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Kirk and Sweeney 12-Year rum

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321 Kirk and Sweeney 12-Year ratings

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Posted almost 2 years ago by Franklin Fraitus from United States with 25 ratings

I've tried the 18 year also, which I also rate a 9, but I prefer the 12 by just a little. It's really tasty and a true pleasure to drink neat.

I like a good sipping rum that tastes like rum. Smooth, flavorful, with a modest bite to it. It's got to have a hint of sweetness to it, as that's what rum is all about. This one fits perfectly.

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Posted over 6 years ago by Shane from United States with 26 ratings

Found this little gem reviewed on last year. Found a bottle reasonably priced around $40 and snapped it up. Great on the rocks and mixed. Smooth, sweet and delicious. A great rum with notes of vanilla and clearly aged.

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Posted over 6 years ago by Remy Chevalier from United States with 34 ratings

Great bottle to slide along the bar... low center of gravity, like an electric car. As for the rum, a little one note on the vanilla, a little medicinal. A real rum though, doesn't seem tampered with, although some feel the vanilla might be spiced in as an after thought. I want to believe the distillery is on the level. Certainly grows on you, would be good with fruit, maybe perfect for baba au rhum!* Nice clean buzz... *(A popular European lemon desert cake soaked in rum...)

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Posted over 6 years ago by Kevin from United States with 18 ratings

A must-have if you are into sipping rums. When you taste it, it's hard to pick out the flavors as the vanilla taste is in your face. Woody notes are followed by a very smooth finish

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Posted 7 days ago by Jimmy Cliff from United States with 66 ratings

I’ve had this rum many times surprised I never rated it. Great old school presentation bottle and decor. It’s a solid rum but not top notch. Dark sweet nice rocks rum but leaves me wanting more.

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Posted 7 days ago by Djgross144 from United States with 32 ratings

This is not quite as wonderful as the 18 year, but still very nice for the price. Lovely nose. Very pleasant neat.

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Posted 7 days ago by HunterRomario from Czech Republic with 298 ratings

Alkohol: 40 %
Původ: Dominikánská republika
Aroma: Kandované ovoce, cedr, včelí plástve, medová sladkost, broušená kůže. (84 b)
Chuť: Oproti vůni je na jazyku vcelku suchý, hřebíček, cedrové dřevo, v dochuti pak i mírná hořčinka. (80 b)
Body: 82/100
Shrnutí: Mám lahev a nejsem z ní kdoví jak nadšený, na mě už dost suchý, osmnáctiletá verze byla výrazně lepší.

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Posted 7 days ago by Redrum from United Kingdom with 3 ratings

Nice especially in a old fashioned but it does remind me of bourbon anyway with lost of wood spiciness but didn’t get much sweetness from it. Wasn’t wowed by it

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Posted 11 days ago by asloper6001 from United States with 9 ratings

Awesome rum for the price. Definitely want some more.

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Posted 14 days ago by Rogo-zin from United States with 12 ratings

I prepared myself not to like this rum. I was pleasantly surprised when I received it as a gift and enjoyed with a large ice cube. This very quaffable rum has spicy notes up front, but mellows into vanilla and toffee on the back. I really like it. Looking forward to trying the older varieties.

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Posted 24 days ago by kirkydu (PREMIUM) from United States with 2 ratings

I bought 2 bottles of Kirk and Sweeney a few weeks ago when I saw at the upscale grocer on discount. A bottle of the 12 year ($29) and a bottle of the 23 year ($35). This 12 year decants well in about 10-20 minutes. You will get a strong and flavorful aroma. One tasting was neat. Neat is smooth, but not super smooth and it has a firm burn - not as strong as many others though. The flavors do make you want more (or maybe I like to drink), vanilla, honey, a little oak, a hint of cocoa and berries. I tried again with an big ice cube. Better as I like the dilution. Again with an ice cube and a lime wedge. Decent mix, but not an ideal match. Finally, decanted with a pinch of organic Sugar in the Raw and added an ice cube. That's the ticket.