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Appleton Estate Rare Casks 12-Year rum

Appleton Estate Rare Casks 12-Year

Jamaica | Aged

7.4/10(12 ratings)
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12 Appleton Estate Rare Casks 12-Year ratings

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Posted 5 months ago by Jagsroy from Canada with 182 ratings

Thought I would try the new Appleton Estate Reserve 8 Yr & Appleton Rare Casks 12 yr Rums recently released from Jamaica. I was really surprised with the younger rum which I find even better than the Older version of the Appleton Rare Blend 12 yr version and Its quality is definitely worthy of being drank neat. The new version of the 12 year (Rare Casks) is also much better than the older version and in my opinion both dessrve a “9” rating.

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Posted 13 days ago by Jimmy Cliff (PREMIUM) from United States with 252 ratings

I thought this was the 12 year rare blend repackaged but this is something new. Nice fruit forward banana notes, with mild spiciness. Lots of depth with just the right amount of Hogo. Blindfold me and I know it Jamaica and Appleton. I give this a notch up from the 12 year rare blend. Great rum in the $40 range not too sweet like ElDorado US concoctions.


Posted 10 days ago by keithfoster00 from Canada with 5 ratings

I’m loving the new tastes of this 12 year now that the new master distiller is in charge.


Posted 10 days ago by CaptainGreen (PREMIUM) from United States with 59 ratings

Avast! There be nothin' rare about a funked-up Jamaican rum. She smells a bit sweet, and a lot funky, with hints of fruits, vanilla, and oak... but once you taste her tho, you don't funkin' smell anythin' but the vanilla and oak. Witchcraft! As for taste, spices come aboard first - aggressively - followed by a wee bit of vanilla and banana, and then molasses - HARD - followed by a hint of tobacco when that fades. Might this be a sippin' rum? Aye, if a funked up rum be to your fancy, by all means, take no prisoners. If you're not into funkin' around, there be better, less funked-up, rums to be had... arrrgh


Posted 19 days ago by MichaelNM from United Kingdom with 9 ratings

The usual Appleton Estate shaped bottle holding a dark golden coloured rum. Smells of banana and pineapple finished with vanilla. Taste the fire in the mouth and as it slides down the throat.


Posted 1 month ago by Don from Canada with 149 ratings

A light colour compared to the 8 or 12 year with some burnt caramel smell. The taste is the same with that Appleton Jamacian funk, that is not really my thing. A spicey finish, with some burn. Not my idea of a sipping rum, best in a mixed drink.

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Posted 1 month ago by Comeau68 from Canada with 5 ratings

This definitely has the funk that is a part of the Appleton line. I enjoyed it as a supper and as a mixer for the “tropical” style of drinks. Good fun and tasty.


Posted 2 months ago by cheebu from United States with 4 ratings

Enjoyed every sip with my hoyo epicure de luxe.
Very good pairing.


Posted 2 months ago by Paul B (PREMIUM) from United States with 369 ratings

I have had a love/hate relationship with Appleton Rare Blend 12 Year over these past 3 years. I saw this new Rare Cask 12 Year at about $9 US more and figured that it was another money grab. So finally today, I told myself WTF and gave it a try to the tune of $42 US.

I am absolutely terrible with tasting notes and often ignored those provided by others because the liquid and the barrels often had not a damn thing to do with the flavors provided in the notes. So my method is to compare each new rum to similar ones. The aroma on this one is quite pleasant with no hogo funk (I do know damn well what that tastes like!). The taste has minimal hogo funk and quite a burn. After a few sips on this one, I don't hate it, so I rate it as a high 6 and almost a 7. I like this one better than the old Rare Blend 12 Year, but not as good as the Reserve Blend 8 year or their 21 Year. I emphasize that this order is my own personal preferences and I am sure that very few will agree with my exact order. In conclusion, this one is worth buying again, while they last.

I still find their Reserve Blend 8 Year to be their best buy. I soon tested both side by side. The 8 Year is smoother and $16 per bottle cheaper than this new 12 Year, so this was a no brainer for me. However, if you like your Jamaican rums with rough edges and don't mind paying extra, then go for this one.


Posted 2 months ago by Regan from Canada with 75 ratings

Received a bottle of the new rare cask from a dear friend of mine . I understand that Appleton has changed the way they are listing the Age on the bottle and 12 means the youngest rum in the blend now which is nice and the rum is somewhat smooth but don’t be mistaken this screams. Appleton right to the last drop just something unmistakable about the flavour , in some cases that’s good and in some bad I just don’t get paying a higher price for what I deem just another Appleton rum good but not great
I guess I’m looking for them to surprise once , a really good mixer but that’s all