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Mount Gay Black Barrel rum

Mount Gay Black Barrel is a small batch, handcrafted rum recently created by master distiller Allen Smith. It is a blend of both matured double pot distillates and aged column distillates which are finished in Bourbon oak barrels. The unique blend delivers a bold and balanced flavour.

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324 Mount Gay Black Barrel ratings

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Posted 4 months ago by Inshore from Poland with 51 ratings

yeah thats was good, oak, tabaco, karmel, mango, and a bit of sherry finish, thats good for nonsweeters player, siping

Posted 4 months ago by Per71 from Sweden with 35 ratings

Classic notes of oak, not too sweet.
Woody finish...

Posted 4 months ago by Rhun from United States with 11 ratings

Taste is reminiscent of honey and almonds, but very understated. A slight bite, but not harsh. Excellent for sipping.

Posted 4 months ago by Oleh from Ukraine with 4 ratings

It smells much better than taste on first glance. Smell of vanilla, molasses, bourbon and other. Rich enough and taste good. Slightly strong

Posted 5 months ago by Dan3811 from United Kingdom with 1 rating

Great rum for the price
Lots of flavours and aromas

Posted 5 months ago by baggins101 (PREMIUM) from Czech Republic with 10 ratings

So I got this rum after some reading of reviews and - I was disappointed. This rum is not particularly interesting. The taste is more or less bland. You could like this if you like for instance whiskey, but not really rum. It's nice, don't get me wrong, but too plain for my taste. There are certainly better options in this price range.

Posted 5 months ago by Bazza Bones from United Kingdom with 4 ratings

Nice for sipping and a nice after taste one of my favorite in my collection

Posted 5 months ago by Philinarium from Russian Federation with 22 ratings

Похож больше на виски, чем на ром. Резкий, но после первой пьётся хорошо. Вкус ярко выраженный, необычный, не совсем ромовый, не сладкий, но приятный.

Tastes more like whiskey than like rum. Harsh at first but gets smoother while sipping. Taste is rich and unusual, not sweet and rum-like to me but still nice.

Posted 5 months ago by Nathan Hevenstone (PREMIUM) from United States with 27 ratings

I did find this one to be medicinal, but not in a distracting way like some mixing rums. This one is definitely a sipper, although I wouldn't be against making cocktails with it, for sure. It does have a sweetness that balances the medicinal quality quite nicely. Over-all I recommend it, at the very least as a good, high-quality mixer for your private bar.

Posted 5 months ago by Supalite from Poland with 8 ratings

Cant go wrong with this one.
Good quality rum fun Barbados 🇧🇧

Posted 5 months ago by Scott from United Kingdom with 30 ratings

If in doubt go to Mount Gay - always a reliable drinking rum

Posted 5 months ago by Samurdavidov from Latvia with 60 ratings

This is really nice stuff for this money actually. I buy this one about ~30 euros. The Mount Gay Black Barrel rum is made from single column and double pot distilled rum, like most of all rums coming from Mount Gay distillery. It is also finished in heavily charred bourbon barrels before being bottled, - I suppose that’s the reason why it calls ‘black barrel’.

If you compare this ‘black barrel’ with MG XO - you will find more spiciness, more honey but it is less richness. But don’t forget that Mount Gay XO it’s also more expensive rum ~50 euros per bottle. Almost twice price.

The color is medium dark (5/10 to darkest), with long legs.

On nose: it’s very fruity. Much Honey, Banana, vanilla.

Palate: little spicy first, sweet, and smooth enough. Notes of oak. But a weak aftertaste. Spiciness will stay in your mouth some time...

This rum is absolutely good, high quality Barbados Rum. But it’s not premium class Rum. Just be attentive for what reason you buy it. But it deserves for sure to spend 30 euros for it.

Posted 5 months ago by Jason Berman from United States with 44 ratings

I’ve been a rum junkie for over 14 years. The Black Barrel is pretty much what I’ve been looking for. It has just the right amount of sweetness and wood. It’s been ages in ex bourbon barrels but not to the point where it taste like bourbon. Truly a great sipper. To top it all off it’s reasonably priced and easy to find.

Posted 5 months ago by jjimmy from Slovakia with 23 ratings

Zvyseny obsah alkoholu je na rume poznat. Chut je fajn, ale rum je trosku stiplavejsi. Ale fajn na pomale usrkavanie.

Posted 6 months ago by drobz from Czech Republic with 32 ratings

No nic moc. Jeste ze to nebyla moje lahev :)
Za ty penize lze poridit daleko lepsi rum...
Rum je dost ostrý a alkoholový.

Posted 6 months ago by Gareth J from United States with 8 ratings

So Mount Gays mid priced rum sit right in the middle of the range between the eclipses and XO and 1703. It sits there perfectly, Lighter in color to the XO but similar to the Eclipse. The Aroma and taste is sweeter than its bordering contemporaries, with english toffee is very detectable. As its mid point would suggest, it's a better sip than eclipse but not a patch on XO.
This is a great beginner's Rum, a good sip but robust enough to mix.If you are visiting Barbados any you need to make a choice to take home, pick this one to get the best of both worlds. I think its close but it just nudges XO on value for money.

Posted 6 months ago by Morthrag from Switzerland with 90 ratings

Gutes Mittelmass, sicher für gute Drinks geeignet.
Pur gut trinkbar allerdings nicht so gut wie der XO.

Posted 6 months ago by Smovens from United States with 87 ratings

Very oakey rum, with a sweet aftertaste of rum. Solid nothing special overall

Posted 6 months ago by Ron Tyaon from United States with 12 ratings

Lighter and lacking the body and depth of fine aged rums. Not that it is bad and if you aren't a fan of sweet rums you might like this one. Some molasses and vanilla but not the depth of my favorites. Not saying it's bad, it just doesn't check all the boxes for me.

Posted 6 months ago by Glenn from United Kingdom with 2 ratings

You do not need any more than a small piece of ice to open this Rum up. take a deep inhalation of the aroma before every sip.

Posted 7 months ago by Petr Melichar from Czech Republic with 3 ratings

Máš rád suchý rum? Potom Ti sedne. Kvalitní a za dobrou cenu, uznávám, ale dám přednost sladší variantě

Posted 7 months ago by Aylesby from United Kingdom with 7 ratings

Moving to rum from brandy and malt having exhausted the availability in my price range. This is my first rum at £21 of Amazon and it delights me as neat or iced.

Posted 8 months ago by 69nl43 from France with 14 ratings

Agréable. Juste comme il faut. Facile a déguster. Un rhum classique. Bon rapport qualité prix pour 30€

Posted 8 months ago by Zane from Norway with 47 ratings

This is a discovery thanks to a trip to South Korea. Have tried some other mount gays - not a fan. This one is on the shelf of Bacardi ocho, and single canes too. So I guess I am ok with the bit harsher rums. Would give 7.5. It has some bitterness, and bites my nose a bit too.