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Mount Gay Black Barrel rum

Mount Gay Black Barrel is a small batch, handcrafted rum recently created by master distiller Allen Smith. It is a blend of both matured double pot distillates and aged column distillates which are finished in Bourbon oak barrels. The unique blend delivers a bold and balanced flavour.

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324 Mount Gay Black Barrel ratings

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Posted about 3 years ago by JackOrion from United States with 61 ratings

Bottled at 43% which is always a good thing for rum. Candy cola on the nose and palette. It opens up to a bit of lemon grass and smoke. The body is on the thin side which helps keep things bright. Finish is lingering and somewhat sweet but not a sugar bomb by any means.
Can’t go wrong with the Black Barrel in your tiki drinks either. I prefer this over the Black Seal or Plantation rums for mixing.
So it’s a sipper and a mixer at a great price!! That makes this a bit of a genius offering from one of the great rum brands out there. Solid

Posted about 4 years ago by martin jeppesen from Denmark with 229 ratings

In the bajan range, this leans a bit towards the potent end of the scale. It's by no means overpowering but have some character. The nose is nice with cherries, dark chocolate.and perhaps a splash of saltwater? On the tongue I pick up notes of molasses, peppery spices, toast and peach. The finish is slightly dry, deep and dark, but stays fairly refined. Good rum and decent value.

Posted about 4 years ago by hanz.kubat from Czech Republic with 19 ratings

Could this be the best bang for your buck? For nearly half the price it offers no less from the XO qualities and even adds a little on top of that. It's lacking those lovely floral tones of XO, but it also lacks that sometimes unpleasant alcohol bite. Even people who aren't very fond of the XO really likes this rum, and I can imagine drinking this and only this whole night. This is truly good all-purpose rum.

Posted over 4 years ago by RumManDan from Canada with 32 ratings

Mt. Gay makes some of my favourite rums but, this isn't one of them. It is overpowered by a bourbon flavour that I can't ignore. If I want bourbon I'll go get it. I don't mind it in rum when it is subtle but, this is very similar in taste to some bourbons I drink. Smooth drinking and taste is good but, not for a rum.

This is all preference anyway but, the Eclipse red cap is my go to mixer and I feel it's a more rounded rum.

Posted almost 5 years ago by Falcon91Wolvrn03 (PREMIUM) from United States with 424 ratings

Smells and tastes of honey, oak, bourbon, and spice. The taste has a strong alcohol bite to it; perhaps a little too strong at 43%abv, so I'll recommend this on the rocks (I like stronger drinks only when they are super premium). Still, a good above average rum.

Posted 17 days ago by Cjbspender from Germany with 32 ratings

The XO is amazing, this is below par. Easy to forget, not to repeat.

Posted 17 days ago by Dan_Simm from United Kingdom with 3 ratings

Really enjoyed this rum, very decent for the price and always enjoy a nice glass, floral aroma and taste is woody with notes of sugar and burnt sugar

Posted 21 days ago by Hotvw1 from Canada with 37 ratings

I actually didn’t mind this one. The oak and that bit of char that comes through. But to me it was a mixer with some coke and it was phenomenal.

Posted about 1 month ago by srosener from United States with 6 ratings

Excluding the Mount Gay XO, this is my favorite of their products. Not overly sweet, but has that molasses/vanilla/caramel finish that stick with you. Has that deep pot-still boldness to it without being harsh. Has a fair amount of oak to it, but not overpowered. Overall, a solid choice without breaking the bank.

Posted about 1 month ago by jackw625 from United States with 22 ratings

Solid rum. Is a little bit too bitter for my taste

Posted about 1 month ago by RHUM FACTORY from France with 32 ratings

Rhum traditionnel de la Barbade, le rhum Mount Gay Black Barrel est le fruit d'un savoureux assemblage de rhums distillés dans des alambics à repasse et de rhums âgés distillés dans un alambic à colonne.
Les black barrels sont les fûts de bourbon en chêne, brûlés, dans lesquels le rhum a terminé sa maturation. Ce procédé permet de faire ressortir des notes d'épices boisées.

Nez: notes d'épices, de bois grillé, et de fruits exotiques.

Bouche: belles notes d'épices boisées, on sent également d'agréables notes de vanille et de caramel bien équilibrées.

Finale: équilibrée et assez puissante.

Posted about 2 months ago by anfrene from Czech Republic with 5 ratings

Mounty Gay obdržen jako dárek. Šťiplavá, dřevitá chuť

Posted about 2 months ago by abrarey from United States with 19 ratings

Pretty good for the price, is worthit.
On the nose feels like a good Bourbon, delicate and fruity aroma, some vanilla.
Tasting is a little bit alcoholic but not overpowering, some vanilla and caramel. Add a touch of water and this is where it really shines, bringing some banana flavor. This a new favorite for me, looking forward for other Mount Gay expressions to compare with this one.

Posted about 2 months ago by Jab from Czech Republic with 40 ratings

For the price this one is a bargain. Yet MGXO is not that far away and its much better.

Posted 3 months ago by poly.pop from United States with 23 ratings

A vanilla forward Bajan style rum, that finishes with notes of caramel and sweet tobacco. For a Bajan, it's a little too bitter, immature, and one note to be enjoyable on the rocks. For a similar price, you might as well drink Doorly's XO or RL Seales 10yr, both of which have more character you'd expect from Barbados. Not a bad mixer in a pinch, did fairly well in both Coke and Boston Rum Punch.

Posted 3 months ago by Bruno from United Kingdom with 16 ratings

Another great rum from the oldest and best producer in the rum world. A charcoaled caramel smoothie, bold but gentle delivery. Very nice straight or with ginger, just not quite an XO.

Posted 3 months ago by vomi1011 from Germany with 152 ratings

If you like spicy natural rum, this one is for you.
It tastes more spicy than the xo, but it has similar aromas and more banana smell.
It's better than the Eclipse, eclipse is too young and too harsh.

Smell: caramel, ripe banana, peach, vanilla, dry fruits, citrus
Taste: caramel, peach, vanilla, oak, spice

Sweetness: 2/5
Fruit: 2/5
Spice: 4/5
Mildness: 3/5

Posted 4 months ago by LordImmaFord from United States with 13 ratings

Seriously, don't take the wealthy's advice about a lot of things but least of all rum. This has a clear market audience who rates their rums off the bottle and not what's inside. This is almost on par with Bacardi in terms of insulting flavor.

Posted 4 months ago by carl from United States with 22 ratings

Good sipping rum, pretty dry with a little bit of a burn.

Posted 4 months ago by Trelony from Russian Federation with 32 ratings

Excellent blend (of both matured double pot distillates and aged column distillates)) with good proof. It have nice peppery taste and deep oak finish - everything I need!

Posted 4 months ago by Neman3 from Canada with 53 ratings

Strange, but enjoyable balance between sweetness and dryness. Pretty smooth. Short aftertaste.
Spend extra 5 bucks on XO to get 4 more points.

Posted 4 months ago by RumJunkie from United States with 17 ratings

Really enjoyed this. I prefer this rum with 2 or 3 small ice cubes and a couple luxordo cherries. I also like to “air it out” a bit before sipping. Very gentle alcohol burn, vanilla and spice on the nose. Oak and pepper. Great option.

Posted 4 months ago by Chrispl0 from United Kingdom with 1 rating

I'm not keen on oaky flavours, I won't drink wine like that, but this is just delicious.

Posted 4 months ago by roberto.azores from Portugal with 43 ratings

A lot of flavors.... very oaky!!
Alcohol taste is present, but, if you wait a 5 or 10 minutes, it´s get better.

A cheap alternative to Mount Gay XO.
I recommend.

Posted at Bar Moelbys 4 months ago by Terzi from Italy with 13 ratings

I like the rum. Ig has a strong taste but nice to drink! A very nice price for this quality!