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Silver Seal 2018 Old Navy rum

Silver Seal 2018 Old Navy

Italy | Overproof

7.0/10 (3 ratings)
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3 Silver Seal 2018 Old Navy ratings

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Posted about 1 month ago by vomi1011 from Germany with 212 ratings

This rum is made according to an old receipt that has been found among old documents of the end of 800.
It's a blend from Demerara, Barbados, Jamaica rums.
Because of this fact and the independent bottler Silver Seal I ordered this beautiful bottle.

After around 1h in the glas the nose is quite strong. The first flavor is clearly Hampden, I smell the backed apple like in Smith&Cross rum.
But the apple is in balance to Demerara and Barbados rum, it's not as fruity as Smith&Cross. I have all three distilleries in the nose in a great balance.
The masterblender did an extreamly good job.

The taste starts with Hampden aroma of backed apple and turns very fast into a Guyana fruit like papaya. The middle taste belongs to the Barbados rum with orange peels and wood.
And in the finish there are first some earthy notes that are turning very fast into Demerara notes with honey and fruits.

This is a great blend, the best navy style rum I had so far, except Smith&Cross that is made only of Hampden rums (I like it's fruity taste).
The journey that this rum offers is great, all influences are noticeable and in great balace. A very intensive, strong, rich and balanced rum.
My recommandation for navy style rum lovers.

Nose: backed apple (Hampden), caramel, oak and orange (Mount Gay), honey and typical Guyana fruit (Demerara)
Taste: backed apple, honey, fruit (pear), caramel, milk chocolate
Taste middle: papaya, orange peels and wood (clearly Barbados),
Finish (lomg): wet barrel/earth honey, fruit (papaya), spice, wood (tanins)
Aftertaste: apple, tanins, honey, fruit like papaya

Sweetness: 2/5
Fruits: 3/5
Spice: 3.5/5
Mildness: 2.5/5
Complexity: 4/5
Value (53€): 4/5
Experience level: expert


Posted 2 months ago by Rene Rum from Switzerland with 361 ratings

Goldfarbenes Bernstein im Glas.
In der Nase öffnet sich ein Ozean der Düfte. Eine steife Briese weht Düfte von frisch gerösteten Kakao und Kaffee in die Segel, man kann das Holz der ächzenden Masten förmlich riechen, der Smutje koch gerade eine Karamellcreme mit Exotischen Gewürzen und einer Lakritzstange.
Am Gaumen trifft eine ganze Flotte voller Aromen ein. Keine Seeschlacht mit den Geschmacksknospen trotz den 57 % Vol. Die Navy präsentiert voller Stoltz Ihre Fässer voller Rum, Säcke mit Kakaobohnen, Körbe gefüllt mit Vanille, sorgfältig getrocknete tropische Früchte verpackt in feine Baumwollsäcke, ausgesuchte aromatische Kräuter und Gewürze in dunklen Gläser. Das haltet die Crew bei Laune !
Im Abgang sind die Silhouetten von Kakao, Kardamom, Karamell und Holz am Horizont lange zu sehen.
Ein toller Navy Rum für Liebhaber dieses Styls. Braucht eine lange offene Zeit um die Aromen zu entfalten. Für Matrosen und Käpt'n.

Gold-coloured amber in the glass.
In the nose opens an ocean of fragrances. A stiff breeze blows the scents of freshly roasted cocoa and coffee into the sails, you can literally smell the wood of the groaning masts, the smutje is cooking a caramel cream with exotic spices and a liquorice stick.
A whole fleet of aromas arrives on the palate. No sea battle with the taste buds despite the 57% vol. The Navy proudly presents its barrels of rum, bags of cocoa beans, baskets filled with vanilla, carefully dried tropical fruits packed in fine cotton bags, selected aromatic herbs and spices in dark glasses. That keeps the crew happy !
In the finish the silhouettes of cocoa, cardamom, caramel and wood can be seen on the horizon for a long time.
A great Navy Rum for lovers of this style. Needs a long open time to develop the aromas. For sailors and captains.


Posted 3 months ago by Joola69 from United States with 2654 ratings

Rum tasting with my good old buddy in Hamburg during global lockdown continued onwards with Silver Seal 2018 Old Navy Rum. Very childish logo and base bottle design. Boring comes to mind. Light golden color. Harsh alcohol is masking a fairly decent base. Only if this one would have been aged 15 years more, it would be good.