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Artesano Peated Cask rum

Artesano Peated Cask

Germany | Aged

5 ratings
Tasty, but not quite great


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5 Artesano Peated Cask ratings

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Posted 1 month ago by vomi1011 from Germany with 330 ratings

Artesano Peated Whiskey Cask 10y 42%
The rum matured in an ex-bourbon cask for a little more than 9 years before it was finished for another 13 months in a whiskey barrel in which a peated whisky was previously stored. My version has 42.2% strength. I have some experience with peated whiskys and can definitely enjoy them.

Smell: Bourbon barrel aromas with vanilla and smoke with a peat impact can be smelled. It is very reminiscent of an ashtray. The smell slides back and forth between these aromas. It's difficult to discover other flavors. There are still some fruity aromas such as pear and the whisky can also be clearly smelled.
The rum goes in the direction of whisky. A whisky lover could certainly tease out even more aromas here, but I am not a specialist in aroma microscopy.

Taste: A watery start with an ashtray aroma and vanilla. I didn't mean to lick the ashtray right away, but I have no choice here. The taste drags on, the rum changes towards wood, it has become very smooth thanks to this finish. Possibly the whiskey was very smooth. I perceive wood aromas with tannins and a distinct whiskey taste. The flavors drag on for a really long time. Unfortunately it lacks complexity.
The finish is slightly spicy, with tannins, the whiskey barrel, smoke, vanilla

Aftertaste: smoke, vanilla, white oak, whiskey

Very nice experiment, unfortunately it didn't turn out to be a surprise, maybe they could have added a sherry finish so that the rum becomes a homage to Glendronach, for example. So it has become quite one-dimensional. I've already had better rums with smoke finishes. Nevertheless, it is recommended for whiskey lovers.

Overall rating: 67 points

PL (49 €): 1.5 / 5


Posted 10 months ago by Bassdscho92 from Austria with 12 ratings

I like peated whsiky. And I like rum. This rum is of great artisanal quality. Nevertheless, peated casks do not give the same kind of peaty taste as you'd have in a peated whisky. That's irritating with this rum but still makes it interesting. Not an everybody's darling, far from it! It's hardcore but good.

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Posted 9 months ago by Mr. Rumantic from Germany with 92 ratings

Der El Ron del Artesano Peated Cask hat ca. 10 Jahre in Bourbon Fässern gelagert bevor er sein Finish in einem Peated Whisky Fass erhalten hat. Der Rum ist ohne Zusatzstoffe und hat eine gold gelbliche Farbe, da das Whisky Fass nicht viele Farbstoffe abgegeben hat. Der Rum hat die Trinkstärke von 42% Alkohol und der Single Cask hat 374 Flaschen. Ich habe Nr. 322 aus dem Fass 125-16.

Der Rum ist in der Nase ein Fest. Rum typische Aromen von tropischen Früchten und Eichenholz verschmelzen mit torfigen leicht rauchigen Noten. Dabei ist nie klar an was man da eigentlich riecht, Rum oder Whisky. Am Gaumen wird es dann deutlich das es ein Rum ist. Vanille, dunkle Schokolade und Holz prägen den Geschmack welche den Alkohol gut einfangen und einbetten. Fruchtige Noten schwingen mit. Im Abgang kommen typische Fassnoten mit etwas Rauch. Und dann passiert es. Der Abgang wird eingefangen von typischen Whisky Torf Noten welche sich langsam in den Vordergrund drängen. Minuten nach dem Trinken sind diese Noten immer noch sehr präsent und verwirren die Sinne ob es Rum oder Whisky ist was ich gerade getrunken habe. Einfach genial! Meisterhaft!

Ich trinke gerne auch Whisky, aber in Maßen. Der Peated Cask hat für mich hier die perfekte Kombination. Der Torf übermalt nicht den Rum sonder sucht sich sein Plätzchen genau da wo er hingehört und zwar in den Abgang, wo er lange in Ruhe nach klingen kann. Hier ist etwas wunderbares entstanden. Für mich das beste Whisky Finish auf dem Markt. Absolut empfehlenswert. Und für Whisky Trinker die mal etwas Süßes suchen ein Must have!

The El Ron del Artesano Peated Cask has stored in bourbon barrels for about 10 years before getting its finish in a peated whisky barrel. The rum is without additives and has a golden yellowish color, as the whisky barrel has not released many dyes. The rum has the drinking strength of 42% alcohol and the single cask has 374 bottles. I have No. 322 from barrel 125-16.

The Rum is a feast in the nose. Rum's typical aromas of tropical fruit and oak blend with peaty slightly smoky notes. It's never clear what you actually smell, rum or whisky. On the palate it becomes clear that it is a rum. Vanilla, dark chocolate and wood characterize the taste, which captures and embeds the alcohol well. Fruity notes resonate. In the finish come typical barrel notes with some smoke. And then it happens. The finish is captured by typical whisky peat notes that slowly push themselves to the foreground. Minutes after drinking, these notes are still very present and confuse the senses whether it's rum or whisky what I've just drunk. Simply awesome! Masterfully!

I also like to drink whisky, but in moderation. The Peated Cask has the perfect combination for me here. The peat does not overpaint the rum but looks for its place exactly where it belongs and that is in the finish, where it can stay for a long time. Something wonderful has been created here. For me, the best whisky finish on the market. Absolutely recommended. And for whisky drinkers who are looking for something sweet a must have!


Posted 10 months ago by Morthrag from Switzerland with 93 ratings

Bei diesem Rum ist der Name Programm, das Peated Whisky finish kommt richtig gut zur Geltung.


Posted 12 months ago by Kieron wood (PREMIUM) from United Kingdom with 484 ratings

For my pallette this was certainly not one , although the presenter have me a journey through Germany and exploring anacestory.

I do not drink peated whisky so this was never going to do well in tasting notes .. imagine Christmas pudding then bam the whiskey hits ...