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Medium casa bacardi reserva especial

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6 Bacardi Casa Reserva Especial ratings

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Tried the Bacardi Casa Reserva Especial rum at the Bacardi distillery in San Juan last year and it's much closer to a cheap cognac than a flavorful aged rum. It is very dry and has a surprisingly strong burn at the end. Not worth the money they are trying to fool the tourists to pay for it.

Especial para tomar on the rocks hermosa botella y presentacion

I wish I could find another bottle of this to refresh my memory but I recall enjoying this and would recommend this to a friend.

desde su salida de la isla de cuba este rum a tenido muchas version pero este en particular mantiene ewse espiritu cubano fuera de cuba

Au prix qu'on la vend, on paie pour le nom Bacardi. Je préfère de beaucoup les produits Don Q.

I'm not sure if this was the same as the Bacardi Reserve that used to be offered in a black velvet bag. If so, this is a very nice PR rum.