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Black Tot Royal Navy rum

Black Tot Royal Navy Rum is a blended, aged rum in that had been stored for 40 years in stone flagons by the British Royal Navy. The rum is part of the last rum ration served to British Royal Navy sailors on July 31, 1970 when the 300-year old tradition of a daily rum ration, or "tot", ended.

Until recently when 1000 bottles were made available for public sale, Black Tot Royal Navy rum was reserved only at British Royal weddings and State functions.

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Posted 5 months ago by beeporama (PREMIUM) from United States with 23 ratings

How do you rate something that will almost certainly run you $50 US if you're lucky, more likely double or triple that, for a single small pour? No flavor can be worth that. Unless money is no object, as a value proposition, there's little reason (beyond sentiment/history) to get this over Pusser's Gunpowder Strength or Hamilton Navy Strength.

But my burning curiosity got the better of me. I can't at all say it's bad. Tobacco, burnt... rubber?... oak? You can taste the Guyanese sweetness and Jamaican funk if you add a bit of water and get beyond the burn, and I love both styles, so I enjoyed my ounce of this. But in the end, I was left with thoughts about naval history, the ephemeral nature of enjoying spirits, thrift... I paid a lot of money for the experience of drinking something rare and expensive, more than an amazing flavor.

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Posted 7 months ago by Sebabou from Argentina with 1 rating

I bougth this bottles from a bar that was shutting down. Honestly they didnt know what they had. Great elixir. Nose full of chocolate, mix spices and dark old fruit. The palate its just an explosion. You can taste the oak and the flavors of the nose. And even tough is strong in alcohol, it goes down quiet easy. Without to much bite.

Its just a must have Navy Rum expresion.

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Posted 11 months ago by Jason Berman from United States with 44 ratings

I got a small taste for free so my review is not influenced by my wallet. It smells and taste like straight up molasses. Glad I got a chance to try it but I would never buy it.

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Posted at Hale Pele about 1 year ago by Engwild from United States with 153 ratings

The story and history behind it is more of interest than the rum it self. Most places that have it have a shot for $100-200, but it's not an orgasm in a glass. It was made for a bunch of sailors in the 70s.

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Posted almost 2 years ago by Damon Shurville from Australia with 14 ratings

I love the history behind this rum and really wanted to like it however it’s a bit potent for me and my rum tasting palate.

I got a sample through masters of malt before shelling out £600 on a bottle. The nose was amazing, rich and full, coffee, tobacco, chocolate.....

I had it over ice and it was exactly as the nose suggested and more. For me the tobacco and coffee was over powering and I could imagine drinking it whilst playing poker and smoking a cigar, however for home drinking with a friend it was a bit much.

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Posted almost 2 years ago by Evan from United States with 1 rating

I don’t know about the leather and chocolate some have mentioned. For me, the flavor was very similar to the burnt sugar that covers a creme brûlée. And the reviewer that mentioned spending a lot of time with his nose in the glass - true! The smell is incredible. For me, there is no better rum. It was perfect.

778cb46076945bc0e2c2051c528b4603.png?s=40& avatar

Posted over 2 years ago by Peter from United States with 25 ratings

Ordered a shot without realizing it was gonna cost me $150! Interesting rum, very heavy on the treacle & coffee.

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Posted over 2 years ago by Cameron from Australia with 19 ratings

I haven't cracked my bottle yet but the history behind it means a lot. It will need to be a very special occasion to crack this one, and when I do I will update if required. Great box and interesting booklet that comes with the package. Very expensive but a must for any rum collector!

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Posted over 2 years ago by Rum Diver from United States with 16 ratings

Such a delight......a great rum....a taste if the end of an age. I am honored to drink it

B45809a17bafe1c7b71e0eb4e822dc0b.png?s=40& avatar

Posted almost 3 years ago by Michael Huff from United States with 81 ratings

I can't give it a 10 just for historical import, but it's a deeply complex specimen. Like spices and black tar and deep pungent fruit that's been rotting in the sun yet is still sweet. A little leather and tobacco. But it leaves you with a taste of caramel corn in the tail.