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Rum Nation Panama 21-Year rum

Rum Nation Panama 21-Year

Italy | Aged

52 ratings
Now this is some good stuff


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52 Rum Nation Panama 21-Year ratings

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Posted over 2 years ago by anaratz from France with 14 ratings

This is probably the best rum I have tasted so far, it is delicious and very smooth and when you sip you can really notice the subtle hallmarks of a real pedigree sipper.

The sweetness is perfectly balanced, not too sweet or dry...and you can savor the lovely 'rummy' flavors of tobacco, dark chocolate, molasses, spices, citrus.

The only reason I have not given this a 10 is because it is quite expensive, it costs 30-40% more than some very similar premium rums that I like almost as much, true its slightly better, but not enough to justify the price difference, except as an occasional treat.

If you haven't tried it before, but were balking at the price a bit (as I was), it is definitely worth a try.


Posted over 5 years ago by Rayden from Italy with 44 ratings

Finally rum of my dreams!!! I was honestly hesitant, but in the end I wanted to take a bottle of this higher nectar. Deep ruby color, it takes a few seconds to appreciate the sheer complexity. Soft and warm but at the same time really exciting. For me, it's definitely higher than the Zacapa 25y. I'll drink only on special occasions, 'cause for my taste this one is the absolute perfection!


Posted over 5 years ago by martin jeppesen from Denmark with 247 ratings

The nose is very lovely with raisins, dark chocolate, wood and slightly burnt sugar. The medium bodied palate has notes of molasse, figs, subtle orange peel and dark chocolate. It's very pleasant in the mouth, but still retains a freshness, perhaps due to the slightly woodsy and peppery finish with traces of almond and mint. It has character without being demanding. A real pleaser, thats well put together.

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Posted over 5 years ago by Earl Elliott from Canada with 202 ratings

Sugar: 20 gpl. This is a top shelf special occasion rum! The stylish bottle shows off the deep ruby colour which I suspect is from some aging in port casks. As for taste I detect a taste of tobacco, oak, port, and some sweetness which seems to remind me of raisins or prunes. All the flavours are well balanced and this rum is extremely smooth. The smell of this rum in the glass makes you savour the aroma several times before that first sip. I have to say this is one of the best rums I have tasted so far. My only regret is that I did not purchase more. If you see this rum in your local then buy 2 bottles; because the first one won't last long!


Posted over 3 years ago by LarsF from Sweden with 39 ratings

Rum Nation Panama 21-Year comes in a nice bottle, very similar to the Cartavio XO.

When this rum have been resting in the glass for a while you get mild sweet aromas of vanilla, fruit and some oak. In mouth this rum is smooth and you can taste some orange, chocolate and oak. You can also taste a bit of spice and smoke. This rum is very smooth in the throat, like velvet. The finish is long and very smooth with some oak, spice, fruit and even some smoke and sherry in there.

A very nice sipping rum.


Posted almost 4 years ago by Falcon91Wolvrn03 (PREMIUM) from United States with 472 ratings

I like this rum. Smells and tastes of caramel, molasses, a peppery spice, some sherry aging (I don't taste any bourbon as some have suggested), oak, tobacco, and leather.

I'd call this semi-sweet, though I personally like just a bit more sweetness. Still, definitely not dry, and a very good rum.


Posted over 3 years ago by DiNiko from Greece with 41 ratings

Everything one expects from a premium shipper. Rich aromas, smooth taste, complex character, full body, after - burn and taste.
Enjoy with good company and get the complete feeling!


Posted over 5 years ago by Paul Hübscher from Switzerland with 69 ratings

Tobacco, sherry and some kind of wood in the nose. Then dried fruit and still some sherry on the tongue. The finishing a bit rough and burning first - then tobacco and sherry take over. Long lasting.


Posted 6 years ago by Grand Master Jay from United Kingdom with 80 ratings

This is a great sipping rum. Smooth not overly sweet it has a nice balance. It's complex too.

If you like Ron Abuelo Centuria this I feel is far better bang for your buck. It comes in an awesome bottle too.


Posted over 6 years ago by clint from Canada with 4 ratings

Caramel, and toffee with a little "fresh" tobacco smell. Taste the rich caramel as well but not overly sweet. Noticeable flavours of Apricot and prunes. This is a very nice sipping rum.


Posted 7 months ago by Panchieri from Belgium with 18 ratings

Rum Nation Panama 21-Year comes in a nice bottle, very similar to the Cartavio XO.