre16 from Poland with 13 ratings

I like sweet rums with a very distinct aroma and taste, and this is one of them!


Posted 4 months ago by toonstormm from United Kingdom with 30 ratings

Bit of a winner this. It’s a good rum, mixes well, comes in a nice looking bottle and isn’t overpriced. Win!


Posted 4 months ago by darrenfitzp from United Kingdom with 16 ratings

Strong and different aroma than expected but very easy to drink particularly with a mixer. Very enjoyable.


Posted 4 months ago by Yatoss from United Kingdom with 26 ratings

Lots of Christmas spices and sugar. Slightly overpowering clove taste for my liking, otherwise okay